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To Davina Wellsley, arrives 27th- Xmas 1677


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Delivered to Davina with a gift, a roll of ribbon in resolution blue, which she might count in amongst the other pleasant items of haberdashery that had been his gifts to her upon their now and then correspondance. More personal items would have been too forward, and he knew the lady was contemplating still his question to her - a question that if answered in affirmative, might then provoke more intimate gifts like gloves.




Dear Mistress Wellsley,

I hope that this ribbon might be useful to your industry, the shade of it made me think of your eyes, although yours are of a luster that even satin cannot match.


It has been a time, might we meet again for a walk in the place we did before?


Your servant

Von Bruhl

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She was actually surprised which gave her pause. Up to now she had only thought of this person as someone that was not of much help yet she realized that he too might prove a useful tool in her endeavors.


The ribbon was examined and held up to the light before her mirror to see if the words were true and while it was a close match her own eye color was better. Still it would be used in some manner that complemented!


She wrote


My Lord, indeed I find myself well pleased with the ribbon and no doubt you are expecting to see it adorned upon my person but for that you shall have to wait until inspiration is acquired - unless that too is a Skill of yours? But I thank you all the same for it. As to a meeting between us I find that I do have the time. Shall we arrange for Thursday between the hour of one and two? Unless that is not convient there is no reply needed and we shall both look for the other at that spot.


D Wellsely


Her Palace runner would see it delivered and her thoughts turned to how best incorporate this gift into what she might wear then smiled for that might give encouragement where none was meant yet the prospect of sparing with him was too tempting!

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The sober man read her reply as it was delivered, his gaze largely unreadable - untill he loosed a surprised laugh at a quip delivered.


Perhaps he was mistaken, but it seemed she also teased that he'd publisied himself as capable in all things! Perhaps he was mistaken, but it seemed she teased that he might be acomplised at even sewing?!


His surprise was quickly closed away, and his expression serious once more. He instructed the runner to remain, and proviced the man with a cup of mulled wine to warm him as he patiently stood.


Despite her instruction otherwise, a reply was indeed penned, if only for the fact that if things progressed she need to know who placed the dictates between them.


Dear Mistress Davina,

The gift was given without an obligation imposed, just as the invitation was given without expectation, for you have certainly established that you are a woman of independance. Fiercely so even. Until Thursday, I remain, etc.

Von Bruhl

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