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To Lady Kendishall | by hand on the 4th

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Nicci sent a messenger to her friends Piccadilly house:



Dear Caroline, 

Have you any plans this evening, might you enjoy a visitor, perhaps a sleepover.  My Cousins are like newlyweds with their reunion, happy newlyweds that is, you can imagine.  If you don’t mind, I should enjoy the respite, and I shall bring a bottle for us to enjoy of course.




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When no reply arrived, Nicci realised she' left it too late in the day to contact Caroline, and so likely her friend was already out enjoying some manner of diversion. 

So she returned to her usual nightly habit, taking one of the treasured Worchester books (on loan from the Marchioness) and snuggling up under the covers, reading her fill of botany into the evening. 



OOC: I'm moving forwards in time to the next day so wont be able to visit now anyhoo. 

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