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A win for the Order of St George? | Monday morning


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"She sought the Libertine Countess' entrance into my Household, the one that Dorset’s been all about?"

Karoline and her Mistress of the Robes were sat quietly taking a cup of tea over various discussions. While her Household looked over her, she in turn looked over them.  These regular reports from Lady Mountjoy kept her up to date on so many aspects.  Karoline desired no surprises, and like any great household had her own network of loyal and well rewarded 'information gatherers'. 

"Yes that is the one, Lady Cambray.  I did not deny the possibility outright, I thought to make further inquiries.  Perhaps she wishes reform, and I did not think she is Catholic so Lady Newcastle may approve if she ammends her immoral ways." Lady Mountjoy was rather liberal minded compared to the First Lady of the Bed Chamber; Lady Newcastle, a vocal proponent of the Order of St. George.  

"And what have you learnt thus far?" Karoline asked.  

"Well I can confirm she is not Catholic.  Hmm.. on that other matter, Mistress Davina did attend the Anglican church service on Sunday." Lady Mountjoy was not sure if Karoline had seen her there or not.

"I do not think that enough to appease Lady Newcastle.   I did warn Davina that I would not protect her from those that want Catholics out of my household if she had not married a Protestant by the New Years.  And I gave her opportunity to bring the topic up with me again when we spoke privately before the bachelor auction." Karoline sighed.  "I promised Duchess Newcastle it would be resolved."  it was disapointing that her advice had not been followed, for it had been kindly given. "You shall tell her then?" 

Lady Mountjoy nodded quietly, distressing topics such as relieving Davina of her position should be avoided by the pregnant Queen.  Not that Ursula really wanted to do it either.  "What say we give the task to Lady Newcastle, she is the one within the household who has been so strongly against Catholic." 

Karoline nodded and took another sip of her tea.  "Now what about the Leslie girl,  Lady Dorothea has sung her praises. What can you tell me about her family..."



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