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Veritas, 7th May


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Veritas, 7th May

The Truth Shall Set You Free


Darlings, we thank heavens for the passing of April showers! At last May is upon us, the most wondrous of all the calendar year, of which we can be assured of freshness. Speaking of fresh, one was witness to a certain young Major whom has taken upon himself an earnest mission; that of honouring the spring goddess of fertility's spirit. We have seen him adorning his elbows with not one, not three, but no less that four of courts blossoms within the past week. One can only be impressed at the Kings lifeguards stamina!


Stamina seems a theme of this year, particularly in regards to a certain gentleman who has taken to leaping and bounding within the Saint James daily. I do not lie, in that I saw him throw down his frock coat in one instance, as a fever had worked itself to his forehead, before again he plunged in gay pursuit of capturing his fluttering prize. Lo! How I imagined it might be me he caught within his net! Debutants, shield your eyes, from his evocative exploits in the park!


The Park indeed has been a site of much marvel, one ought make a habit of daily perambulations there, particularly upon a Monday when whom one does not see might be quite as interesting as whom one does. Darlings, have you not heard? That the great wits and daredevils frequent Chelsea nowadays. Why, I did not see the Duke of Y, Lord B, Lady W and Lady A or Sir S, nor Master K for that matter. It does seem that a certain Lady A in intent of kidnapping them all!


Kidnapping, now that reminds me of last months surprise, we await our invitations to that hasty wedding and shall be counting the dates till eight months out, although His Majesty was prudent enough not to mention that during the ball. But didn’t Lady R strike upon such a swift and certain method to secure a husband, I dread to think that all the young ladies shall next be trying it!


Speaking of trying it, whatever did happen to Lady C, taken to Scottish confinement in the country with Lady A? A veritable hoard of women have been removed from our company with the affliction of pending motherhood. Alas darlings, heed my advice well; one ought carefully consider the timing of the court seasons before uncrossing ones legs!


Legs, which brings me to mention my next item, that of Lord B's stockings, and Mister W’s stocking machine, or more particularly the lonely Mrs W whom has been seen visiting the Red Lion regularly ( we think not for Mrs G-L's supper.)


Dining at home appears to be slipping from fashion, as indeed the increase of unmarked carriages moving about London streets upon the evening – to satisfy a hunger that might not be sated alone. It is a phenomenon that I have dubbed ‘the deceiving’, for how dreadfully inconvenient it is for curious people like you and I. Ones diligent enquiry has however discovered that Lady O has not dined at home 6 days out of 7.


One woman who might be excused for not keeping within her own house, is the Lady W, who returned to find her windows and doors shuttered up by lifeguards! Absurd! However, we continue to watch her carefully, to see if she shows any signs of being a white slaver... nobody particularly knows what did happen to her husband after all.


Meanwhile’s other appetites have eager young men returning to court. Is it any coincidence that Captain M and Master F and Lord M return just in time to join Lord J and Lord G to circle like vultures around the latest clutch of hatchling young ladies; the Baroness d P, Lady M, and orphaned Ladies D, A and S. One can contentedly wait upon the ends of ones seat in knowing that spectacular events are bound to happen upon them. Do you all remember last Spring, and the incident of the blue shoe? Who shall it be this year?


Fear not, we of the Veritas will be sure to find out and update you!

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