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Recess Letter to Lady Winchilsea- Xmas 1677

Davina Wellsley

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It was something so simple as asking for flowers that prompted a lost memory for Davina.


She did not know the actual where-abouts of the Lady so address' it to the London Residence


Madam, I send You Greeting and Salutations, and Pray that All are in Good health and Spirits. I apologize for not thinking of this sooner and so now direct your attention to something in which we both take a keen interest in - The Garden Society and tis my hope that it will at last Bloom Again in the New Season. The Queen graciously agreed to act as Patroness and so I think it worthwhile to actively seek out those of a Suitable nature that share in the Idea of The Society.


It will be difficult until the thaw to attempt any actual outings but once Spring comes might there not be ample opportunities? I hope that You are of a like mind Lady Elizabeth and shall lend support once again.


I remain,


Davina Wellsley


She sealed it and together with several jars of jams and Almond milk (ground almonds steeped in honey and water or wine, then strained—is used as flavoring and thickener) made at Matching she saw it off and with any Luck it would be found waiting for the Lady.

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It was Lord Winchilsea who received the jar of jam and almond milk. He left off opening the letter for the longest time, knowing he'd forward it onto his wife... though curious to who could have written it? Likely a woman, to send such things, but then again it would be a cunning lover to use that same disguise. Not that he'd ever suspected Elizabeth-Anne of straying. But still, wouldn't that be something to throw at her.


Oh the arguments they had had before she had left in tears.


He knew he ought to make contact with her, heaven knew his father had warned him of leaving a divide to grow firm. But pride had him as the one waiting upon daily mail for her letter of apology. Instead. Jam and Almond milk.


He steamed the letter open over a kettle, and read it as guiltily as any little boy. However it was disappointingly un-incriminating. Daniel was pleased and disappointed of that all at the same time. Resealing the letter with a little starch paste, he sent on to his absent wife, feeling very responsible as he did so.


However it was an irresponsible whim though that had him write to Davina.


Mistress Wellsley,

I have forwarded your letter to my wife, who is indisposed this Christmas season.


My Ladywife has spoken of you glowingly, and has at her writing desk a note book full of her ideas and suggestions that she requested me to pass on. Please, call round to the house around six, at that hour I shall be back from the palace, and upon leisure till I head out for dinner at the club.


With warm festive wishes




It was a crocodile smile on his lips as he sealed this second envelope. Will she come I wonder?

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Her hastily sent note to Lady Winchilsea had gone unanswered was true yet Davina had not worried overmuch given the Season. So it was in surprise that she received a note from that Lady's husband in which there was an explination as well as a request.


It as a bit different that he invited her but then if was only to retreive that which had been left to her after all and so she composed her own response


My Lord I send you Greetings and Salutations, and so must thank you for the return of an answer that I did send to your Lady Wife, which sadens me to hear of her indispospition and I shall Pray for a swift Recovery. I am flattered that I should be recipient to such a wonderous thing and will indeed come as requested to fetch it at six of the clock.




D Wellsely


Sanded and sealed it would be delivered to the Earl wherever he might be in the Palace or if not there then to his residence by one of the runners she employed.

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Her reply in the affirmative had not been a given, but there it was. The lady is more daring than I credited. Daniel was tentatively pleased at the upcoming challenge he now anticipated. Davina was well known amid the proper circles, could her head been turned? He would of course try.






OOC: Davina's servant could confirm that the Winchelsea’s house was in town upon Piccadilly.

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