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To Lady Kendishall | arrives 27th December- Xmas 1677


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A note arrived with a flint and steel, a gift which Anne thought seemed very exciting and daring. Like, they might need to light their own candles, or some such!


Dear Lady Kendishall

I'd like to invite you to join an intrepid adventure, my friend Lady Toldeo and I intent to scale Westminster bell tower! Who knows what obstacles we might face: guards, locks, bats. It shall be terribly exciting, I hope you have stout boots. We shall probably be the first ladies of such fine birth to taken in that view, and I am arranging a small picnic to follow up to there celebrate. If you dare, then meet us there Thursday at 2!

Anne Scott,

Aka Goodness Gracious!



She loved the nickname Douglas had given her, and had taken to signing off her letters thusly.


* The delivery boy waited for the Lady Kendishalls reply.

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Though puzzled when the lad presented her with the letter, Caroline of course accepted it, told him to step inside the entryway then proceeded to open it. As she scanned the contents, the barest of smiles came over her features.


"I wish to send back a quick reply with you, boy. Wait here, it will not take me long," she directed the young messenger.


Once equipped with quill and ink she hastily scribbled a response.


Dear Lady Scott

What a pleasant surprise to receive this invitation of yours. I must confess I am most curious about this adventure of yours and Sophia's, I will definitely be there at the appointed time. Too often our daily lives are so mundane, this sounds most exciting. How can I pass it up?

Also thank you for the gift.


Lady Kendishall


Then the letter was handed back to the messenger and the boy dismissed. Given it was the day after her big party, Caroline hoped she was not suffering from too much of a hangover.

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