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To New Beginnings, 9 am Monday, East Terrace Gardens

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The hour choose by Mistress Bayning for this encounter was not especially fortuitous.

Lady Lucas was NOT by any stretch a morning person and thus her presence here at such an hour spoke highly of the promise made.

Her maid had dressed her warmly in a deep plum brocade gown with its trim of silver metallic lace and jet beads added for decoration. Yet it was all hidden from view by the black cloak she wore to ward off the chills and the damp from the fog that lingered still. Her breath blew small puffs of white as she made a slow stroll over the stones on the terrace proper while she waited for her companion to arrive. Her gloved hands carried a small round hand warmer that was filled with several pieces of hot coals from her own room. The lid was decorated with flowers that she had embroiders years ago and was still as charming now as then. She wondered what they would talk about. This was, after all, intended to be a new starting point and thus it was possible for topics of any kind to be spoke of. She would however refrain from making the same mistake - this young lady was not shy about expressing herself. By Lady Lucas knew too that she was also young and had not the benefit of Life Experiences that she herself had.

All that being said she would allow any disrespect. She did not hold with bad behaviors no matter the ages involved.

She kicked at a small stone with the toe of one leather booted foot aiming for it to skip over the edge and fall to the area below. She gave a laugh as it did just that pleased with her aim.

Any watching must surely think it a strange sight!

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It was Miss Bayning's maid that arrived instead.  With apologies, the maid explained that her mistress was summoned home and would not be meeting with Cordelia this morning.  Without hesitation, the maid was on her way to return to her mistress.  There was further packing to complete.

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Hearing the sound of approaching footsteps she turned to greet her guest. Except it was not Mistress Bayning but her maid who offer a hurried message then just as quickly left.


She did hope that nothing of a serious nature had occurred and she would seek out Lord Grey to make inquiries. 

But it would be a waste of a mornings exercise to she gave a small nod of her head and then turned heading in the direction of the Park.

This meeting would have to wait for another time and place.

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