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Garden Society Pamplet

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Darlene had been wondering about how to best re-begin, especially after her protracted absence, and hardly anyone at Court anymore who knew her.   She needed to make a whole new momentum...

Thumbing through her society notes she found the first newsletter from way back in 76.  It made her smile, it had been a voice of promise.  I wonder if it could be so simple?

Between she and Maisie she left copies of Newsletter #1 scattered about Whitehall, with the simple addition of an open invitation penned at the bottom



A Friendship Garden, by Darlene Hamilton

'Friendship is no dormant thing, but thrives or falters upon the gardeners effort, ah but there can be no greater joy than to find ones life filled with such blossoms, and how better appreciate those dear to ones heart that if one has physical representation of them within ready reach.' 

'To make a friendship garden set aside the most special place, my own is in the centre of hedged gardens, with a bird bath set in it's midst.'

'Friends bring with them diversity, and so it is with a friendship garden too. In this you must prepare for an eclectic arrangement of plants, as varied as your collection of friends might be.'


Please Join us for our Garden Society Meeting at the Walled Garden on Friday the 8th at 1 o'clock





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