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Eastend | Tuesday afternoon


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The East End of London had been rebuild after the fire of 1676 and earlier the one of 1666. It was a curious part of London, where the merchants met with the most common folk and let trade flourish, while it also gave housing to the poor.

Eastend was thrumming with activity on that first full work day after the Easter weekend.  The doors of C. Hoare & Co. Bankers barely closed between incoming and outgoing. Excitable cries (even cheering) from the Royal Exchange could be heard out on the street.  And even those stoic Inner and Middle temple buildings radiated a sense of much important writing going on inside. 

All this was going on beneath a perfectly British cloudy sky... 


The professional populous of London was so very busy that nobody seemed to notice the glint of some metallic type token in the gutter.  Or if seen, it was ignored.

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