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An Arrest at Saxony House! (April 24th)


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Templeton grinned to himself as he watched the mother sparrow darting to and from collecting up the crumbs from his morning tea, while her two plump young-uns flitted their wings impatiently, opening their beaks to receive the morsels. The chicks seemed entirely grown, it was a wonder to know how long the mother bird would continue to feed them. Breaking off another bit of the crust he crumbled it to toss it to the trio.


"He's just over there."


Hearing voices, and the tramping of boots, Templeton looked up from his distraction and was surprised to see a pair of men from the city watch led by a Kings Lifeguard in red. "Are you Andrew Templeton, late of His Majesties Kennels?" The man asked as Templeton arose.


"I am he?"


"You are here by charged with theft, and shall be consigned into the care of the Fleet pending your day in court."


"What? But!" The suave fellow lost all composure in the wake of those words, and looked helplessly about. "I have stolen nothing, what, who is behind this?"


"Enough of that, you are coming with me..." The city watchman intoned as he moved to cuff the man.


Mystified, Andrew looked about for his employer, but Blount was nowhere in sight.


Once the disturbance had passed, and the scene fell quiet, Mother sparrow returned with her chicks to peck at the ground around Templetons empty chair.

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