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Your Stories Await Telling

To Davina Wellsley April 5th


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Curious Indeed she thinks as she reread the note.

The handwriting was not familiar and could just be a ruse as the not joing together of the letters or might be taken for a less educated person to try to remain unknown. 

She would go as asked but have herself followed by one of her own servants and a groom of her brothers for her own Safety. Times were perilious and this 'Friend' hinted at somehing that she needed to help with and the place of meeting was The Queen's Chapel which not many frequented. But at least twas during the daylight!

'I wonder what mischief is afoot? I can think of nothing of recent memory that involved myself and there is no clue if this is a man or woman ...."

She folded the note in half tucking into her sewing bag.

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