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Game of Queens | afternoon 30/12- Xmas 1677

Francis Kirke

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"At our next game so that it leaves you something to look forward to," he replied, cheeky smile in place.


In the meantime, he would have to think of some. He thought she might enjoy the story of...was it Lady Morton? He would have to refresh his memory of some names. Which reminded him that he needed to spend some time with his lady mother and not just at the ball.


"I know a few such men but I do not know how likely they are to be ball attendants. I shall be happy to introduce you if they are there."


After speaking for a short while longer, Francis had to take his leave. They would soon see each other again on the morrow for the ball.


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Dorothea belatedly realised that she'd gained a further future 'date' - and without even realising what she'd suggested! Perhaps the easy going ways of Merry Court was rubbing off on her.


Nodding her head she pressed her lips together with restrained pleasure of it all. Yes she would look forward to their next match, and further lovely conversation just like this! But for now the gentle man revealed he knew one or two men involved with the Royal Society - naturally she fell to discreetly quiz him of his own connection.


Time thus moved so quickly, and all too soon their afternoons diversion came to an end. "It's been a pleasant afternoon, thank you." Dorothea wondered if he noticed her effort to apply the English habit of understatement - meanwhile her eyes danced happily as she fare welled Lord Kingston with a crisply-Teutonic curtsy.




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