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In Apil 1676, Darlene was on a drive to get a list of talented people she could draw upon for her events.  Initially she went personally visiting random houses in the arts district (not far from Chelsea) then she settled upon running an Auditions at the Gazebo at St James park

This is the list of talented people that she there gathered.


Trumpetist - Ted Mandrake

Celloist - Bartholomew Rivers

Violinist - Monty Rivers

Violinist - Jim Gavin

Violinist - Eunice Parker

Violinist - Rupert Neville

Flute - Alexi Tzigane

Percussionist - Bertie Ramsay

Sculptor - Grenadine Hardringe

Painter - Andrew Welps

Baritone - Herbert Lumsden

Tenor - Harold Young

Tenor - Corporeal Browning (ret.amputee)

Soprano - Joan Rennie

Mime - James Oliver

Acrobat - Huw Weldon

Lasso and Whip - Ben Linch

Puppetry and Ventriloquist - Therese Denny

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While you might think that after she got upset and tried to stab Killigrew over this, that she might back off.  (I cant even remember what he did to tip her over the edge now, heh, except that Fluff sugested she hire a hit man at the time. I think she was joking.) 

But, idle hands...




I thought to do a summary of this so far, for easy reference.  One day Darlene still hopes to attain this position. 

1. Approached Killigrew and gave him a special gift, her conversation piece from Jamaica, and told him her ideas, he gave her a job of being his assistant. 

  • Darlene discovered that he was thieving money from the crown, putting on balls on the cheap and pocketing the rest.
  •  He did not like any of her ideas for the balls
  • She resigned.
  • She broke back into his office to get the conversation piece back. She saw he was thieving wedding cake samples, and had not put up the posters to advertise the ball.  She took the posters.

2. She tried to do her own events organisation by herself, so that hopefuly somebody would notice how much better she was doing than Killigrew.

  •  She canvassed the arts district, door to door (CD post)
  • she held IC auditions for different acts 
  • She borrowed money from her bother.
  • she paid for London town to have decorations (that they can use annually)
  • she got approval from the mayor of London (in a letter)
  • she paid for a Restoration day parade (with all the different artists singing, playing, juggling etc) Event Thread

3. She plotted to gain Karolines favour. 

  •  she met with Mountjoy, and put forth her hampers idea. She arranged hampers for all guest arriving at Windsor, would give Caroline the credit for it.  Mountjoy approved, and said he'd tell Karoline about her good idea.
  •  She wrote to Karoline, to request an audience
  •  She interviewed her friends to find out what Karoline was like, and ask for tips.  She spoke to Louis, Kane, Heather and Thomas about this. 
  •  She had her meeting with the Princess. 
  •  Darlene explained to Karoline that just because she did not have a Mistress of Revels already, did not mean she could not create the position. She is queen after all. 
  •  Karoline told Darlene to bring her a proposal next spring (77).  

4. She arranged a successful event, that of a PC Opera 

  •  Asked all the pc's IC separately 
  •  All the pc's visited her for 2 weeks in the recess to practise
  •  Written into Recess post that she borrow Chesterford theatre 'props'
  •  Many group pm's together with everyone working out which opera to do, and how 
  •  Through Mirtel she got permission to have it at the Palace in Windsor
  •  Did it, went well.
  •  But Killigrew claimed credit for it

5. She created a club

  • William paid for her to publish a brochure. She decided to turn it into a garden club
  • Publicised the inaugural meeting, held it at the Oriental Gazebo 
  • Grew membership numbers IC durign subsequent threads
  • Had a garden society tour during the Memorial gardens opening
  • Talked about it at Windosr, grew more memberships
  • With another member grew the concept of portable gardens, to use for spring 77 competition. 
  • Released another newsletter, and Garden society merchandise. Created a logo. 
  • Promoted the next event, the competition

6. She raised a monument

[*] At the docks, a monument for lost sailors at sea

Specifially her brother Henry, but inclusive of all those poor souls that never returned to their loved ones. 



More to come as she moves into show casing 'her calling' once again. 


Edited by Darlene Hamilton
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