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Queenly Industry Commences | Friday Morning, 23rd

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Karoline stood in her chemise at the window, looking out across the gardens, enjoying the warmth of the morning sunshine streaming onto her shoulder. The servants would be in soon to primp and preen before the outing. Their tardiness was the first sign that things were different now that Ursula was not about.

The news of her first Lady’s resignation had come as a surprise, but she was not to be daunted by it.  “It is a season for great change.” She smiled to herself and turned to cross the room to sit at her desk; she would pen a letter to Germany and summon a few more persons to assist her with her plans. 

The simple act of writing a letter had a new importance now that she had cemented her place in England with the birth of a Heir to the Throne.   Anyone who had doubted the King's choice of wife previously now embraced her. She had saved the country from the papists, she was equivalent to a national hero,  and it was her intent (always had been) to put a stamp upon the country.

First, a letter to The Margravine Brandenburg-Bayereuth.    




Dear Lady Magdalene Sibylle,

We continue to admire your health, and trust that it continues to serve you well into the future. It is indeed my hope that you will consider a visit to the English court next season.  Yours is the first of a number of invitations to your parts that we are sending in order to assist the good futures and fortunes of my growing household.   

One such person is your sister-in-law, Margravine Hildebrant, whom you may not know has recently stepped down from her duties.  It is both a disappointment and nonsense.  So, as you see, there is a matter to be rectified that I believe you to be uniquely qualified to attend to.

We would also request that you bring a representation of talent from your court.  Wits especially are lauded in England, and so I would like your assistance to further impress.  Between you and I, the Rhine Prince seems to have created something of an archetype that is not entirely representational of our people.  That said, his acumen for a number of things including business and strategy, remain unparalleled.

We look forward to your reply,


Queen Karoline



The young woman smiled to herself, and set the letter aside for the ink to dry before reaching for a fresh sheet.  Next, she need write to Lieden…

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