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Note sent to Chevreuse | 18th after Chapel

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Maisie was sent to the Duc de Chevruse's first floor apartment with a note, while Nicolette fussed about with her costume in her own rooms on the floor above. She was hoping to receive word upon her maids return, and made ready to rush out of the door incase this moment was the only available.

The note was penned in a fine cursive script and of course in French.  Translated it read: 


Your Grace

It is my greatest wish to see you perhaps this afternoon, or whenever else you might find a space in your schedule in which a visit from one of France's most loyal daughters.  I bring with me a curiosity and as always with much gratitude for your ongoing care of my family and person. 

I have the honour to remain & etc

Nicolette Vauquelin




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Chevreuse was the sort of man who was perpetually ready to receive guests, with opulence ever around his person, so when he read Nicci's missive he did not waste any time.


He had spent much of his time recently in England. He missed his cohort Saint-Aignan and hoped that he might yet arrive for the Christening. He could take more accolades over the mademoiselle's mother than Chevreuse, although he had his own involvement behind the scenes with Buckingham. 


"Tell the dear mademoiselle she may visit me whenever the fancy strikes her. Now if it pleases her."

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