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The Misadventures of a Lady | Chatham Residence | Tues 12th, eightish in the morning

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#19 Chatham Residence

A tidy house built of red brick, Number 19 sits some distance back from the street and is approached via a curving drive that bissects a neat, well-manicured lawn.

It is Jacobean in design with contrasting sandstone trim and several heavily paned bow windows overlooking both the front yard and the rustic garden to be found at the house's rear. Informal, this garden has been planted with several bushes of red and pink roses, some beds of spring bulbs, and, surprisingly, perhaps, a very well-kept physic garden close to the house. An ancient, gnarled oak tree boasts pride of place at the very center of the garden and an ornate, circular, ironwork bench has been constructed around the tree's trunk to make use of the copious amounts of shade offered by the canopy of leafy foliage. Surrounded by a brick wall, the garden is partitioned from the small stable and coach house though both can be accessed via a small door hidden behind a curtain of trailing ivy.


To enter the townhome, one must present oneself to the panelled black door and make use of the silver door-knocker in the shape of a shell.

Unless you used the servants entrance.

Mary Audley, with cloak drawn over her head, entered the house through the back entance that morning - he head bent as she pushed past (surprised) kitchen staff, and making no reply to their inquiries if everything was ok.  This was very unlike the Countess, who had barely been seen since Sunday, and who now did not discard her cloak once inside but went directly upstairs to her room.  





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