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Visiting ones Fiancee | Monday 19th, late morning

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Dapperly dressed as always, George stood outside the room that he's soon be sharing with Caroline.  He hoped that she would be in, but was not certain of it.  'I should have sent her a note yesterday', he belatedly thought as he raised his silver tipped walking stick and rapped on the door. It made a shockingly loud sound!  George glanced furtively over his shoulder, and then knocked a second time by hand.

It seemed a very long time since he'd seen her, though it had only been at Church yesterday. He supposed it was mounting nerves that made times feel a bit strange that way, was she nervous too, he half expected her not to be.  Perhaps she was out visiting her friends right now, and without a care or thought for tomorrow.  'Good grief, is she even in?' 

Brow furrowed over eyes that were a tad too intense, and he lifted his gloved hand about to knock for a third time in swift succession.



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Caroline heard the knock on the door and put down the mirror she was holding. She had been eying her hair, trying to mentally debate exactly how she should wear it for the wedding. She was not expecting anyone specific. Perhaps some servant? As she slipped her bare feet into slippers, there was another knock not quite so loud. She almost called out to announce it was not locked but that would hardly be lady like. So instead donned a bathrobe so she would be suitable for having to open the door herself.

There was a third knock by the time she got to the door. Honestly whoever it was, the individual seemed to be rather impatient. Grasping the doorknob she turned it and opened it.

"George?  I did not expect it would be you," she smiled, opening the door further to allow him easy entry then closing it after his entrance.

"I do believe you are a tad early for our wedding, my dear," she quipped.

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He started as the door suddenly opened, but there was the smiling and teasing Caroline.

"Do you mean it's not Tuesday, I was sure it was Tuesday." He tried to be a joker playing along, "and was just about to say you are a tad underdressed."

He was still stood in the hallway as he said this, his nerves showed in the dart of his eyes beyond her then back to the barely dressed vision she struck in the doorway.  She seemed quite comfortable wearing nearly nothing, well, more comfortable than he felt to look at her like that. He hoped when they were married she planned to wear more than a filmy robe around the house. 

"Um, so you are all well? Ah, and, nothing has come up?" Even now, the day prior to his wedding, he couldn’t believe it was actually to happen.  His luck at cards was exceptional, but in his personal life, not so good. 



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