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A Party Invitation- Xmas 1677

Caroline Despanay

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The following letter will be sent to the names listed below, timed to arrive sometime during the earlier part of December so as to give hopefully timely advance notice.




So the holiday season is upon us, a time of much merriment, and I hope it finds you in good health and fine spirits. I am trying to do my part by throwing a party on the evening of Wednesday, the 29th of December, at my residence. Both food and drink shall be provided, all I require of my guests is their attendance and their enthusiasm for a good time. I dearly hope you can attend for you see, since my purchase of this house, I have found out it has quite the reputation of having hosted many grand parties, so it seems I have a tradition to uphold. By all means you are welcome to bring a guest, I am always happy to make new acquaintances.


The address is 43 Picadilly Street, direct your coachmen to look for the lovely nymph sculptures which adorn the grounds.


I look forward to seeing you again and together we can enjoy a wonderful evening on this festive season.




Letters will be sent to the following:


Mistress Vauquelin

Master Cole

Lord Maldon

Lord Kingston

Lady Toledo

Baron Dundarg

Master O'Neill

Lord Melville

Lord Basildon

Lady Alyth

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Nicolette already knew about the party, they'd talked about it in person, and she was already certain it would be a great success. The guest list was all important, especially so to single females, and Nicci had been pleased to learn that there was no shortage of gentlemen to be invited. Hopefully those gents would also bring their gentlemen friends... a great glut of masculinity would be a delight to look forward to. Even prior to the date, it was the stuff of extensive day dreams.


Dried wisps of lavender slipped from the reply envelope upon it's opening, the missive written in french.


Dearest Caroline,                                                     

You know my RSVP already, I am counting down the

days, nay nights until the festive reverie! Pray I

shall see you before hand, I forgot to ask you which

gentlemen you wished dibs upon? We surely must divy

them out beforehand, la, such fun! Expect my visit



fond regards


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Sophia smiled when she read Lady Kendishall's invitation, remembering how she had climbed a tree to rescue Aurora on the day they had met. Court had adjourned so quickly after the plague outbreak, they had never gone riding together. Now it was probably too cold. She had meant to invite Caroline for tea, but even though they saw each other almost every day during the opera rehearsals, they had not had a chance to speak privately.


Now, peahaps, was a good time to ask.


Dear Lady Kendishall,


Thank you for inviting me to your party. My lord husband and I will definitely be there.


And if you can spare some time between the opera and the day of your festivities, perhaps we can meet at my house for tea. Please let me know if you are interested.


Sophia de la Cerda

Lady Toledo


She had not yet asked Esteban if he would go to with her, but she was fairly certain that he would not want her to attend a party by herself.

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Douglas found the invitation amongst the mail that had accumulated for him at Alyth House in Chelsea. He smiled faintly as he brought to mind the pleasant young lady that Nicolette had introduced to them briefly, last season.


Lady Kendishall,


My thanks for your kind invitashion. I woud be most pleesed to attend and shall look forrad to Wensday.




Captain Douglas FitzJames

Baron Dundarg

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My dear Lady Kendishall,


Do not doubt that I shall be present at the debut party of your illustrious court career. Have no fear that I shall do my best to bring some grand guests to make your acquaintance. I specialize in merriment. It is my only court skill!


The jest in his inner monologue was reflected rather well in his writing, and it concluded:


Do not neglect to remember that I would be happy to aide in providing libations. My blood orange brandy is quite warming, and it would be very festive heated with spice. Consider that I find it a duty in welcoming you to all court's finer touches and do not refuse my generosity.


Your servant, etc.



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A short note written on pure white cotton rag card, with purple-black oak gall ink, in a masculine script without adornments. It arrived mid-morning on December the 30th.


Dear Lady Kendishal,


I regret I arrived to London after the clock struck twelve last night. Please do not consider my absence to the event and my previous lack of reply as a slight.


Your humble and obedient servant,




The note was hand-delivered along a bottle of the remarkably balanced highland whisky from the Isle of Oarkney, that Caroline had been served at Duncan's gazebo, a few months before.

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