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An anonymous package for Davina. April 10th


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It had gone unnoticed for some time and it caught her eye as she hunted about for a lost item ....


Nothing to indicate WHO it was from and as she peeled off the unobtrusive paper the box was finally revealed. Expecting to find something sparkly it was a surprise to find a bottle instead. Looking at it with a furrowed brow she wondered if this was mis-delivered and was about to call out for Poppy but stopped for the sudden sickening feeling in her stomach made her sink to the floor one hand to her chest. She shook her head in disbelief and her voice was hardly above a whisper ....

' it can not be. but what else then? did 'she' not speak of such a thing being well possible? tis clear it was easy to deliver. but am I suspecting when tis nothing? it has been but a few days past since that meeting and I gave objections yet now i am delivered of this.'

That the meaning of it would be clear to Davina so the absence of anything written should not be a surprise. She had thought that whoever plotted would rethink and then possibly make another contact so there had been no thought given to it but now, well, twas clear the orginal intent was still being pressed. Sitting sideways she stared for a long time at the box with its content wondering if she should smash it but then there would be nothing to prove the Tale which she knew must be told.

The lid was replaced and from her pocket she drew out a hankerchief and carefully wrapped the box.

The time had come and now she had the difficult task of making sure that the person she contacted actually had the Power to help. The most Loyal naturally. But also in possession of enough money to bribe and whatever else might be needed. Someome who had their own network of informants and spies.

There were a few that had that but she knew in the end there was only one and that it would be to them that she went next.

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