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A gift

Henry Grey

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Room of Lady Cordelia Lucas

It is a small but comfortable chamber, a large elm bed resting against the west wall. The bed is hung with beige silk damask, the fabric marked with a floral design in small print. Across from the bed is a stone hearth whose crackling fire keeps the chill at bay. Small porcelain doves have been affixed to the edges of the mantel with red satin bows and to the tie backs of the drapes and bed curtains. A pair of windows is set into the south wall, overlooking the Long Walk and Castle Hill. A small carved elm table and chair set rests between the windows while a small door, hidden behind a red velvet curtain with thick tassels, beside the fireplace opens into a little closet. Candelabras rest on the table and mantel, casting long shadows over the polished wood of the floor.

After returning from the Opening Reception, Lady Lucas would find that a gift had been delivered. A white bear skin, with an attached note written in purple-black oak gall ink on white cotton rag card:


Lady Lucas,

It would not do for you to catch a chill.



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Retuning from the morning's event Cordelia's maid let her to a gift that had been delivered in her absence.

Taking up the card she read what was written then bent to touch the bear skin. Surprised at its softness she smiled and gave a small laugh much as a younger girl might have done. She went to her traveling desk and then sat pen her reply


I am over whelmed by such a gift. What a magnificent creature it must have been. I assure you it shall be put to good use come the chill of winter nights.

Thank You for it. I am happy to see you return'd .

C Lucas

She would have it delivered by her maid once his location was discovered.

Windsor was indeed looking better and better and she was excited to see what else might happen  .....


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