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Paying A Call Chatham Residence Tuesday eve 8 pm

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  • #19 Chatham Residence

A tidy house built of red brick, Number 19 sits some distance back from the street and is approached via a curving drive that bissects a neat, well-manicured lawn.

It is Jacobean in design with contrasting sandstone trim and several heavily paned bow windows overlooking both the front yard and the rustic garden to be found at the house's rear. Informal, this garden has been planted with several bushes of red and pink roses, some beds of spring bulbs, and, surprisingly, perhaps, a very well-kept physic garden close to the house. An ancient, gnarled oak tree boasts pride of place at the very center of the garden and an ornate, circular, ironwork bench has been constructed around the tree's trunk to make use of the copious amounts of shade offered by the canopy of leafy foliage. Surrounded by a brick wall, the garden is partitioned from the small stable and coach house though both can be accessed via a small door hidden behind a curtain of trailing ivy.

To enter the townhome, one must present oneself to the panelled black door and make use of the silver door-knocker in the shape of a shell.


The clock bells rang out the hour of eight as the lone figure covered by a plain black hooded cloak reached the Residence occupied by Lord Chatham. As instructed she followed the brick wall round the side her eyes looking for the ivy that hid the door by which she would be admitted. It was hard in the darkness but at last she found it and pulled the latch and it opened inward on no sound. He had said a servant would meet her and see her to him and so once inside she closed the door and stood silently waiting. At least there was no dog to greet her or alert those within!

She wondered how it might feel to have gone in thru that black door that graced the front entrance   .....


(placeholder for Lord Chatham) 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Grace would not have to wait long. A slender blade of a man, who might have been prematurely greying in his thirties or exceptionally hale in his sixties, melted out of the shadows and nodded in greeting.

"This way, Mistress, if you please. May I take your cloak?" His voice was all amiable politeness, and his stride as he guided her further in was brisk and businesslike.


Charles was in the study, rewarding himself for the frankly uncomfortable letter he had written earlier by annotating a copy of The Compleat Body of the Art Military. He had occasionally toyed with the idea of writing an instructive treatise or even just a pamphlet on the martial sciences, and this was no bad way to keep his hand in until he committed one way or the other. Besides, he rather enjoyed it.

He was absorbed in his task, justacorps discarded and shirtsleeves rolled up, when Wodehouse's discreet knock roused him.

"Enter," he called, looking up and smiling as he saw the reason for the interruption.

"Grace! You have been well, I trust?" He inquired, standing and rounding the desk to greet her.

"Please, sit," he continued, gesturing at the pair of chairs set in front of the desk. "Would you care for refreshment of any description?"

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He appeared just as quietly as the door had opened then indicating that she was to follow. Led inside she surrendered her cloak with a small smile and then follwed him once again until he stopped before a closed door.

His "Enter" plainly heard and then she was there. That he was pleased to see her she hoped by his greeting.

"I am well M'Lord."

She offered him a small curtsey then took one of the offered chairs setteling herself quietly. She was appraising him for he was so different here than at Court.

"This is a different side of you Lord Chatham. Less formal and inclined for Propriety. I have interrupted?"

Her gaze slid to the desk top and the book there on. 

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Charles could not help but laugh.

"You know, Grace my dear, no one has ever suggested that I could be any less inclined to propriety than I am at court. But I take your point. I am perhaps more... comfortable here, hmm?" His eye twinkled, and he had to remind himself that business came before pleasure.

He decided not to resume his seat behind the desk and instead poured himself into the second of the chairs he had indicated. That was better framing for this meeting, he thought. Grace was no simple hireling, and Charles did not feel the need for the physical and professional distance remaining behind his desk would impose.

"Not at all," he answered her question with a shake of his head as he seated himself. "I was just keeping my wits employed while I waited."

He followed her gaze to the book and smiled ruefully.

"Very dry stuff, really, but it keeps my mind occupied."

He leaned forward.

"Now, before we deal with the matter of the ribbon and other more pleasant topics, I have a question for you. Have you heard any word of... something happening at the Palace, early yesterday morning?"

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He did not sit behind the desk as she had expected but instead took the other chair as he offered some explination then got straight to the point.

She had to smile and gave him a nod of her head.

"Of course. There is always something occuring from minor to great - so tis impossible nearly to have secrets in that place.”

"Servants are invisible you see and that provides many an opportunity. Now to answer your question - I shall say only what I heard or was told. You may then pick which is the right one."

She then began to quietly tell him many tales until she finished with

”There was a body found in a fountain on the Kings side. Stabbed or throat cut - depending on who’s telling it which is always the case.”

”The Life Guard was called it was said. But I know nothing more.”

”And some speculation as to why there were added men in the Presence but as to that ...”

She gave a small shrug of one shoulder.

”Does that help you? I can ask around to see if more might be known.”

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Charles listened intently as Grace laid out what she knew, a slight frown creasing his brow as he thought. 

"A body found where the King was due to be scarce an hour or two hence. I knew something had happened, but I had not thought it to have happened so close," he murmured consideringly, steepling his fingers and leaning back in his seat.

"The body, by all indications, was not concealed or carried off but left to be stumbled upon. That suggests to me that if it was a spy, then they were not killed by the Life Guard or anyone acting in an official capacity. Further, the killer was either rushed, or meant the killing to act as a warning, else some effort would have been made to hide the body, surely. The Life Guard were still unusually active some time after the discovery, and both royals left Chapel early. The killer was not caught."

He flicked a grin at Grace.

"Have I missed anything, do you think?" He shrugged. "Like as not, there is no grand conspiracy afoot, and our corpse was simply unfortunate enough to encounter someone in a black rage with a weapon to hand. It would explain the faint air of clumsiness I cannot help but see about the business. Still, my interest is piqued. Keep your ears open, would you? So far as you can do safely, anyway."

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She watched his face intently as he went about his calculations a small frown creasing her forehead.

When he grinned at her she hastily whispered

"Are you somehow involved? I mean are you in danger ....."

"You pass this off so lightly then ask me to find out more!"

Her eyes grew a bit wider and what looked suspiciously like tears glistened.

"Now I am so confused."

She gave a small sniff looking down at her clasped hands.

"What shall I do if you were to disapperar?"  

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"No, I am not involved. So far as I am aware, anyway. I and some others were due to meet the King in the gardens that morning, but the meeting was moved to the Presence Chamber on pretext of the weather. I very much doubt that I am in any danger, but my curiosity is roused."

Charles tried a reassuring smile.

"I simply cannot bear not knowing you see. Oh, there may be profit, or at least opportunity, in discovering what happened and why, but to me it is mostly a puzzle. Of no great import, most like, but one I still desire the satisfaction of solv..."

He trailed off, almost horrified by the sheen in her eyes.

"Tears, Grace?" he asked wonderingly. "For me?"

It seemed a very strange thing to him, that anyone would weep over him, and he felt almost sick, though whether at Grace's distress or his own reaction to it he could not say.

He reached out slowly to cup her cheek in one hand and gently tilted her head up to meet his gaze.

"You would survive, and in time thrive, for there is too much spirit in you to do otherwise," he told her firmly, "but you need not dwell on such thoughts. I have no intention of 'disappearing," and I am not easily overruled on these matters."

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His touch so gentle on her cheek made her give him a silly half smile as she met his gaze almost in apology.

"i am relieved that you have chased away my fears. Tis silly of me I know but it was honest nonetheless."

She reached up with on hand to tentatively repeat his gesture rubbing away the tear that trickled down her cheek with her other hand.

"Survive yes but still mourn the loss of your person regardless of my own station."

She did not linger overlong with the sentiment. She hoped that more would follow but in a much more rewarding way.

"Ah. Yes. I can understand that - the not knowing. Although my situation was different I never knew when I would be discovered and sent away or worse."

"So it is indeed like a puzzle. But not all puzzles can be solved - you might have better luck that I in finding out more. But if I hear something I will send you word.”

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"Mourn me?" Charles could not help but give a twisted, sardonic smile. "I must confess that that seems a queer thing to me. I had not ever thought to be mourned."

He considered Grace for a moment, wondering why he felt quite so raw, and leaned in to brush his lips against hers. A chaste kiss by any standard, let alone his, and as much an attempt to put aside his own discomfiture as to assuage Grace's.

He withdrew and settled back into his chair, nodding at Grace's professed understanding.

"It is not so much a worry for me, as it is an itch," he offered in return. "It irks me greatly to be ignorant, and I rather enjoy stitching seemingly disparate things together to reveal the full picture."

He laughed.

"A philosopher would doubtless remind me, as you have, that we can never see the full picture, and would read much into my desire to do so, but I think the attempt is a worthy enough cause in and of itself. If nothing else, it keeps my mind occupied."

He gave her a proper smile this time, a schoolboy glorying in his mischief.

"But let us put aside that matter for now. Your letter said that that ribbon has indeed been missed, and is being searched for?"

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"And why would I not? It would indeed be empty if you were not here."

His kiss when it came was not long and gave her no time to kiss him back.

He offered his reasonings and she nodded willing to accept them yet she was still bothered by it all yet let it go.

"Yes. It was not hard for me to guess as I saw several who I think are in that Lady's employ looking about and behind and underneath."

"But so far I have not heard of it being found .... it is possible do you think that others' may now know and so are looking too?"

"Are you intending on giving it back?"

She was curious as to what he planned.

"Will it not be difficult to explain how it is in your keeping?"

"Is this a puzzle that you must solve as well?"

"I seem to be full of questions ...."

She gave him a small smile well aware that she was teasing him for a response.

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"Empty?" Charles asked, aware that he was just parroting Grace at this point. He hesitated a moment before pressing on.

"I am uncomfortable with such talk, as I'm sure you've noticed," he admitted, irrationally irritated with himself both for the feeling and the admission. "The thought still lurks that I am ill-using you."

It was an unfamiliar feeling. Charles had frequently made use of people in the past, many of them women, and many of those he had slept with too, and never had he had the slightest qualm or doubt over it.

But there was no suggestion of feelings then, and that makes a difference, somehow.

It was frankly a relief to move onto the topic of the ribbon, if he was honest. He answered Grace's smile in kind, grateful for her teasing. It set the conversation on more familiar, comfortable paths.

"There is no harm in that," he said lightly. "I appreciate curiosity, especially in a beautiful woman. Especially when it concerns me."

He laughed.

"My first thought is that you return the ribbon. It is more plausible for it to have come into your possession than mine, I think. I would welcome your thoughts on the matter, though."

He leaned in and lowered his voice.

"And regardless of what we decide, there is also the subject of your reward for such prompt work. I would welcome your thoughts on that matter, too."

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He was making it clear that he did not want to hear more from her on this topic. 

Yet he seemed to like her interest  ....

"You M'Lord are much like a puzzle - you say one thing then another that confuses me so I do not know which piece to place."

She said but there was amusement in her gaze rather than crossness.

"I to return it? Well then we had best not mix water and mud - my story of how I came by it must be clear."

"My face is known and I have done some embroideries for some Ladies so my being in and out would not arouse any suspicions."

"The same can not be said for you - why would Lord Chatham be on the Queen's Side? Appointments are arranged that much I know. So yes it might work better for me to do it." 

"What is your plan?"

He impled what she had hoped and she added

"A reward? Why to remain in your Good Graces is enough .... yet I would not be adverse to what ever you think."

Her gaze met his. 

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"That is only fair," Charles said, a little amused himself. "For you confuse me."

He shrugged.

"The truth, really, is that I am many men, and you occasionally catch me between them, hence the apparent contradictions."

He stretched. He had spent much of the day seated, and his back was beginning to complain. He grinned at Grace as he relaxed back into the chair, sprawling out with liquid insouciance to quiet the little voice in his head that whispered that he was getting old.

"We are best served with as much of the truth as we can manage, I think. You found it in a corner somewhere in the course of your duties — you will know what details to insert better than I — and returned it as soon as you could. An elaborate deception would leave too many hanging threads to trip us up, in my experience. As for my plan..."

He shrugged again and waved his hand in an ambivalent gesture.

"It is not really a question of 'plans' at this stage. If we establish you as trustworthy and reliable, and foster a little affection for you in Lady Mountjoy... well that is profit enough, I think, from this stroke of fortune, and it may well open greater opportunities in future."

He had to laugh as Grace sidestepped talk of a reward. Her eyes answered him well enough, but he felt the urge to play a little.

"Oh come now," he murmured, voice dropping further as he leaned in closer. "Surely there is something you want of me, no? I cannot give it if you will not speak it."

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She nodded her head in agreement.

"It is not that difficult to approach Lady Mountjoy and, as you say, to foster some affections towards me could well prove beneficial."

She thought for a moment then smiled across to him.

"I shall embroider a nice little bag in which the ribbon will rest as I tell my story. She already knows I am placed within the embroidery department thus my story will be believable."

"I am curious - why did you want it if you only will see it returned but not by you? Did you not have a plan that would be benefical to you?"

She used his words back to him. He most likely would not say so in preperation of a change in the topic she inched a bit forward on her chair to get closer.

"I should much like to have as much of you as I can."

"Do you need more or will that suffice?"

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"This does benefit me," Charles explained easily. He had found he rather enjoyed satisfying Grace's curiosity.

"Oh, perhaps not so much nor so directly as returning it myself, if I could concoct some plausible cover for how it came into my hands, but the greater trust you are held in, the more you might learn. And that is good for me, no?"

He waved a hand in an expansive gesture.

"Now, perhaps I could dream up some elaborate scheme with the ribbon as a prop, and by my cunning win some great prize, but this is simpler, swifter, and safer, and that is almost always best."

He grinned, eye flashing wickedly, as Grace took up his thrown down gauntlet. It was always fun, drawing her out like this.

"As much of me as you can? Is that all?" he whispered in her ear, reaching up to trace the outline of her lips with a finger. "Well, you may have as much of me as you can claim."

He tapped his finger on the tip of her nose and sat back, lips quirked in mischievous challenge.

"But claim you must."

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She really must not jump to a conclusion for he had surprised her again by offering an explanation.

His touch made her heart beat faster and her breath catch then he retreated.

"I do not know how I have become so full of sin ..." She began. "Ever since we have become acquainted my head is filled with thoughts and ideas."

She rose and closed the space between them until she stood within inches of her body touching his.

She gave him a slow smile as she leaned down and put her lips to his in a lingering kiss then added a bite to his lower lip - not enough to do an injury but hard enough to daw a drop of blood.

She then retreated as he had but did not move away.

"There. Now I have claimed you. Left my mark."

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"Oh, but the sin is small, I think, and it tastes so very sweet, no?" Charles whispered. "But tell me of these 'thoughts and ideas' that bedevil you. I am... interested."

He bared his teeth in a wolfish grin.

It was tempting, as Grace moved closer, to simply abandon his impromptu game and draw her down into his lap,  but Charles resisted. It was always fun to see what Grace would do with the initiative.

And she did not disappoint. He grinned up at her as she withdrew, his tongue flicking out to taste the salt and copper tang of his blood. He hummed delightedly.

"On my lips certainly," he said, solitary eye shining. He reached for her hand, bringing it up so he could kiss each fingertip and then turning it gently to press his lips to her palm and the inside of her wrist.

"But having claimed me, what are you going to do with me, hmm?"

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"Perhaps I shall not tell you."

"Perhaps I shall keep you guessing."

"Perhaps I  ... "

Her words trailed off as his lips went first to her palm then wrist sending a delicate shiver through her that he would suruly see.

"Perhaps I shall leave you wanting more."

Her words now held a slight breathlessness and she felt her body wanting to lean into him and so she swayed a bit as her eyes closed.

If she continued on then she knew she would succumb as she always did. One hand moved to his arm as if to steady herself and she gave a small chuckle.

"Perhaps I shall surprise you M'Lord."

Her eyes found his one.


It was a demand. She gave his arm a tug taking several steps backwards.

"Now go and bolt the door. I want no interruptions. Then come back."

She moved a bit to allow him to go around her. 

She had no clear idea in mind but she would improvise for the end result would be what they both craved.

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Charles cocked his head to one side, watching Grace hungrily as she shivered under his ministrations. That crack in her cool self-possession was deeply alluring to him. He felt his pulse start to quicken.

"Surprise me? I would like that, I think."

She did surprise him, both her plainly voiced command and the pull on his arm. He gave a rich laugh and rose fluidly.

"So stern," he murmured, mock-pouting, and laughed again. "I was right. I do like this. Stern suits you."

He crossed the floor with lazy liquid strides to lock and bolt the door and returned, offering Grace a florid bow.

"And now?" he asked, unable to keep a note of anticipation from his voice. Pleasant heat coiled through him, and his eye shone as he wondered how exactly Grace intended this game to play out.

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what shall I do .... I have no idea ....

She smiled at him as he offered her a bow then grew serious. That he was keen to play she understood and smiled again.

Going closer she ran her eyes in apprisal over him inching them back towards the desk.

he already is half undressed so twill be an easy thing to get him to remove them. I shall not be so quick

"I have developed a curiosity - is it just as easy to have a man remove his clothing as for a woman? Perhaps I should test it out."

One hand reached out to cup his face as she leaned in and brushed her lips aganist his then pulled back to flick at the ties of his shirt.

"Will you I wonder do it quickly or slow? Drawing it out to tease as you untie and remove."

"Show me."

That she was reversing roles and playing his part and he hers just seemed to happen. It was quite exciting.

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Charles allowed himself to lean a little into Grace's hand during their brief kiss. She was doing a very good job at this, after all, and deserved a little encouragement.

"I would be delighted to satisfy that curiosity," he said in an almost breathless whisper. There was precious little artifice in that. This almost callous sterness was every bit as becoming on Grace as the wanton passion he had coaxed out of her in the past.

He brought his hands up to begin disrobing and hesitated, looking almost shyly at Grace from under his brows.

"Would it please you, if I did draw it out?" 

He was very much playing into their sudden role reversal, and very much enjoying it. There was a whole world of erotic possibilities stretching out before them, and it was beginning to have a noticeable effect on him. 

He did take his time undressing, watching Grace from the corner of his eye, carefully gauging how his performance was affecting her, and adjusting tempo and angle as needed. His clothes he placed carefully on his chair until at last he stood before her, bare but for his eye patch, scars and everything else on show, his arousal clear to see.

Naked, he waited silently to see what Grace might decide on next.

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He was not the first man to have had her.

But the ones that had come before had been either full of fumblings or rough hands unconcerned about articles of clothing or herself for that matter.

She stood still as he disrobed making a show until he was bare like a babe before her. Her eyes once again apraised and seemed to linger where he ment them to go.

Or so she thinks.

It was but a few steps to reach him and she still was quiet. Reaching up a hand she carefull traced the places where scars lived feeling the tighness of the skin her expression a bit sorrowful.

"It must have hurt so .... all of these." She whispered as if to herself. She placed soft kisses one after the other uncaring if he might take offense or think twas out of Pity.

Then to the smooth places - shoulders arms chest - dipping lower but never seeking that which was so prominently displayed.

She sought his nipples to mimic again his role wanting to see if a man would react as a women did when she suckled.

That she was herself still fully clothed gave her some inner pleasure. The desire to tease further grew. 

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Grace was far from the first woman to see or even feel his scars, and Charles was long past the point of being self-conscious about them. (If indeed he ever had been.) There was still a curious intimacy to it, made stronger somehow by his being naked while she remained fully clothed. It was not even wholly erotic, which was not something he had ever expected to thing about a woman's touch on his bare flesh.

 "I suppose it must have done," he whispered in agreement, shivering as Grace's lips ghosted over the faded and fading marks of triumph and loss, "but in memory it was always that which followed that vexed me most — the weakness, the confounded itching..."

He subsided, unable to suppress another shiver as Grace turned her attention and lips to the unmarked areas of his flesh, tracing a teasing path over arms and torso and pointedly ignoring the part of him most desperate for her ministrations. There was no question of 'not wholly erotic' now! (Not that he could or would complain over the teasing, given his own fondness for it.)

He swallowed a groan, an almost needy sound deep in his throat, as her lips found his nipples. Whatever about those of other men, his own were sensitive enough to make that a most pleasurable torture. He drew a steadying breath, fighting the very real urge to roll his hips against the air, or take her in his arms and bear her to the floor. That was a deeply tempting notion, but it would spoil the game.

No, they were moving to Grace's design, at Grace's pace, and all Charles could do was play his part as it was revealed to him.

And, of course, endure this blissful torment.

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She could hardly NOT be aware of his responses as she played about. His reaction to her suckle had her pulling away her breath a teasing whisper in parting.

"I had no idea that such things were possible  ......" She murmured. "How Wonderous."

Weather he might hear her was of no consequence to her. She was for the first time understanding that it was possible for a woman to have the upper hand rather than always being at a man's mercy.

She leaned to kiss him again this time opening her mouth allowing him in. Her own body was simmering and she longed to be free of her restraints.

"Undress me." She whispered aganist his lips. "I have a need to feel us skin to skin."

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Charles almost wished he could blush on command. Grace's teasing deserved a response, and he fancied she would have found that a most rewarding one.

"Wonderous indeed, my lady," he half-gasped instead, hoping she would find the improvised lean into their reversed dynamic pleasing.

It was a relief to kiss her properly, though he took care to hold back. He would not force the pace and spoil their play now.

But it seemed he was not alone in desiring to progress things forward a notch, and Grace bid him undress her. His eye flashed.

"As you command my lady," he replied, and set to work. He had never seen her naked before, and was not about to let the opportunity pass by. It was a delicate business, though, balancing that eagerness with the need to show proper reverence, all while trying to avoid taking 'liberties.' He admired the flesh revealed as he worked, of course, but Grace could not blame him for looking, could she? 

(And if she did, well, that could be fun too.)

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Their previous joining had never been with without clothing and now that she had sene him in all his Glory she thought to play 'fair'.

She allowed him to manuver and unlace and unhook and when at last all but her chemise was left she could not help the faint pink tinge that bloomed on her cheeks. For no man had seen her thusly and despite her boldness she felt a sudden shyness. She resisted the urge to draw her arms over her chest and stood still as the last article was removed and she too was as he. She had a plesant figure - not ovelry endowed but not lacking either and her waist tapered to slim hips and thighs. She had a small birthmark near her navel that could be seen as flower-shaped much like a rose half opened. Other than that her skin was white and unblemished.

She sensed that he was holding himself in check for all men were the same and she saw that he was still aroused. 

how far do I take this? I have no knowledge of what he must want  .... perhaps I should just continue until both of us can not wait any longer 

She moved to how she had been a few moments previous but now her barness equaled his and she wanted to taste more of him. To that end she inched them back more until the desk would stop him.

"Lean back. Yes. Like that."

She stood between his legs still not touching that which she guessed he much wanted her to. Her hands ran up his arms then circled back to his chest and then she ran her fingers down his stomach her nails teasing until she was near enough to move lower. The tops of his thighs were next where she made small circles feeling the muscle that was there. Her touch was soft and light like a feather might be. She slowly reached up and traced her fingertips along his member to slowly explore it her eyes watching his face to see if what she did was pleasing or not.

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Grace bare was a wonderful sight, and Charles savoured it, drinking her in as best he could. She was a little embarrassed, to judge from the soft blush lighting her cheeks, and that was charming. 

"You're beautiful," he told her quietly, his fingers trailing delicately over the fascinating floral birthmark on her navel. He very much wanted to touch and taste every last revealed inch of her, but this was not the time, he judged. Later, he promised himself.

Embarrassed or not, Grace did not tarry long, maneuvering to pin him against the desk. A ridiculous image, on the face of it, but arousing because of that subversion of what was expected. His breath was growing a trifle harsh he noted, leaning back as he was bid.

They held the tableau for a frozen moment, and he considered begging before Grace showed him cruel mercy and resumed his torment.

He shuddered, his eye closing. Torment was the right word. He could feel the light touch of her fingers leaving trails of sweet fire all over his skin save for where he wanted them most.

Then it got worse. (Or better. In this state, they were quite one and the same to him.)

Grace at last moved her caresses to his member. Still those teasing, barely-there touches, enough to titillate but no more. It was almost maddening. His eye shot open to find her watching him, and he groaned.


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When he reached out and touched her skin little shivers of delight coursed thru her and her breathing noticable increased.

I want him to touch me as I am him    How long must I play this role   I shall give in and that is a Truth

His one word utterance made her stop and even take a step back her eyes going to his.

"Have I hurt you? Shall I stop?"

One hand went to his arm in concern which made her draw back into his circle. It would be so easy for him to ......

"Tell me what you would like. Shall I touch you there again like this ..."

This time she enveloped him in her hand exerting but a small amount of pressure but even she could see that it had an effect.

"I think this pleases you and I am glad. Perhaps I shall need more practice."

"What will you do if I did this  ...."

Her hand ran the length to caress the tip then back and she repeated it each time with more firmness. 

It was a revelation for her! That SHE could make him thus was indeed a powerful thing.

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"Quite the contrary," Charles reassured her softly, hands reaching out to gird her hips and hold her close.

He sighed with pleasure as she resumed stroking, eye briefly closing again. Opening it, he gave into temptation and leaned in to kiss along the line of her collarbone, his hands moving to slowly wander up and down her flanks.

"Mhm. Right now I am very much enjoying your chosen course," he whispered, "but I would like to see you remember that, here and now, I am yours to do with as you please. Stern command sits very well on you."

He returned to his explorations, hands and lips both growing more bold. So too was Grace, and he groaned again and rolled his hips against her as she added yet more variance to her technique.

"Whatever you bid of me, my lady," he gasped in answer to her probably rhetorical question, slipping back into his role.

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