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Paying A Call Chatham Residence Tuesday eve 8 pm

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For a moment they reversed roles and she was drawn into him his hands caresseing and stoking the fire that would easily ignite.

He praised her even as her hands continued drawing more response from him. But her own knowledge was indeed limited as to pleasuring a man in this way but she knew that if it was continued soon he would have his release so she changed directions.

"Even tho this pleasures I am unwilling to see you end here and not within."

She knew he would take her meaning. His hands on her body made her shiver and that was a favorable thing for it set the next move.

"Let us be comfortable. Even tho your desk has merits I much prefer somewhere else."

"Led me to that palce."

Since he seemed to enjoy her being 'stern' she obliged.

For good measure she stroked him a few times just to tease him more.

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Charles smiled, all eager wickedness, and dipped his head in acquiescence.  

"My bedchamber is but a few feet down the hall, and there should be no servants about," he murmured, shivering a little under Grace's teasing stroking. "I trust that will be acceptable."

He leaned in to steal a quick kiss and let his hand slide up to circle her nipple with a thumb before reluctantly extricating himself. A risk, perhaps, given how Grace was growing into her role of stern command, but worth it in his opinion. He thought a moment, and gathered up their clothes. Entirely without shame as he was, he had no intention of dressing for the quick jaunt to his bed, but it would useful to have their garments on hand afterward.

That done, he moved to the door to unlock and unbolt it. He opened it a crack and peered into the corridor, for he fancied Grace might not be as blasé about this as he was, and then offered her his free arm to lead her to their destination.

He had not lied as to how close it was, and they reached his bedchamber in moments. (Charles found the short walk quite titillating, and almost regretted that it was not longer, but thought better of asking Grace her opinion.) Closing the door behind them and laying their clothes aside, he turned to smile at Grace.

"And what now, my lady?"

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She allowed herself to be led conscience of her nakedness and his attempts to shield made it easier even tho the distance was short. 

Once inside she moved farther inwards assuming that here too he'd lock the door. But the idea of a servant intruding unannounced did not seem likely. It was a man's room without female adornment and for some reason that pleased her.

She looked at his bed then the floor and the bed won. Sitting herself she held out one hand inviting him into what was his own space.

"I am cold. Warm me." 

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Charles tarried at the door, admiring Grace as she walked. She had always (appropriately enough) had a graceful carriage, and it was in no way lessened by her nakedness.

Quite the opposite.

"Hmm?" He did not quite start at her words, but it was a close run thing. He smiled to cover himself.

"As you wish."

He considered for a moment, and remembered his earlier resolution to touch and taste every last inch of her. He saw no reason to postpone that any further. Approaching the bed, he dropped smoothly to kneel in front of Grace.

"I hope this pleases you."

Starting from her feet and switching legs seemingly at random, his hands and lips began to trace a slow, sensuous path up.

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Just what she had expected she was not sure yet there he was  .....

Holding still she willed herself to not respond in any way no matter what. He must WORK for her favor after all or this whole charade would be pointless.

He started first on her legs his mouth and hands tracing patterns without starts or stops edging ever upwards.

Grace knew that if she allowed him to reach there, well, she would surrender and would that be such a bad thing?

'hmmmmm   ......'

Little sounds of their own violation escaped from her lips and she could not help the prickling of her flesh betraying her resolve.

'it pleases me indeed  ..... hmmmmmmm'

He continued his travels upwards and Grace found herelf beginning to lean back setteling into the comforts offered by his bed. He would have no choice but to realign himself as well.

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Charles smiled against Grace's skin, pleased with the sounds she was making. It was always rewarding to know that one's efforts were appreciated, after all. He shifted, crawling sinuously up onto the bed as she reclined back. 

He skipped past the juncture of her thighs as he resumed his attentions. He did not want to rush matters, and he would be lying if he said there was not a part of him that enjoyed teasing her like that. Instead he pressed a kiss to her fascinating birthmark, and let his lips and fingers play about her loins and belly.

He lingered for a while, delighting in finally having the luxury to explore Grace and learn the secrets of her body, but his patience was far from infinite. His hands crept up over her ribs and he leaned in to gently blow on a nipple.

"May I?" he asked, eye shining merrily.

(Idly, he wondered if she would command him to get to the point, or, in her regal kindness, allow him to play this out. Either would be fun, he decided, and he was interested to see which she would choose.)

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He followed her line and then attached himself to another area of her body missing entirely that place she so desired him to be.

"I shall permit it." 

Whispered but enough for him to hear and no doubt he would continue.

"But tis already of a chill and I want to be warmed  ...." Her body moved again as her back arched a bit wanting mouth to replace breath.

Her breathing inched upwards as would be evident by the rise and fall of her breasts. That she was affected much as he was also clear. That she was caught up in a trap of her own making had not escaped her notice. How then was she to change that without surrendering? If she did would he think her a fool for imagining that she could do it better than he?

"Perhaps I should make allowances for you. I have usurped your place have I not? It is only right that I offer something to you without a struggle."

"But do not become compliant M'Lord for I still have the upper hand."

She smiled up at him not meaning one word of it. 

what then shall I do next? He is far stronger than me but his allowing this play hints at another side of him. he is not as hard and unbending as he presents

Arms reached up and then drew him down to one breast as she whispered

"A reward."

Fingers curled into his hair grew tight designed to keep him in place. Until she offered the other. 

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"I do not think of it as usurpation my lady," Charles replied, his own breath now noticeably a little laboured. "You have won your place — won me — by your efforts, and I am yours to do with as you please. If you deign to offer me a gift, I can do naught but accept it, and if you deign to make no allowances for me whatsoever, then I can do naught but accept that, too."

He held her gaze, the light dancing in his eye communicating that he by no means found either prospect displeasing. He wanted Grace to feel confident in their little role-reversal, to know that she could push a little if she wanted.

Of course, if all she wants is for me to spoil her I will offer no complaint. She is so... rewardingly responsive.

"I would not dream of complacency, my lady," he assured her. There was only so much a man like him could do to appear meek, but it seemed to be enough for Grace, her hands grasping his head and lowering it to her breasts.

"One gratefully received," he murmured, before lips and tongue found much more pleasant employment — pleasuring Grace until she cried halt. 

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He was full of complementary words. Yet she also knew that he was holding back - previous encounters were her reference - which was an admirable trait yet to tease him for too much longer would not be tolerated.

That small flicker was now running to flame as he suckled and she guided him to the other drawing one leg up unable to keep her feelings quiet. Fingers moved from his hair to his shoulders her nails trailing a pattern then sinking in wanting to draw his closer. She could feel him still eager and ready and her own desires were going to over run her wish to be dominate. Her surrender was no loss. And who was to say that this little game could not be repeated as often as she liked. Or he allowed.

"Perhaps I shall concede ..... Perhaps I shall ...... Oh! ..... Perhaps you will ......."

Her words trailed off as she reached to draw him up to her mouth offering him the chance to plunder. He should be able to understand what was now wanted as well as needed. Her body was humming and more than ready.

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It was a pity to have to abandon Grace's breasts, Charles thought, for they were most pleasant company, but it would have been churlish to deny her any longer. He compromised, letting her guide him to her lips and kissing her hungrily, but substituting his lips with a hand on her breasts. He was almost surprised by his own fervour.

She is not alone in her eagerness.

Breaking off to catch his breath, he shifted, positioning himself properly between her thighs. Smiling down at her, he decided that there was nothing he needed to say, and thrust slowly home. His breath left him as quickly as it had returned, a prolonged hiss escaping from between his lips as he savoured the sensation. He waited a moment, carefully fixing the image of Grace in his mind, and leaned in to claim her lips again.

He had intended to set a slow, gentle pace, prolonging the moment, but they were both too enflamed for that he decided spontaneously, and so he set to in earnest.

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How clever he was!

She moved to accomadate and gave a small gasp as what she had craved was provided. Accepting him as a glove fit a hand matching her pace to his industerious one.

"Yes. Yes ....."  She cried out her other leg raising up to join the other to tighten and draw him deeper.

There were times, such as this, that roughness was far more exciting for her and she a willing participant. Saying what he must do amongst her moans and witherings she would soon reach her pleasure.

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Charles had gauged Grace's desire correctly, to judge from how eagerly she met and matched him. He might have misjudged his own, however, given how much effort it was taking to maintain a proper rhythm. He was managing, barely, but it was a genuine struggle, not helped by Grace's enthusiastic cries.

He shifted slightly, seeking a better angle. He was dimly aware that he would not last much longer, and he might die of embarrassment if he did not bring Grace to the peak with him. Breath coming in harsh gasps, he slid a hand down between them in search of the little nub that crowned her mound and settled in to, as it were, race himself to the finish.

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The heat was building building coursing thru her body from head to toe. Her little cries now more pronounced and her participation more eager as she drove towards the edge of the cliff.

His own body and responses only encouraged her more and she felt his shift causing her to gasp and when his fingers found and then began stroking that secret place she jumped so intense was it.

"I can not hold back ..... " She whispered her head moving from side to side. "Falling Falling   ..."

She shuddered and clung to him and he would later find where her nails had dug into the skin of his forearms.

"Ahhhhhhhhh  ...."

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There was nothing Grace could have said that Charles would have found more welcome, especially given the effect her preceding convulsion had had on him.

"Then let go," he managed to groan out through gritted teeth. "Let go for me..."

Her nails dug into his arms, and the sudden sting was an exquisite contrast to the barely contained pleasure boiling through him. Then she moaned, and in that moment he did not think he had ever heard anything so erotic. He hilted himself, unable to hold back any longer, and felt his climax surge out of him.

He gathered himself after some moments, blinking languorously and smiling down at Grace. His free hand came up to cup her face and he leaned down to kiss her gently.

"Are you satisfied with my service, my lady?" he asked, voice still a trifle breathless. 

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Her labored breathing was beginning to regulate and she gave a small stretch much like a cat under the sunlight. His kiss was followed by one of her own making.

"I have discovered that I quite like being the one in charge. I shall have to repeat I do believe."

"But this surrender was not a failure by any means. I have learned something new about you M'Lord."

This afterwards she liked and wished it could be made longer. Dare she to hope that he might allow her to stay the whole of the night? It was after all HIS residence. There was no Wife or Mother to stand in his way.

(Well she assumed that about a Mother) 

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"Good," Charles whispered, a trifle distracted by Grace's catlike movements despite only just having mastered his breath after their last bout. Mostly, though, he felt a pleasant liquid languor suffuse him, and was quite content to pass the time kissing.

"You are rather good at being in charge," he agreed, drawing her in close to his side, one hand idly stroking her scalp, "and I would not be averse to a repeat, either. That look on your face when you told me to undress... Hmm." He gave a small shudder.

It was a wonderful thing, to be able to bask together in the afterglow rather than hurriedly parting, Charles mused, and the thought prompted a question.

"Have you any need or reason to return to the Palace 'ere tomorrow morning?" He asked. "I have some business to attend to tonight, but I can yet linger a while, and will be back before the dawn, if you wish to spend the night."

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She smiled at his saying of her capabilities as he drew her closer to him. His hand on her head felt comforting and she gave a murmur of pleasured contentment.

"I spoke true - I will do this again. Tell me is it always thus for a man? I mean the feeling of being in control."

And so he said what she wanted to hear.

"As long as I am in my place when I should be there is none to say otherwise."

She inched a bit apart to look at him a small frown of unsureness nestled between her brows.

"But will it be okay? I mean your servants will say nothing to me but I am the same as them - a servant."

"I do not expect to be treated any differently. Despite that I should much like to remain here in this bed warm and comfortable."

"And when you return I shall make you feel very welcome'd."

"When must you go ..."

For Grace this was an advancement in what ever it was between them. Something to be savored for when she is forgot and abandoned.

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Charles hummed noncommittally, considering Grace's question.

"I cannot speak for all men," he began after a moment, "but for myself... I suppose it is not something I consider overmuch. So long as I am enjoying myself, it does not matter where the control lies. You could argue that it is only the privilege of my position that allows me to be so blasé, and I would not disagree." He gave a slight shrug and grinned. "I will concede, though, that there is a certain... liberation to be found in abdicating any decisions, so if it would enhance your pleasure to hold the reins, as it were, I do not mind handing them to you. Quite the contrary."

The uncertain frown that creased her brow displeased him, and he leaned in to kiss the tip of her nose before assuaging her doubts.

"I would not have offered were I not certain, Grace," he told her gently. "If you wish to remain here, warm and comfortable, then do so. I would appreciate it, in truth. I like a warm bed." He laughed, then went on, more softly. "And you are not the same as them, Grace. Not so far as I am concerned."

Her talk of welcoming him, though, brought a rueful grimace.

"I am likely to be fit only for sleep when I return, alas," he said reluctantly, then brightened a little. "But perhaps we could make time in the morning, before you leave."

Speaking of time, her last question brought another grimace.

"Soon enough," he admitted, "but we have a little while yet."

He drew her back in close again, and brushed his lips across her forehead.

"It is very pleasant to hold you like this. I am glad to have the opportunity at last."

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She listened quietly as he spoke. That he had desire to share his personal thoughts was something rare at lest for her.

"I am glad then that I was bold." She whispered as he drew her close again. "Well you shall find me here no matter the hour. And if I am asleep then wake me gently."

Placing a kiss to his shoulder Grace sent up a silent prayer that moments such as this would become a normal thing between them. Perhaps even go so far as to see her here rather than at the Palace.

That she was wishing for the moon she understood. But in the moment being held as she was by a man who treated her as a human she knew she'd do anything for him.

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Charles laughed softly.

"I'm glad you were bold too," he murmured, eye half-lidded as he basked in their shared warmth. There was a wonderful feeling of lazy, relaxed contentment suffusing him, lying there, and he gave himself a mental nudge to remember that he could not fall asleep.

"I will be as gentle in rousing you as I can," he promised Grace, and smiled. "If you are certain that you would not rather that I let you sleep."

On a whim he reached down to take Grace's hand and intertwined their fingers. He had some time yet before he needed to be up and about and he could think of no better way to spend it.

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To be so contented and held by a man was by far not the normal for her. Her 'experiences' were not that many but they had all been quick oft times hurtful and totally without thought for herself.

She smiled into him at his words then on a whisper added

"You give me much and to be held like this I will never forget. And if you need to sleep then do so. We have the dawn do we not?"

She held his hand and a little pressure was added so that he would know that her thoughts matched his.

She reached up to kiss him shifting her position ever so slightly .......

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Charles leaned in to meet Grace, kissing her languorously. In his current state even that simple intimacy seemed exquisite. The taste and feel of her was a warm, comfortable pleasure, and Charles was entirely content to spend several minutes indulging.

"Is it truly such a novelty, for you to be held so?" he asked when he last managed to break off from the kissing. 

"That cannot stand," he decided, nuzzling into her neck. "We shall have to make up for the lack, which means you shall have to visit more often."

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"Truly" She replied softly. "My experiences are not many - as I am sure you can tell - and I was just there for their pleasure."

"What we do is ... not what I am used to. And I am grateful. In fact I think I might become greedy and indeed have a need to return. Often"

Here she returned a kiss with one of her own. But her mind thought ahead and logic spoke telling her he was saying it only in the moment.

"You must not say things that can be taken back. I am not as strong as I look. I am quite fragile."

All this said as he nuzzled her neck which, as it had before, made her catch her breath. Her body turned and she pulled him closer.

This time she urged him unwilling to wait.

(ooc - shall we draw this to a close on your post)

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"A need easily met," Charles said, "and one I am sure I will greatly enjoy meeting."

Grace's doubts, though, were a serious matter, and he abandoned suckling at the pulse point of her throat to meet her eyes.

"I cannot foretell the future, nor shape it wholly to my will," he admitted, "but I value this — value you — too highly to let slip. We will meet here as often as is practical, for as long as is practical, and if and when circumstances should change as to prevent us, I will make alternate arrangements that will allow us to continue these intimacies. You have my word on that, and I hope that has some value to you."

And with that declaration firmly but gently delivered, it was all too easy to set reason aside and give Grace what she wanted.


(OOC: et fin. Thanks for the thread!)

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