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The Gazette; Published 14th March


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The London Gazette


Published by Authority


14th of March


From the Court


His Majesty King Charles has authorised a The Garden Lottery for a memorial Gardens Project. Christopher Wren has drafted initial designs which are on view in the Portrait Gallery of Whitehall palace. Lord Brynfield is leading the fund-raising, the Editor of the gazette would ask that enquiries be directed to him directly rather than to our offices.


Lady Hortense Mancini has returned to France following questionable pursuits during the Christmas season. The French Ambassador denies rumours that it was a French plot to undermine English society and values, and it has no connection at all with the recent riots in the mercantile district.


Lord Whitehurst, in a winning streak that begun in January, has won a multitude of Horse races in the Greater London District in the past months.


At Home


Port authorities have come up empty-handed in their search for the contaminated ship, the verdict being that it is no legitimate enterprise that was the source of contamination. "All our ships are rigorously maintained, with strict guidelines in place that might assure our consumers of quality" said the Harbour master on Wednesday at a shareholders meeting of the East India Company.


Sgt. Mathews, speaking on behalf of the London Police, reports that spate of recent deaths is confirmed to be of Arsenic contamination of a variety of miscellaneous goods ranging from cloth to spiced sausages. He said, "Furthermore, sabotage seems at play rather than than some random spillage, for how else could the poison have worked it's way into stoppered bottles?"


In the interim, until the villain or villains are routed, Mr Lloyd has released the House of Commons recommendation, that buyers act with caution, and only purchase goods marked with the newly raised stamp of authority issued by the customs office after ship inspections.




The number of arrests of Catholic conspirators party to the plot of the Queens murder continues to increase. Titus Oates has been granted leniency for his part in uncovering this abhorrent crime, meeting with the Lord Treasurer. It has been further revealed, to have been so that another Catholic could marry the King and they could produce a Catholic heir. Furthermore, His Highness Prince William was attacked so that the United Provinces would fall to the French and revert to Catholicism. The deeper one looks the more sinister the machinations of the Catholics becomes. It is the duty of all good Englishmen to report all they know of the gruesome movements of such ones. A special branch of the City Watch has been drawn to handle the investigations in the city, under the command of Captain Peter Winters.


Says Captain Winters, "I admonish loyal citizens to abstain from the linchmobs of the past weeks, or the tar and stoning of known Catholic assembly points such as in February, but to report to the Watch and allow the strong arm of the law to wreak justice upon the murders. Their day on the gallows will come."


In further news, an upcoming bill proposes further limitations upon Catholic rights within Londonborough, regulating ownership. The slogan being; Keep England's land Protestant.



Flooding continues to play havoc with low laying communities, particularly in the clay soils about The Maidenhead, Eton and Windsor, Purley on Thames and Broadwell parish, where residents have been forced to evacuate to higher ground. Many stores of foodstuffs in alluvial districts have been spoiled by damp, leading to shortages and widespread hunger. London has seen a steady flow of families arriving seeking food and refuge, in surplus of what we can supply. The crime rate has accelerated as desperations run high. Says Sgt. Mathews, "The Fleet Prison is full beyond capacity, this charity word we cannot continue to maintain."




Due caution is advised for all travellers, with the easing of winter we again see an increase of the attacks of highwaymen. The City Watch advises that all instance of thefts and crimes need to be reported to the local authorities closest to the proximity of the assault.


Lord Alyth is said to have restored the peace ruthlessly in his estate and the wider county, acting under orders of the Duke of Lauderdale. To this Sgt. Mathews replied, "Our situation is quite different."




Following a spate of Murders, The Authorities wish to reassure the populace that there is no evidence to confirm the ludicrous rumors that dead have been rising from the graves and murdering people in the streets. Even so the watch is looking into the matters and will arrest those who are indeed responsible for the murders and assures the citizens of London that they will face trial and be punished both for the murders and for spreading dissent and fear in the populace. Citizens be warned that while those who are responsible for the murders will be apprehended, those that spread panic and fear and incite the people to foolish actions like desecrating the graves and performing non-sanctioned rituals on the corpses will be arrested on the charges of crimes against faith and for spreading dissent and put to trial.




New appointments: Trade and Foreign Plantations sees new members, Master Alexander Everhart, newly Lord come into his title Earl of Whittington and the right honorable Owen Langland, Baron of Brynfield. Raised to the Bar is Mr Charles Blount, Viscount of Mountjoy.



In Trade:

The Royal African Company's annual report shows a steady market with continued demand in the Colonies.


The East India Company, following a successful venture last year intends add two more ships to it's fleet, currently under construction at Ross&Sons Shipwrights.


Mr. Sidney Bartholomew, lawyer from Southhampton, wishes to iterate that he shall under no circumstances reveal his customers details, and requests that all attempts to force his disclosure to stop immediately or legal action against such harassment shall result.





In The Royal Navy; A flotilla under command of Commodore Albertson took the Barbary coast ships blockading the garrison at Tangiers. The HMS Defiant and the HMS Raven, detached to journey to Perejil, the reason for their doing so is unclear to the reporters of Gazette, sailing into an ambush laid by the moors. Our men fought valiantly, yet Plymouth and Blackheath along with many other good Englishmen paid the ultimate price.


Lord Brynfield, upon an separate venture, might be hailed as saviour of the day when his ship, Lady of Swansea, recovered and returned to us James Scott, Lord Monmouth and the body of Charles Fitzcharles, natural son of His Majesty, Earl of Plymouth, god rest his soul. No sooner does the House of Stuart exit grieving as it renters it.




Silver Fleet Tavern, eastside; rumours a side show, a deformed freak of nature. 1 shilling per view.



Birth and Death Notices


Lady Anne Scott Duchess of Monmouth bore a healthy son on the 7th of March, named Henry Scott.


Heather O'Rourke Countess of Atherstone gave birth to a son, heir to the O'Roarke empire, on the third of February.


Elizabeth Malet, Lady Rochester, passed away on the 1st of January in complications following childbirth. She survived by husband, John Wilmot Earl of Rochester, daughter Elizabeth and infant son Malet Wilmot.


The Earl of Whittington passed away on the 10th of January following a turn of the humors rendering him immobile and unable to speak. A modest funeral was conducted at his estate.


John Hamilton passed away of a protracted illness of the lungs. He s survived by loving wife Mary Hamilton, daughters Lady Dainsforth, and Anne, and sons Thomas Hamilton the 7th Viscount of Oakham, William, Henry and Richard.



For Removing Freckles


The following lotion is highly recommended: One ounce of lemon juice, a quarter of a dram of powdered tincal, and half a dram of sugar; mix in a bottle, and allow them to stand a few days, when the liquor should be rubbed occasionally on the hands and face. Another application is: Friar's balsam one part, rose-water twenty parts.


Home Made Table Vinegar


Put in an open cask four gallons of warm rainwater, one gallon of common molasses and two quarts of yeast; cover the top with thin muslin and leave it in the sun, covering it up at night and when it rains. In three or four weeks it will be good vinegar. If cider can be used in place of rainwater the vinegar will make much sooner - will not take over a week to make a very sharp vinegar. Excellent for pickling purposes.




Madame Boulbon is pleased to advise fresh stocks of Spanish Paper, for the blushing of cheeks, Powdered chalk face powder, and Patches have arrived in from France, available at her store upon The Strand.

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