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Lucas Cole

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The setting is modern day, the people the insincere, vain and super-wealthy aristocracy of the 21st century: celebrities! Superstar houseparty! <3



The limo nosed delicately through the crowd, peppered by a thousand camera flashes like bright gunfire, easing its way towards the front gate. The paparazzi crowded closer as the vehicle came to a halt, shoving one another, screaming questions at the blank, shiny sides of the car as though they expected it to answer back.


Inside, Lucas Cole slumped a little lower in his seat and gave silent thanks for tinted windows. If they wanted a photo of Faust's frontman and lead guitarist, they'd have to wait til the concert next week.


A quiet whirr indicated the driver was winding his window down to press the intercom, and moments later the gates opened, and the limo slid inside... leaving the vultures and their cameras behind, held back by an invisible force-field of lawsuits and the threat of arrest. It was a short drive to the front door, down a winding driveway that passed behind the screen of trees that kept prying eyes from the house itself.


If you could call it a house, Lucas supposed, peering up at the vast building as they passed. 'A quaint summer house', the invite had said, overlooking the beach... and that part, at least, was true. You could hear the breakers from here. But there was nothing quaint about this property. Tens of millions of dollars worth of modern architecture, sheer glass walls with ocean views, enough rooms to house an army of guests: an essay in the extremes of conspicuous consumption. This house had more in common with a mansion than the beach hut that had been so coyly implied.


The limo slid to a halt, and moments later the driver opened the limo door, and Lucas stepped out into the night. In torn jeans, motorcycle boots, a burgundy cashmere sweater and a hideously overpriced designer leather jacket, Lucas looked his usual self: the sort of man who could spend a fortune on his wardrobe and still manage to look faintly shabby and unkempt. Music from the party inside throbbed in the cool night air: he was late, and the place was packed already.


With all the easy self-confidence of the truly entitled, Lucas made his way to the front door, pushed it open and walked inside, evading two B-list porn stars and a leering national anchorman, skirting around the edge of a gaggle of sparkling socialites, and finding himself at last near the open bar. He paused here, letting his gaze wander.


Was there anyone here he knew - where was the host? And just how much of a blow-out could he expect this party to be...? Lucas sighed softly through his nose, fishing in his jacket for a pack of cigarettes. All very well wanting to see or be seen, but if there was nobody worthwhile to do either, this was going to be an extremely long night...

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Perhaps he'd recognize Nicolette.


There she was, thinner than ever and dancing barefoot in the fountain, disco strobe lights flashing around about. 'High upon life' would be what she claimed, though it was hard to tell with the woman that carried a chemist shop in her purse. Just how she managed to get into parties like this was another guessing game, somehow she had a knack for working her way inside limousines.


"Lucas!" spotting the muso, she raised her hand and waved, her filmy white chiffon mini dress was drenched leaving little to the imagination. Implants, surely. With a light footed leap she jumped down, and disappeared from his view a time.


Eight inches taller (thanks to stompin' pair of glttering platforms), Nicolette appeared through the crowd and draped herself around Lucas. "Oh my god I thought you'd never get here," her eye makeup was extremely dark, part of her latest 'dark eyed and emaciated nymph' look, "I want to be your plus one next time Luc-ie, you'd not believe who I had to blow..." she winked and laughed. Truth or lie, it was hard to tell.


Plucking his cigarette from fingers she took a drag, then looked at him with surprise. "Tobacco? Have you gone straight on me?"

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Lucas spotted her a moment after she'd seen him, and as she disappeared from view he grinned to himself. Ah, the night was definitely looking up. Nobody knew how to party quite like Nicci: she was up for anything, and her mere presence was a good omen. And besides, her purse was practically an all-night pharmacy.


Moments later she reappeared, dripping, sparkling, and throwing herself into his arms. "Well, I know it can't a' been Curtis, he's gay," Lucas noted blandly in his habitual Welsh lilt, smirking; "Can't take his eyes off my arse, you know, it's positively wretched." He pressed a kiss to the air beside her cheek before releasing her.


Nicci plucked his cigarette from unresisting fingers and took a drag, taking the opportunity to criticise his choice. "I've only just arrived, haven't I," Lucas replied, mildly, and took it back. "My fucking agent's been on at me all week to cut back, something about 'protecting my voice'." He snorted to show precisely what he thought of that, sucked on his cigarette with the sort of enthusiasm that spoke of golf balls and hosepipes, and blew a plume of smoke at the ceiling.


"Now, tell me how you've been," he instructed, looking her up and down appraisingly; despite her natural beauty, she looked as though she could use a sandwich. And a towel. "Apart from gorgeous, obviously. And speaking of blow..." Lucas pursed his lips, a pretty pleading pout, "Tell me you have some, angel, please."

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Nicci's nose nudged the air as his cheek brushed hers, her arm tightening around him briefly - and with a snuffled laugh she said, "No one can take their eyes off your arse, ever since that last music video. Banned in five countries I hear - you infamous tart." It was good to see him again, though a damned shame he was so fixated on men. Though, Nicci could understand that really, she loved men too.


She marveled at the amount of suction his lips could manage. "Yeah. yeah. Bloody agents." a little distracted she tried focus back on what he was saying - then frowned as it registered. "Well that's daft, you sound best after a hard night, remember the 2012 concert? Well... actually you might not. You totally rocked." she snapped her fingers to one of the bar staff behind him. Talk of excess was making her thirsty.


But as he told her how good she looked, she forgot liquor and pulled away to do a twirl. The chiffon was practically dry already, but the clinging under layer would take ages yet (though seemed pleased enough to show of her recently gained assets). "And they feel as good as they look, go on, try." She could be relied upon to flirt with him mercilessly - though it was her purse she spotted him eyeing.


Catching hold of the glittering purse where it swayed on a thin shoulder strap, she pulled it away from his reach. "Maybe..." she rose an eyebrow and tipped her head, "what's in it for me?" Nicolette had not gotten whee she had by giving away freebies.

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"Six, actually," Lucas corrected her, mildly. "Switzerland waffled... wanted me to censor myself." He rolled his eyes as though this were entirely unreasonable of them, and entirely their loss. "I said no."


He had no recollection at all of the concert in 2012. Or, in fact, of most of 2012. It had been a busy year, a blur of parties and touring and hotel rooms that had merged together into one vast smudged montage, with no distinguishing details that Lucas could recall. Had that been the year he'd had a mohawk?




And so he merely shrugged, since he had nothing at all to say... until invited to grope her brand new tits, upon which he raised one eyebrow and smirked, "Shouldn't I be buying you a drink, first?"


Lucas was not at all averse to the occasional woman in his bed, but he'd far rather get his hands on Nicci through more traditional means... when she'd made it clear she wanted him there, rather than simply wished to show off her latest purchase.


Still, mustn't be rude...


And as she turned back to the bar, he gathered her close from behind, resting his chin upon her shoulder and groping both breasts through her skimpy outfit, his thumbs circling her nipples. Lucas made a small appreciative noise in the back of his throat, a wicked smile; "Very nice, dear. I approve..."


Meanwhile she was busy moving her silly, sparkly purse out of his reach, with the uncanny intuition of a seasoned pro. His eyes followed it avidly, and Nicci asked the most important question: what was in it for her?


"Ohhh, my undying love and devotion!" The rock star declared in a wheedling tone, a position helped not at all by the fact that he still had his hands on her breasts. And when this selfless offering of adoration did not have the desired effect he paused, mildly miffed, released her, and added in tones of slight resentment, "And... backstage passes to the concert next week, I suppose...?"

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He was a rebel, and that was what Nicci liked about him - that and the way he seemed to live life within the very moment, with apparent disregard of where his actions might lead him. She admired that reckless trust in come-what-may he had, being near Lucas inspired her to let go of her own carefully plotted schemes. Like right now, she hardly thought about her ulterior motive for being at this particular party tonight, or the safe combination she had memorised.


She gave a squeal of surprise as his hands slid to cup her assets just so, and snugged in behind her in a way that was so cosy and moving his fingers in a way so sensual. Lucas? After the initial surprise, she leaned back into his torso, wiggling her ass as she did so. Was that a bulge? "If you are trying to tune me in, you are managing nicely." she breathed, her nipples had grown hard as pebbles within his touch.


The party raged on around them, people everywhere largely absorbed by their own versions of fun, so much so that their behavior barely got any note. The barkeep noticed though and rose an eyebrow.


"Forget next week..." Nicci's eyes rolled upward, "how about we go backstage right now."

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"Mmm, is that so...?" Lucas purred in her ear, his teeth momentarily grazing her collarbone, hot breath on her neck, and one hand running down the flat plane of her stomach with all the haste of a horny glacier. "That's rather more valuable than mere passes, dear..."


This was not strictly true. Lucas was notoriously promiscuous, after all: he was the good time that was had by all, and getting into his pants was about as difficult as falling off the proverbial log. Whereas the tickets? They'd been sold out for months. But if this was what she wanted, why, let it never be said he was a difficult man... oh, no. He was easy.


In every sense of the word.


If the barman looked askance, Lucas did not notice. The little people were rather beneath him, these days. Instead, he released Nicci gently and pushed himself up on the bar as a swimmer on the edge of a pool, stretching forward to snag a bottle of Glenfiddich single malt, dropping back to his feet nonchalantly and paying the barman with nothing more than a wink and a saucy smile.


"You know," He murmured, linking arms with Nicolette casually, leading her away from the bar and into the mansion proper, "I can't for the life of me recall whose house this is. Do you have any idea?" He paused, eyeing a particularly opulent chandelier with faint disapproval. "But... I'm certain I've been here before. There's a wonderful marble bathroom just down this hall, unless I'm very much mistaken."


He did not even both to check if this would suit, since he'd already decided this would be their destination. It had fabulous mirrors and a sunken bath. And what could be the problem with that?

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Nicolette savored the sensations, her body thrilled under his slowly moving hand and undulated as a guttural rumble of yearning escaped her throat. Perhaps he was simply seducing her out of her stash of coke? And perhaps she was just using him as cover to venture deeper into the house? Who knew anything at that moment except that the pair of bodies yearned for physical contact.


"My god Lucas..." she twisted about and planted her lips upon his hungrily, a kiss that swiftly opened into heated cavernous exploration. He tasted like; cigarettes and... she tasted like; Vermouth with a hint of vomit. The combined cocktail set a blaze of colours before her closed eyes. "I want to fuck." as if he needed it said any clearer, there it was.


She watched his arse as he flaunted it, in taking advantage of the bar; and to the barkeep she threw a wink... before she took up arm in arm. A smug smile was thrown to a pissed Curtis before he disappeared from sight, though no doubt there was plenty of Lucas left for 'afters'. "Michael Lynton." Nicolette snuffled a laugh and shoved him with her shoulder, it should hardly surprise her that he was unaware who the host was.


Second door on the left down the hall, she threw it open with a drunken laugh, then 'gasped in dismay' as she came upon an office with the host stood with a pair of black suits in sober discussion. "This isn't the bathroom!" she laughed, eyes swinging quickly around the room.

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"Michael Lynton..." Lucas repeated, in tones of faint skepticism. This did not seem likely at all. The name did not ring a bell, and so surely he couldn't be anyone that important, or obviously they'd have known one another intimately. And yet, if Lucas could not recall any Lynton, how could he possibly be familiar with the location of the man's bathrooms?


This utter incongruity was impossible for him to comprehend, and so he did what he always did with impossibilities, which was to set it aside and forget all about it. This was easier to do than you might imagine, for Nicolette had set about busily grappling with the handle of entirely the wrong door. "Honey, no..." Lucas began, rather too late as it happened: she'd already flung it open and embarrassed them both.


"Wrong door," He announced, redundantly, steering Nicci gently but firmly away and flashing an expertly calculated disarming smile in the direction of the strangers inside, deploying no small measure of his famous charm. "Please excuse us; my friend is a little drunk..." And with that, he pulled the door shut once more, and turned to his friend to offer her some friendly constructive criticism.


"Are you trying to have us both thrown out?" Lucas demanded, looking down the modest length of his nose at her sternly, and then rolled his eyes impatiently. "I haven't even had a single drink yet, for God's sake." And then he turned on his heel, heading further down the hall towards the bathroom, pausing only to glance over his shoulder once, a coy look from beneath his lashes, the briefest flash of a wicked grin, "Now, did you want to fuck, or not...?"


Without so much as a pause, and without bothering to see if she was following (being quite certain that she would), he pushed open the correct door and disappeared inside.

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When the door to the bathroom came open, Frank had just pulled on his jeans. He was tall and lithe, with the build of a swimmer and very little hair on his chest, which was visible as he was still shirtless. A white t-shirt hung precariously from the waist of his jeans, and a wine-colored button up was sitting on the vanity. Had he just also been in there with someone or ???


There was a tattoo with a dagger on his bicep, with a skull and crossbones, that said 'per mare per terram.' He was reflected in the mirrors.


He looked toward the door with shocked blue eyes, then smiled.


A knowing smile. After all, what else would two people be coming into the bathroom to do?


"I feel as if I am interrupting something," he said, cheekily.

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Yes it had been the wrong door. Nicci gave a laugh as she was drawn back out into the hall --perhaps it was a laugh of embarrassment of her mistake, or perhaps it was surprise at Lucas sudden sense of propriety. He was more english than he made out.


Nicolette's laughter stopped abruptly though, as after a telling off he skulked off towards the bathroom. "Moody aren't you!" she called, kicking off her platforms so she could chase on after the overtly magnetic Lucas. He was so Hollywood. It was only once she was close enough again she could see it was all one big act; that wicked grin that had led her into more than one spot of trouble encouraged her on... her fingers stretched out to reach for his belt, but just like that he'd disappeared through the door.


Pausing to grin, and with a glance up and down the hall, she slipped off her knickers and ambled through the door, "Well I"m all ready." Scant scrap of lace in her hand.


And there stood Kirke, the Francis Kirke. Nicci's eyes widened, she even blushed a little as her eyes met Lucas... "Ahh..." Her fingers finally found their way over the leather of Lucas belt, and she gave a little tug and rose an eyebrow, was he thinking what she was thinking?


" 'Interrupting'....or 'joining in', it's all semantics really." And she moved to the vanity, hoisted herself up to sit on it, and opened her glittery purse to draw out a little plastic bag, "We was just going to do some lines."


Parting her legs by no means discreetly, she began setting up a pair of lines on the marble between. "Want in?"

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"Or just in time..." Lucas replied to Francis with a faint smile, making no effort at all to disguise the long, slow, appraising look he gave him, top to toe and back once more. What a charming creature to find in the bathroom, of all places. And then Nicci had appeared by his side, hooking her fingers in his belt and giving him a very encouraging look. It was almost as though they could read one another's minds.


"You appear to have accidentally snagged your shirt..." Lucas placed his bottle of whiskey upon a nearby marble countertop with a faint clunk, and sauntered over with a swing in his hips to gently tug the offending article from the waist of Francis' jeans. "What a shame..." He fingered the fabric of the shirt, thoughtfully, and then with an amused smile turned back to Nicolette.


The little groupie had dropped her panties on the floor and hopped up on to the vanity, spreading her legs with all the subtlety of a ten-dollar whore; and Lucas felt a swell of admiration for the girl, for all her beauty and boldness. What a treasure she was.


With his eyes still firmly on her, he murmured to Francis, "Join us, why don't you...?" and crossed the bathroom to Nicci's feet, sinking to his knees before her as if in reverence. He reached out to run his fingers up the smooth contours of her lovely legs, slowly, reaching forward to softly kiss her, to run his tongue over her silky skin, moving upwards with deliberate, languid care. He was in no particular hurry. They had all the time in the world.

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(OOC - OMG sorry I made you guys wait this long!)


Frank chuckled as his shirt was snagged. That was not the first time, nor the first time a man did so. It tended to happen a lot when you were Frank, professional surfer who just happened to be heir to two brothers who produced their own reality TV series about treasure-hunting sunken ships.


The show's second season had aired not long ago, and he had been on the episode in a surf competition.


If they were not lusting after him or snapping photos, they were asking about his uncle and trying to get hooked up with him.


Then there were the women who cooed about his parents on the show.


It was rather odd to have one's entire life seem like sudden public knowledge.


"Ahh, well, then," he said, as Nicci hopped up onto the vanity right in front of him and started portioning out lines. He could not see everything, but he could surely imagine it very well with her parted legs.


"Coke's not my high. I 'shroomed and smoked before I went for a swim."


His breath became heavier as Lucas went down on his knees in front of the girl. Was he getting a free porno show?


Heck yes!


"Do not let me keep you, though." Whether he was talking about the drugs or the show was rather irrelevant. Besides, he couldn't leave without his shirt. God forbid.

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Nicolette's eyes slid down Lucas. Her pupils had dilated, and she noticed the same sort of earnest in his own... hers willed him to come nearer, and his was to do so. Was it the coke that lured him? ""Mmm..." a warm sound hummed though her nose as he sunk to his knees and kissed. It did her ego good that he, initially at least, entirely ignored the roughly formed pair of lines.


Nicci's hand slid into Lucas hair, ruffling his scruffy mane with a fondness, "you've done this before..." she accused with a grateful groan, oh my god she wanted him worse than ever. Lucas' expert tongue moved leisurely deliberation upon a dawdling path... while she, a more impatient sort, was already contemplating the fit of his cock.


She replied "That's too bad." to Frank as she leaned back upon the mirror, dragging her eyes away from watching Lucas she assessed their spectator, before returning her attention to the man with devilish lips, her fingers tightening into his hair.

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"Once or twice..." Lucas murmured, a laugh in his voice as he kissed the inside of her thigh, his fingers roaming up and under her skirt to trace the contours of her hips. He rose up on his knees to reach her, slowly, like a mendicant rising from prayer; as though she was the altar and he the supplicant, her fingers tangling in his hair: he made a small, involuntary noise of want as her grip tightened.


As his chin reached the countertop he paused, tantalisingly and deliberately close. And then he smiled, shrugging out of his jacket and quickly pulling his sweater over his head, deliberately dropping both to the floor on top of Frank's stolen t-shirt, the flimsiest of ploys to get him to stay.


Naked from the waist up, Lucas was slender and athletic, his chest waxed clean of extraneous hair. A elaborate, baroque tattoo of thorned red roses began at his right elbow, curled around his bicep and over the curve of his shoulder, spread across his shoulder-blade and finished at the nape of his neck. And as he rose up once more to return to his devotions, the barest sliver of red satin edged in black lace showed at the waistband of his jeans... perhaps only Frank would notice, yet, that Lucas was wearing women's lingerie.


Lucas returned to his devotions eagerly, pausing only to pick up the straw and snort the lines she'd so helpfully laid out. There was a perverse satisfaction to be had at the sharp, familiar, chemical burn of it in the back of his throat, and his eyes closed with pleasure as the wave of heady euphoria closed over him. Snuffling, wiping his numb nose with his fingertips, he grinned up at Nicci through his lashes... the swell of his fresh high only made her that much more desirable.


And then he spread her legs and eagerly slid between them, nuzzling against her, his tongue slowly parting her lips, reveling in the warm taste of her. Lucas began to explore her, slowly at first, his hot breath caressing her skin, his tongue and lips teasing her with gentle licks and kisses... seeking for that perfect caress, uniquely hers, that would cause her fingers to tighten in his hair like a vice.

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Francis leaned against the wall, watching the show quite intently. Most of his attention was focused on Nicolette's spread legs and Lucas' mouth, so he completely missed Lucas' choice of undergarments.


The groaning and licking sounds sent ripples of erotic pleasure through him. His senses were on high, and his focus was quite intent.


He reached into his jeans and adjusted himself as he grew harder at the interplay he was gratefully privy to. He gave himself two rubs, let out an "mm" of appreciation as the pleasure between the other two seemed to increase.


He had not even needed to pay a cover charge!

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Nicci's disappointment was plain to read as Lucas he pulled away, but it was only to discard his shirt.


With a laugh of delight she reached for his shoulders, then to grumble as he took a brief detour to snort the blow before she could guide him in. Her legs splayed readily, and her fingers pressing with more urgency into his hair. She'd seen his tattoo before; it had been blazed across one of his album covers, but at this angle it held a greater fascination. Her hand roamed down the length of his spine, savoring each bump defined, though at her angle she could not see the peek of satin and lace, but that rumble he made drove her wild.


"Yes Lucie, do that, mmm yeah there..." his hands held her in a gentle grasp and his tongue, it dipped. "Oh my god oh my god." she whimpered like a puppy, and tried hitch her leg over his shoulder - and even as she was sliding askew down the mirror she glimpsed Franks own industry. Nicci smiled darkly from her halfway-in-the-sink pose.


"What have you got there, hmm?" her hair had fallen across her face; it was through dark and glossy strands she asked Frank about his disappearing hand. "Lucus, he's jerking off..." she relayed to the muso, her hunch was it would make him hotter still. Her lips parted and she tipped her head in a telltale gesture.

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Ohhh, the sounds she made were extraordinary; Lucas felt his cock strain uncomfortably against the confines of his jeans, her gasps like music to his ears. And God, he was high, his head buzzing with a fierce joy, filled with the sound of her whimpering and the sweet, coppery taste of her under his tongue. Nicolette slid uncomfortably down the countertop, her dress hiked up around her waist, but Lucas barely noticed... it was not until she leaned down to whisper to him that he thought to look up.


"Of course he is," he purred, massaging her bottom possessively, his eyes dark with pleasure. "You're hot as hell." Lucas chuckled, reaching to stroke her with his long, deft, fingers, wanting to keep her in that warm limbo of pleasure even as they paused. With her hair over her eyes, rumpled, her mouth slightly ajar, Nicci was tantalizing; he ached with desire for her.


But not yet. This was far too much fun; he wanted to draw it out, make it last as long as possible. He slipped a finger inside her, teasing her, and added, "Do you like it? Or would you prefer he joined us...?"

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"My cock," he replied. "Getting a bit constricting in there, eh!" He chuckled.


Frank had not quite delved into full out jerking himself off, but he had been seen giving himself a few rubs once he'd adjusted himself, and he was not planning on stopping his enjoyment of it anytime soon. He had been planning on doing precisely that.


In fact, not looking penitent at all, the man with beach-bleached long locks sat down on the edge of the whirlpool bath and unbuttoned. It at least gave him room. His jeans were not cut loose enough to want to be stifled in there hard.


He let out a sigh that rumbled out.


"Don't let me bother you," he teased. However, he had every intent to enjoy this to its fullest. He knew how to tease, and he was drugged up enough to just give in to the moment. Pulling himself out, he began to stroke himself; he was of a good length for his size and had a generous girth. It was no 9 inch scepter, but he had never had a complaint.


In fact, it was more of a size to be pleasing for anything and everything, everywhere.

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Nicci admired the purpleness of Franks tool, she fancied sucking it -- but Lucas brought her attention back to him soon enough.


With an appreciate chuckle she reached to pull Lucas lips to hers - not that she wanted to taste herself, but that she was ready, oh way more than ready, for his cock. His hand massaged her glutes, and if she'd not been relaxed enough already, her legs spread a little wider still...she felt utterly, and wonderfully exposed. Her eyes looked into his and she felt complete trust, a rare feeling, not one she had felt that often during sex. This was the difference with fucking a friend.


His lean finger slid easily into her slickness, eliciting a rumble of appreciation from her throat, though she needed more than one finger could satisfy. "Show me yours..." was her reply, as she reached to work upon his belt as she writhed on his fingertip.

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Nicci pulled Lucas to his feet at last, and as she drew him to her lips he forgot all about Francis and his cock. Here, within the angle of her knees, with the taste of her tongue in his mouth, all that registered was the pleasure of her touch. His free hand slid up the curve of her back, rumpling her skimpy dress as he finally pulled away from her kiss.


Show me yours... she murmured with a deliciously wicked smile, hooking her fingers in his belt. Lucas rested his forehead on hers, biting his lip, and quickly popped open the fly of his jeans... and then took her hand and gently slid it inside.


She'd be able to feel the silk of his panties easily enough, and with only a little effort see them, too. But that wasn't really the main draw, of course. Beneath the flimsy fabric, Nicolette would be able to grope the whole length of him... pleasantly broad, and slightly curved upwards in a way that female lovers had informed him was extremely helpful.


As he slipped a second finger inside her, curling them in a beckoning motion, Lucas leaned forward to breathe in her ear, "Do you feel what you do to me...?" He kissed the curve of Nicci's white neck, his teeth grazing her delicate skin, his breath hot and ragged, "God, I want you..."

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OOC: Sad! Smut, is such fun!


Her lips met his, and with eyes slipping closed she explored the tenderness of his mouth. It was the sensitivity of Lucas that surprised her tonight, and it now seemed so strange that they'd not gone further before? Right now, he seemed perfect, how had she not noticed, had he been hiding himself beneath that reckless and carefree front?


Then in a pause, foreheads pressed together, they looked down as he unzipped. The garishly bright bathroom lighting fell upon the late to arrive star of the show - late to arrive but not reluctant.


Looking down his belly past the ridge of dark hair that disappeared downwards, Lucas penis arched proudly, defiant, refusing to be held back by the feeble pair of panties. "Lucas!" Nicci chuckled as she saw the scrap of silk and lace, her breath puffing warmly against his cheek, "now I know what to get your for your birthday." and he guided her hand into his hellava humid pants. "Mmmm..." her hand, cool by contrast, slid down and then around his thickness in movements crafted to please, while also calculating his measurements. Women are ever the multi-taskers. Her heartbeat grew quicker still in anticipation, and her grasp tightened upon his beautiful girth, then relaxed off and slid deeper down, curious of his balls.


A second finger joined the first, sliding in a little too easily perhaps, but her relaxed mood was no longer. She gyrated up and down his knuckles, then made a shrill somewhat desperate sound before she crooked her feet up and hitched her bottom close to the edge. "I want to you in me, now! Please." Urgent and begging, she pushed his jeans down his narrow hips.

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Her cool hand wrapped around his cock caused Lucas to catch his breath, his eyes closing in pleasure, the smallest noise of want escaping from between his teeth. Lost in the breathless anticipation of lust, Lucas had no room for reflection; only this touch and that caress, the tart taste of Nicci's warm mouth, the sound of her ragged breath.


And then Nicolette began to wriggle and beg, shuffling towards him, pushing his jeans down... and Lucas could not resist such an invitation. He'd intended to tease her at first, but as warm and wet as she was, he found he could not hold back... and thrust into her deeply with a groan, burying his face in the hollow of her shoulder.


"Oh God, Nicci..." he murmured into her hair. She felt so good, he had to check the urge to set a furious pace... and instead started slow, grasping her bottom with both hands and leaning back so that their lips were a breath apart, so that he could see her face, their breath and moans of pleasure in concert. For there was nothing more arousing than the pleasure of one's partner, and Lucas did not want to miss a single moment of hers.

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The sweet insanity overtook them.


Nicci's kisses were urgent and impassioned, and tangled in her mind with feelings of love -- while her whimpers between were yearning, demanding even. She'd forgotten about the man watching on, her focus was upon Lucas entirely. Hooking her finger through the elastic of his panties she drove them down, accidentally leaving a fingernail graze down his rump. Wild with desire, all she could think of was his...


With his thrust, she swallowed him whole, her voice resonated in the bathroom with lustful cry, he was bumped back from that doughy part of her that craved abuse. "Yes!" her eyes sought his and discovered he was looking into her eyes. "Lucas." her expression softened briefly and her hand touched his cheek, what a beautiful lover he was, what a beautiful friend, his earnestness thrilled her at a very deep level. "Lucas..." her smile twisted dirtily, and linking her ankles around his back she rocked her pelvis.

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The slender figure dressed in a Grecian style gown of pale turquoise that complemented her tan skin and blonde hair had for some time now simply been sitting on the sand, her carmel colored eyes focused out on the vast ocean spread out before the great expanse of House, the darkness off set by the many torches placed in strategic places on the beach.


Her long hair caught in the slight breeze as she looked back over a slim shoulder up to the great mansion that was peopled with those truly Famous, those that thought they were, and these that would do anything to become Famous.


For herself, well, lets just be straight and say it was the first category that claimed her and move on. She had been at the top of the pile for the last four years and there was no sign of her Star fading. She was "The Face" of the Decade and she was Everywhere.


No one had bothered her out here and she hated the thought of going back inside but she had made a promise to stay for a couple of hours max.


There was about 45 minutes until her time was up.


Standing she brushed at the sand that clung to the skirt of her chiffon dress and took up the silver beaded sandals in one hand and began the walk back to the tiered staircase that led back to the garden and from there the House. She was recognized as soon as she came back out into the party lights strung up all over the tress and along the pathways. Her smile was calm and yet the was an air of mystery about her and she posed and flashbulbs popped.


"Eliza"! "Look over here"! "Eliza come on give us a look"! The voices fought to be heard.


Her arm was taken by a tall older Gentleman who had already played his way thru five wives and held onto the hope she would be his sixth, and just as expertly she removed it. A small shake of her head and the two 'party guests' who were her private protection saw them melt away eyes still watchful and alert.


She continued on her way and at last came to a set of doors that led inside. A glass of something was put into her hand and she discreetly dumped the contents into the artificial tree as she passed.


Her reflection was caught in a large ornate gilded mirror and she stopped. She stared back tilting her head slightly to one side and with a cryptic smile whispered


"You've come a long way Ellen Doolittle. A very long way."

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"Nicci..." he responded in kind, his voice husky with lust. Lucas leaned close to her, covering her cheeks and mouth with careless, carnal kisses; from this close range, her smile was nothing more than a smear of white teeth and flushed cheeks... a blurry girl at the end of his nose whose gasps matched his. And yet she was beautiful for all that: she filled his entire world, in this hot moment.


She wrapped her legs around him, tipping her hips just so, and in concert his pace increased, his thrusts became more urgent and demanding. Lucas' grip on her backside tightened, clinging to her with an unspoken need. He could feel his pleasure building, even as he panted in her ear, "Oh god, Nicci... I want to see your face when you come..."

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