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To Lord Toledo, arrives evening of 29th- Xmas 1677


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Fearing for the worse, Tutill sent a letter to the Embassy


Dear Lord Toledo,

I write to you with regard to your young wife, who had called to Chelsea wishing me meet me, Dr Tutill, specialist in mental health.


I have now visited her at her residence, and feel honour bound to contact you about the nature of her enquiries and current thinking, which I fear is misguided, as is oft the thing with fanciful young ladies of very limited experience of the world.


May I explain. Through the course of our conversation, during in which I did my best to dampen her excitement for maligning the Warden of Bedlam (whom she accuses of embezzling funds and patient abuse, though with no evidence of either) she went on to claim that her singing would cure the mentally ill. Now you yourself best know her nature, but I have the distinct fear that she intends to do something rash with the patients of Bedlam. For instance in her naïve speculations she spoke of an unendorsed concert.


In hindsight I regret that I had previously advised her of the freedom of ingress and egress of a number of the patients. Your wife, of a lively and colourful imagination, may come to a conclusion that she should simply walk in and perform for those infirmed. While most of the patients are utterly docile there is ever an unpredictable element and predisposition to violence for want of articulate expression.


I cannot sleep in good concience without warning you of her thoughts. I fear that something will happen to her. I fully trust that you are not so unreasonable as she asserts, and shall not take affront at me for discussing this matter with you, despite her threats. My interest in contacting you today, is solely to warn you as one man to another. If you need any assistance, I place myself at your disposal to provide treatments. Meanwhile, I recommend laudanum thrice daily.


God bless

Dr Tutill

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