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From The Tower, A Truth and Several Excuses, Wednesday

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The night had gone and was replaced by a new day that was just as the one previous.

She had slept fitfully her thoughts running in many directions with no conclusions so that she finally gave up before dawn and went to stir the embers in the small fireplace into life and added wood then drawing a chair as close as she could for warmth. Spring was in the aire but here inside these walls of stone chills lingered and the fact that The River was just beyond did not help to keep any dampness at bay. Poppy would be going back to Whitehall again and with her would be a few letters that must be delivered. Her gaze turned over one shoulder to the screen that hid the two beds knowing that her maid slept still and so she would not wake her as it was still too early.

Her small travel writing case sat on the table and she thinks that now was just as good a time as later to put quill to paper  ......

The first was to Lady Mountjoy



Madam, I think me that you will toss this without so much as a look but I pray you to not. I know I have done a thing that is perhaps unforgivable but I still hold as to all my words that I spoke to you yesterday and they hold True today as well. T'was never my intent to cause any hurt or damage or anything of like to Her Majesty or to yourself Lady Mountjoy. My errors are many but I see clear that I should have indeed come to you and confessed and then allowed for your wisdom to guide. Foolish indeed on my part. But I thought to spare more burdens when you have so many - Her Majesty depends upon you so, why indeed so do ALL of us that reside on that side, that to add made no sense at that time. But you would have been more than capable I think to have steered the direction over to Lord Mountjoy for added help and then mayhap the outcome would be different. I have not only offended but caused you to be hurt and for that I must truly beg your forgiveness. My actions in no way cast any doubts upon your person or abilities so I beg of you to not take that train of thought and begin to think that You are thought as someone not capable. Why all the Maids care only to continue to be held in esteem by You Madam and would do nothing to cause that to be damaged. Yet it seems that I am the only one that has done so and for that I am sorry. Truly. I can not think to find any forgiveness in all Truth yet I will Pray that you will take to heart these words and know that I am sincere.

Yr Obedient Servant, Mistress Wellsley 

The second to the Duchess and Susan Herbert


Your Grace and Lady Susan, I find that I am ill disposed and so must leave Whitehall and shall not be a part of the tapestry presentation to Her Majesty as arranged. I do beg pardon for the shortness of this delivery but tis necessary.

Davina Wellsley

The third to Lady Toledo


Countess, I am afraid that I shall not be able to keep our planned meeting as I must leave Whitehall at once on an unplanned issue. I shall at some point call out to you again and we two shall meet. I trust that you are keeping well and will remain so.

Mistress Wellsley

The fourth was to her cousin Diana Butler


Cousin, I am unexpectedly called from Whitehall and so shall have to break out planned meeting on Thursday morning then to the Lady H's after. I shall seek you out never fear once back!


There. Done. She could think of no other. Poppy would hand deliver each while she was out.

Yet her mind toyed with an additional one but she doubted that he would be receptive or appreciative of being drawn up into this Drama so she put the stopper back into the bottle and set the quill into its place then closed the case shut. She had no idea as to how the Duke - or whomever was elected - would set the news out about her being locked up here and even if a reason was given it would not be readily believed. But her presence here was Truth enough and then, well, who was to say what would happen.

She would like to have a Champion or two on her side nevertheless. George Hardwick or Charles Whitehurst the first to mind but there too she would not hold out much Hope. Everyone had to be careful in these time just in General and the idea of tying ones self into something that could well be Treasonous would stop many from even entertaining the idea of seeing her.

The fire now burned brighter and she turned back to its warmth as the she heard the 'caws' from the birds outside and the shouts of those that plied the River starting their day.   

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Perhaps, as the morning sun climbed slowly in the sky, Davina might note a glint of light at the foot of the door.  Should she investigate, she might find a rosary with amber beads and a small ornate gold cross.  Who had left or slid it there was unknown.  It had occurred sometime during the night.

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