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Doing well | all day at The Golden Pestle, 6th April CD

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Perhaps her merchant roots were showing... for Nicolette had spent a fufullingly busy day on Friday street.  Where? Why at The Golden Pestle of course, where the kitchen was lively and warm, a hub of much industry. 

The change of seasons was always a busy time.  Sniffles and colds were so easily caught that there as many clients asking for preventatives as there were for cures. Mr Fallon had been run off his feet, and greatly appreciated her help today – while Nicci had loved feeling so productive.

Till finally the bell on the door jingled with the final customer leaving for the day, and the open sign could be flipped over to read closed.

"I think we deserve that cup of tea!" Pulling the hat from her head she wiped her cheeks and brow as the pair moved through to the kettle, a kettle that had been filled at ten o’clock but here at 5 had yet to make it's away to the stove top and waiting tealeaves. They'd been so busy their tummies hadn't even the time to rumble!   

It was an utterly satisfying way to spend the day, though now fetching down the tin of shortbread biscuits, Nicolette turned the topic to hiring Paul an apprentice. 


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