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To Lady Oakham | arrives Thursday late afternoon

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Written on a piece of cream-colored paper, scented softly with rose and vanilla, and penned in Sophia's flowery handwriting:



Dear Lady Oakham,


I had hoped to talk to you at the reception, but as usual, you were always surrounded by those who enjoy your company as much as I do. Would you like to accompany me on a shopping trip in town in the next couple of days? Or if you prefer to be daring, perhaps we could visit the baths instead? I look forward to seeing you again.




Sophia de la Cerda, Lady Toledo



The note was delivered by hand on Thursday in the late afternoon.


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Darlene was still out of sorts, it was all Charles Whitehurst’s fault, though she was doing her very best to heed Lady Albemarle’s advice and take revenge by blatantly ignoring him.  (This was especially hard to do as she had discovered him to be housed just two doors down from herself in the Octagonal tower!)  She had discovered that if she leant out her window enough, she could almost see his window, ajar. 


"My lady what are you doing?" Maisie had asked in her yet-again-confused-at-her-mistresses manner.

"I shall need more perfume, remember to add that to my shopping list" Darlene had replied as she sprayed her signature lavender fragrance out her window, upon the hope it would waft in through His, and cause him the nostalgic heartache. 

"When you are done, you have received a letter marm." Maisie passed Sophia' missive.


Darlene penned a reply that was given to the waiting servant to deliver back to the Ambassadors wife.




Dear Sophia,

Why I would love to go shopping.  What would you know but I have already run out of my favourite perfume, I do hope there is a perfumery in Windsor. We must search.  Would tomorrow afternoon suit you? I shall meet you at the town centre. Whatever you do don’t tell any of the life guards who you shall be seeing though, I know they are watching my whereabouts keenly.  Frankly I am being stalked.  You see there is a certain someone within their ranks whom I am especially intent to evade, well, to ignore really. If you really must you may tell them that we shall be having a terribly fun time, far more fun than we ever had with any other particular someone.

God Bless




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