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Lord and Lady Chichester get comfortable | Tuesday evening

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Apartment of Lord & Lady Chichester

The apartment is small, but comfortable, with two rooms. There is a living room, with a small seating arrangement near the hearth and a table. A pair of windows is set into the south wall, overlooking the Long Walk and Castle Hill. A small carved walnut table and chair set rests between the windows while a small door, hidden behind a wine-colored curtain with thick tassels, beside the fireplace opens into a little closet. Candelabras rest on the table and mantel, casting long shadows over the polished wood of the floor.

In the next room a large walnut bed resting against the east wall. The bed is hung with wine-colored velvet, the fabric trimmed with gold tassels. Across from the bed is a stone hearth whose crackling fire keeps the chill at bay. Small silver bells have been affixed to the edges of the mantel with silver satin bows and to the tie backs of the drapes and bed curtains. A pair of windows is set into the south wall, overlooking the Long Walk and Castle Hill. A small carved walnut table and chair set rests between the windows while a small door, hidden behind a wine-colored curtain with thick tassels, beside the fireplace opens into a little closet. Candelabras rest on the table and mantel, casting long shadows over the polished wood of the floor.

The door opens into a narrow corridor that opens into the apartment’s drawing room. The room is furnished simply but elegantly in shades of pale green. A bank of windows along the south wall offers a view of the Long Walk and Castle Hill, letting in prodigious amounts of sunlight on a clear day. A carved rosewood writing table is placed against the windows while a handful of straight-backed chairs, cushioned in matching shades of green, are dotted throughout the room. Along the west wall is a deep-set stone fireplace that crackles merrily at all times to ward off the cold: it is draped with a swath of royal blue velvet, a wreath of seasonal flowers gracing the center of the swathe. An iron chandelier hangs from the ceiling, the light glinting off of the polished wood floors. Silver bows and bells adorn the tiebacks of the drapes..

In the Hallway

“I hope you enjoyed the wedding and the reception?” George asked Caroline as they approached their apartment. 

Till now he’d been sleeping here and there around the place, not wanting to set gongs to wagging, although the rooms had been set aside for them jointly since the season beginning.  Tonight though, it was to be expected.  George was admittedly a bit nervous about it but supposed Caroline would be understanding.

Arriving at the door he unlocked it, then turned to his bride and prepared her.  “I shall now sweep you up in my arms for the entry, god forbid we should tempt fate, lest you trip*, and of course, you know me to be a traditionalist.”

That said, he readied to scoop her up and move into their apartment directly. 

A crate in the reception room. 

Only once through those doors would the pair discover a mysterious unopened crate in the middle of the floor. The card attached:

from Lord and Lady Mountjoy, wished the happy couple many felicitations upon the occasion of their wedding 


* I checked and the carrying is to prevent the bride from tripping, which would be bad luck. 


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"Of course I enjoyed it. Little tense there for a moment with Sophia but otherwise I thought it went well," Caroline assured her husband, for that is exactly what he now was. They were officially married.

Then they both stood before the door of their suite, George unlocking it while she just stood there gazing at him and his every movement. He was very handsome and more importantly though for a successful marriage, he was an honorable man. This, her second marriage, just had to work. He now announced he would 'sweep her up in his arms'. She almost scoffed, like she was that clumsy she would fall into the room? She hadn't even drank that much at the reception. But he admitted he was a traditionalist and wanted it done the way things apparently had always been done. So fine with her.

"But, certainly, George. I am yours in all things now, my love," she let the man then pick her up and carry her inside, gently letting her down just short of the bed.

It could hardly have escaped either of their notice that there was a large crate right in the middle of the floor. So naturally it had to be checked out. As she examined the attached card, she nodded happily.

"A wedding gift, from the Montjoys. How nice of them. Please, open it then, George. Let us see what they gave us?" she couldn't help but be curious.


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With the enthuse of the moment, Caroline seemed to barely weigh much at all. She was certainly easier to lift than a sack of potatoes, and her hold around his neck also helped. With a great armful of lady and her excessive fabric, he took a large step across the threshold - well, through the doorway.  

"There seems to be nothing that can stop us." he announced cheerfully, as he ticked yet another item off his groom 'to do' list.

"It makes me a little nervous to hear you say so, it is my responsibility as much as it is my pleasure," George replied seriously as he set her down.   Jointly their attention was then drawn by the crate, and they moved closer to examine. 

"What on earth can it be, I hope it's not a stuffed head.  I prefer my wildlife alive and roaming free." he uttered and looked about for some method to open the crate.  His wife was waiting on him, this was in fact the first masculine feat she'd set him in their marriage.  But toffs rooms did not come with claw hammers.   "Ah, this might work." he found his silver-tipped cane (his belongings having been delivered earlier) and wedged it into a crack in the planks with the intent to lever it.  Feeling very masculine he warned. "Sheild your eyes lest it splinter." 

He gave the plank a good wrench, then motivated with progress, he quickly took off the top, revealing a spiral woodshavings lucky dip.  "So far, so good, there is no beastly scent." George gestured that she take the next step in their discovery.





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George had opened the crate quite expertly, getting Caroline's silent approval. He apparently was worried the present might be something alive, Caroline giggled, "Oh, hardly, my dear."

He then played the role of gentleman and gestured for her to take a first look which she was most willing, "Certainly."

She peered into it.

::The wedding present was a table suite consisting of a pair of Meissen porcelain candelabras and a centerpiece. The candelabras were themed, one with a figure of a milkmaid amid a motif of flowers and dancing cows, the other with a shepherd boy amidst foliage and leaping goats. The centerpiece was an intricately laced cornucopia, wherein fruit or flowers could be placed, held up by three cherubs with garlands of grapes covering their intimate parts in deference to the sensibilities of Lady Chichester upon a base of colourful flowers and foliage  ::

"Amazing! Take a look, George. This is beautiful! And they certainly did not spare any expense on this gift," Caroline declared with a wide grin.

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George had feared it was some stuffed animal head on a plaque that Mounjoy had gifted; everyone knew the Marquis thought them to make excellent decorations.  But fortunately, this was not that.  Caroline's pleased tones encouraged George to approach closer to take a good look;

"This must be Lady Mountjoy doing surely." he admired the candelabras then chuckled, "These are 'his and hers!  They shall be ideal at the long table on those nights when we row and sit at opposite ends."  he was joking of course. 


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"They will surely be a fine addition to your....our residence," Caroline nodded, "We must send them a thank you note."

George made a wise crack about a possible 'row' and sitting on opposite sides of their dining table.

"Oh, indeed? Not even married a full day and night and you now expect us to quarrel. How do you know that I won't hurl that centerpiece right at you in my fury? You have never really seen me angry and you don't want to either, dear," she declared with a smile. But part of that might just be the truth.

She'd done far far worse to her first husband of course but then he deserved it.


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  • 4 months later...

"Or perhaps invite them on an outing? It might be our first sojourn into married couples fraternisation; which I suspect is a thing.  At least till now, upon reflection, I have mostly lingered about with others unmarried. But everything shall be different now."  George ruminated soberly into a tangent.  "Or a simple thank you note, would be simplest." 

"Hmm, then I must be sure to not anger you in front of the Meissen!" he chuckled with the playful banter, then teased,  "I have heard of such a thing as padded rooms... perhaps something like that would suit your temper more, I am sure I could get one installed back at the estate."


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"An outing? Certainly, if you wish to arrange it. I am your obedient wife now and will, of course, go," Caroline nodded, "And yes, everything will be different now. Now that you and I are married. I embrace it."

She really was most serious about being the best wife she could possibly be despite her independent even almost rebellious past.  It wouldn't be easy but she could change.

She couldn't resist however a tease about her occasional fiery temper. And there was a bit of truth to it. He responded with an attempt at humour right back. Padded rooms indeed.

"I admit to a temper, my dear, not a loss of sanity," came her retort.

"So.....I know this is your first marriage but ...........you do realize what this very first night sharing a bed means?" she suddenly changed subjects.



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On the topic of the Mountjoy, and thank you letters or outings, Caroline was most biddable. This, of course, made George very pleased.  "Then what say I contact Lord Mountjoy on that particular matter, while on others", can I entrust you with the duty of replying to the various letters and well wishes sent our way? I expect that shall be a regular occurrence - and I would be very pleased not to need to tend to that task myself."

George pondered over the distribution of responsibilities.  He yearned for his new wife to assume the role of managing their social life, just as his late mother had done for his father. 

It was all going swimmingly, and George was just thinking of ordering a pot of coffee, perhaps with a splash of brandy, when Caroline broached the wedding bed topic. 

"Oh." he blinked, not quite sure what grave matter she was alluding to.  "Err... what does it mean?"  



* There are a number of letters in the mail forum to our pair that need replies at the moment  ;) 

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Posted (edited)

So she would have to be the one to write their correspondence then? Caroline was not and never had been much of one for writing. She was in her element in chatting with people but scrawling out letters and such, not something she enjoyed. But.... he was the husband and it was her duty to obey.

"Of course, my dear. I shall attend to those answers at my first convenience," she nodded dutifully.

As long as the subject was on what was to be expected of the pair regarding marriage duties, she now broached a most vital one, in her opinion anyhow.  Now George was a very intelligent fellow, give him his due but he seemed taken aback even clueless about this.

"Err... what does it mean?"  he now inquired.

Honestly, really!

"George, we are now married. Marriage involves sharing a bed together. You have provided the bed. But I am not talking about sleeping. Are we not to ...how do they say it? Consummate the marriage. Make it official. I mean is it not our duty to ?   And need I say if you wish an heir, the baby does not just happen you know?" she grinned.



Edited by Caroline Despanay
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"Oh, yes, that." George uttered as his bride stated the very obvious, so that he felt rather stupid as a result. 

"Should we commence then immediately? I expect you may have some preferences, and ah, I had imagined that you might require some time to ready yourself to the bed.  Ah.  I shall perhaps see to the lighting..."  George did not want to feel as nervous as he currently did, but never the less his heart beat quite quickly. 

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George actually seemed surprised? Caroline didn't know what to think about that. But at least he seemed willing, if hardly enthusiastic. She was getting a bit worried. Her first marriage night a few years earlier had started out very badly and never got better. When that marriage was over, and he was dead, she still had been a virgin.

He asked if they should commence immediately. She nodded emphatically, "Why yes, it is what newly married couples do their first wedding night."

"Yes, take care of the lighting please, my dear. It will not take me long to get out of this clothing," she declared then paused as if in deep thought.

"George, you know I am not a virgin. May I ask, are you still one? " she knew most men laid with women before marriage.


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"Certainly." And so George moved apart, extinguishing the lamps,  apart from one which he then moved about their bedroom with trying to ascertain which location for it would provide the most romantic lighting.  On the bedside seemed too bright, while over on the dresser sent long shadows... as an artist he was aesthetically minded. 

He paused and gave a small smile to his bride, before dragging a chair a bit closer and setting it on that.  The moment of distraction helped him, and he was able to reply to her question more calmly than he felt.  "Yes, I understand that, which is a little of my nerves tonight.  You see I have fooled around a little with ladies, but hardly enough to believe myself proficient, and so am concerned that you shall find me wanting in that regard." he bridged the gap to her then. 

"But we are wed now, and we have both agreed to do our very best." his dark eyes shone down earnestly into hers.  


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Caroline decided to be blunt with George, they were married now and they had agreed they were going to be honest with each other. She meant to keep her part of that bargain, well........unless she found out sometime he was lying. She certainly hoped that time would never come of course. She came out and asked him if he was a virgin.

He was willing to be somehwat revealing in his answer, he had 'fooled around' with the ladies in his time, whatever that meant.  It could mean so many things and short of actually having done the deed with a woman. She did not point that out though. He also admitted he was nervous, quite understandable, she too had once been terrified of lying with a man. That time was past.

He worried he would not measure up now, another reasonable admission which she felt was honest. And finally he reiterated what they both had agreed upon, to do their best as a married couple. Exactly her desire too.

"Oh, George! It's alright. You will be fine. I will see to it that it all goes well. I was once in your position and my first bed partner helped me so much. I can certainly do the same. And - think about this - once you experience what it is like, you will enjoy the sheer pleasure of it and I would wager you will then want to do more often. This can only bring us closer together my dear."

Then she moved in to kiss him on the lips but gently more like a tease than anything, pulling away she smiled.

"I am going to remove everything now and let you see me as I really am, not all dressed and covered up. I hope you like the view for you see, I too, have a natural nervousness myself. But that is matched with an eagerness also. We can't let our fears and doubts control us, George."

Slowly surely she began to take off her not inconsiderable wardrobe. By the time she had finished, she was fully naked, facing him, smiling and let him get a good look at her. She was certainly not like Sophia, her breasts were small, with dusky nipples, her belly flat, her hips shapely.


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She kissed.  While her initiation of intimacy was a necessity at that moment due to George's uncertainty,  he wanted it.  His lips softened upon hers, and his hand slid to her shoulder... and he had confidance that, some way or another, they'd muddle through. Tentatively, he deepened the kiss, but she pulled away. 

His breath puffed out with a smile, while his eyes crinkled with a smile, "You don't tease me do you?"

But that was not her intention at all.  A comparison with Sophia (?) was the last thing George considered as his bride began removing her clothes.  He watched with an interest; fastenings were secreted everywhere, and fashionable bunchings of fabric obscured a woman's true shape.  He kicked his shoes free, removed his jacket and collar, and undid his shirt laces.  George's movements needed no focus as they were far simpler... and so he continued to watch as her true form was revealed.

"You are like a water nymph," he complimented and stepped a little closer.  He had intents to paint her, he'd told her as much already, and now seeing her form bared he had an even greater desire to do so.  He found her form very pleasing.

But they were not here for painting right now.   

"Come closer my dear." he murmured and put his hand again upon the curve of her shoulder, intent to resume their kiss, "You are truly exquisite."  

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