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Red heads have more Fun ~ 1stMay


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"GOOD LORD Woman! What the DEVIL were you thinking! "


Yorks eyes popped as he looked at Catherine in aghast; her hair the colour of a ripe raspberry. The duke was besides himself, and with an urgency yanked at the girls hair in devout hope that it was some sorry prank and the wig would jerk free.


"Ai!" Catherine yelped then shrieked as she scrambled to get away from him, "It's supposed to be attractive, dont do that!"


"Attractive? My arse! You look like a bloody... a bloody... there's no word for it. Gah! What on earth possessed you to do this!"


"Ah? Well..." Catherine could hardly tell York that she'd done it to keep hold of Charles Whitehurst, and so lay the blame upon the first red-headed person she could think of. "It was Lady Atherstone's fault!"


Yorks eyebrows waggled then as a conflict of expressions fought within him. That little minx. Finally he burst into roars of laughter, laughter that simply would not stop. "Go wash it out!" he managed to say between fits, dismissing the raspberry headed girl from his sight.

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