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An Outing Cancelled | letters to Burgoyne & Anne Elizabeth 4th April

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It might have been fun to visit the Temple district bookshop, John had painted so much mystery about the locale... but. But Nicci was not utterly heartless, it was time to tell him before the gentle souled man became any deeper involved.  She had planned to tell him in person, but now that the day was upon her she realised that expecting him to then provide her and Anne Elizabeth with a tour after such a blow, was, just wrong.  She needed to cancel the entire date set.

Belatedly she wished she'd done this months ago.  

The letter arrived to his door early on Monday Morning, and with it the return of his gift, a very fine letter opener.




Dear Lord Burgoyne,

You were my first friend in England, for one hardly can count relatives whom are obliged. I have such kind memories of that ball and our dance, and how you lifted my spirits which were anything but confidant at the time. 

There are times when I have wondered what might have been if we had not rowed that time. I suspect that you too have imagined us upon a different path... but it happened, and new plans we each made. You with finally joining King Charles the Second's military, and I, well I have also linked to a Royal Endeavour.  It is with regard to this later that I write you now. 

For selfish reasons I did not tell you earlier, for I am fond of your company, and the candid way we can talk. Your manner is a balm to me, and your soothing voice, well you make very desirable company.  But I need to enlighten you that we cannot have anything more than a friendship.  You see I have caught the Royal Eye and, well I do not need to explain how that makes me unsuitable for you to keep hopes of me.

I am sorry to deliver this news, yet I feel I must, for His Majesty must not see you as a competitor for my heart, for fear that would become an obstacle to your career.

Today, and our planned visit to the bookshop, I believe ti best if we cancel. Not that either of use would do anything out of place, but that sharing company after such at letter as this might make time together immediately after quite awkwqrd.   I do hope though, that in time, we may adjust and remain dear friends.

With warm thoughts and best wishes for your one day happily ever after

Nicolette Vauquelin



A letter was also delivered to Lady Cambray



Dear Anne Elizabeth

We were planned to visit the Bookshop today, as I am sure you remember, a visit promised us by Lord Burgoyne.   I have had to cancel it. 

As you are no doubt aware the Baron held soft sentiment towards me, but equally you are aware that I am not a woman intent for a future ordinary.  I did encourage him, I admit, ah, vanity! What lady can easily dismiss such a kind and considerate admirer. But I did not want him to make misstep.  If I was a pheasant I would now reside within His Majesties parkland, I need warn him away then lest he be viewed as a hunter/would be poacher.

I finally broke the news with him today, with a letter.  Naturally I called off our outing also, for it would be cruel to expect him to act as tour guide after my revelation - though I hope he did not received it too brutally. 

God Bless

Nicolette Vauquelin



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The "Dear John" Letter

"My lord," Burgoyne uttered as he approached the Earl of Oxford.  "Yes John."  Nicolette's letter was safely folded in his pocket.

"I was thinking I would carry the dispatches back to Oxford personally."  The older lord was surprised.  "Edward can do that.  Surely you wish to stay here at court now that the season has started."

"Yes, well, I should like to go on a ride to clear my head.  A bit of fresh air is a good tonic.   I'll be back in a few days."  It was clear to the Earl of Oxford that John had received some distressing news.  "Your family is well John?"  The younger man shook his head.  "All is well on that front sir."  The Earl gave a serious look at his young aide.  It is his lady. He had seen such things many times in his life.  "Very well, but be back in four days.  I expect a declaration of war from Parliament tomorrow and there shall need to be plans about how best to deploy the Blues  You can give orders for assembly when you are there."

"I'll be back within three days sir."  The Earl nodded, not knowing what else to say.  John bowed slightly in return and took his leave.

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It was Monday evening after dinner before Anne-Elisabeth tackled her correspondence. As she read Nicci's letter, she was glad that their outing had been canceled because she had forgotten all about it and would have disappointed her friend by not showing up. Considering what she wanted to tell Lord Burgoyne, it wouldn't have been right to leave the two of them alone.


Though she preferred to end relationships face to face, she saw nothing wrong with breaking up in a letter, particularly in this case. The young Countess had suspected that Nicci was already the King's mistress at the sleigh race, but it looked as if she had caught his eye after that … or maybe during it. At least she cared enough about the Baron not to throw suspicion upon him.


She decided not to reply to the note. Instead, she would congratulate her friend on her good fortune the next time she saw her. Maybe Nicci would be able to help Master May bring Anne-Elisabeth to the King's attention so that she could become part of his entourage ... after she assured her that she had no intention of taking her place and would refuse the King's advances if he ever made them.


She had no interest whatsoever in belonging to any one man.


Variety was the spice of life, after all.

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