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Christmas Ball OOC- Xmas 1677


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I will be acting as the primary moderator for the Christmas Ball thread. As such, here are the rules I intend to follow:


1) Upon arrival, have the herald announce your character's name and title in bold print. This will help courtiers decide how to address you.


2) It is Ladies Choice, meaning that the ladies can choose their dance partners, rather than the other way round.


3) I am planning only a limited number of dances or this thread will become too long. I will allow two stately dances and three country dances. I will create a separate thread for dances.


In this thread, you will be allowed one summary post only to describe your characters actions and flirtations. I will reply with one summary post per couple and then the dance is at an end. It will help conserve my moderation for conversations between dances, which tend to be more meaningful. Country dances are more energetic and allow less conversation. Stately dances are more formal and allow some brief conversation when the dancers draw close.


4) Be careful of what you say during a dance, it has a good chance being overheard. NPCs may have acute hearing. Players should check with me first before determining that the overhear the couple next to them.


5) It is cold outside, with a light snow. That does not preclude dressed courtiers from seeking a bit of privacy in the snowy gardens. Be aware that sound carries even better in the still of winter night.


6) If it is privacy you seek, best speak in low voices in loud situations. There are cloak rooms off the main area, but they are garrisoned by servants. Coaches can be private. If the mood strikes you, the Red Lion Inn is not far from the palace and has several clean rooms to rent. There are drawing rooms in the adjacent wing of the palace. One might find a good deal of privacy in one or more of these.


7) The Lord/Lady of Misrule will be selected on a combination of roleplay and chance. Those PCs, or NPCs, showing the most holiday spirit at this ball will see their chances elevated.


8) Mistletoe is just about everywhere. You can assume that you can corner that lord or lady beneath a sprig with minimal effort. The English were less formal about kissing and the consequences thereof. This is especially true during the holidays. Many might kiss a serving girl or just about anyone that might bring a smile. Kissing is short and friendly between those of the opposite sex.


9) The King may attempt some matchmaking at this ball, so be forewarned. If you do not wish to be matched, stay away from the King, or be known to him as one not seeking his meddling. Perhaps the Queen might play at it as well this holiday season.


10) It will be challenging for me to stay up on posting. It is quite likely that I will miss a post or some action or question posed by your character. If so, apologies in advance, and send me a PM. I'll try to address it through an edited post or an added post. I will keep NPC posts short. This ball is not the place for deep conversations.


11) Posting Rate. I plan to post at least every other day and will not wait for anyone. Those that post within the time frame will get a reply from me. There is no requirement that you post as frequently. It will merely mean that you are skipped.


If, however, you are in a conversation with other PCs, please keep up your posting rate with that of the other player. If you think you may be gone for a while, excuse yourself and go to the refreshment table perhaps.


12) Let's have some fun. Merrymaking is the order of the day. It is a time for gentlemen to loosen their cravats and ladies to loosen their corsets. Still, even in such a jovial time, courtiers are known to take insult, so don't go crazy, unless you are fearless.


You can assume that people will be more oiled later in the ball, after consuming more libations.

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There will be two more dances and then the ball will end. The last dance might be expected to be reserved for the gentleman taking home the lady afterwards (if one was in a relationship), or it might be with the gentleman that intrigued the lady more, since there might be some time for talking afterward. Yet, it might be something less meaningful for a debutante just trying to dance with as many gentlemen as possible.


I expect that the Lord of Misrule will be determined before the next dance, depending upon the speed of certain posters. Then the Lord of Misrule can preside over the last dance to begin his/her reign.


As the Ball winds down, I would expect us to open the 27th and 28th of December for new threads. Stay tuned.

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Hi! I just wanted to check, because it seems like Davina has seen that there is a throne for Nicci as Lady of Misrule, but I cant find any mention of it in the loc post. Also,Davina mentions a formal ceremony that has to take place, but it seemed like Mr Killigrew simply announced it a few pages back.


Is Nicci (and Caroline, Heather too if she makes it) good to carry on* or do we need to go through some motions first?





* I was kinda hoping they could set up a little something Misrule-isg before I depart at the end of next week.

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My writing Davina's observations are based upon differnt Historical References such as this link -




Davina hasn't 'seen' a throne but is simply remembering Christmas Traditions for the Lord of Misrule and so is assuming that this year will follow suit. Its a Tradition that the English Court would know and also what to expect. Yet that does not mean that Nicci's Driver cannot engage in some merryment nor does it mean that the Game must follow along wth any Charaters past memories of how things were done.


And since Tradition has been tilted already by having firstly the Lady ask Gentleman to dance then a Lady of Misrule it stands to reason that Nicci as Lady of Misrule would have her own thoughts and as she is not that 'familiar' with English Customs maybe she intends to toss in things French!


I'm curious as to just what she has in store!! So please set up whatever you planned unless the Mods want it differently!

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Assume that there is no special throne set up in the Banquet Hall. That does not mean that the King might not arrange to have a chair, perhaps even a simple one, made available for this Lady of Misrule.


Davina is making assumptions based on what she experienced as a girl growing up no doubt. That is fine. Different traditions can exist, and can be changed by royal fiat in the blink of an eye.

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Since we're coming up on Marie leaving temporarily, perhaps there should be something that Nicci gets spirited away to? Seems like a handy way to get Nicci out of the way temporarily.

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