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Thomas Easton

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Character Sheet Player Profile

Name: Archer

Email: archer_of_fate@hotmail.com

Age: 27

How you found us: RPG Directory

What is your background and experience in roleplaying: At least 10 years rping experience, some experience modding

What themes do you wish to explore in our game: The darker sides of London, espionage, mystery. Some romance is okay, but not my main interest.

What makes you excited to do in our game: I’m excited to jump in! I love historical rpgs so much.

What are you NOT looking for in our game: Not looking to marry Thomas off right off the bat. Everything else is okay.

Character Profile  

Character Name: Thomas Easton

Title: Untitled, ranked a Cornet in The Oxford Blues

Estate Name: Malham Hall, in North Yorkshire

Nationality: English

Age: 27 [b. November 30, 1650]

Gender: Male

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown


The First Impression & Physical Appearance

Thomas is not particularly tall, averaging at about 5 ft. 7 in, but he is notably fit from a life of outdoor and athletic pursuits. His brown hair is cropped short and has a wave to it, but he prefers to wear wigs as it is easier upkeep. Sharp cheekbones and deep-set eyes give him a severe look, but a full mouth has been known to make the ladies swoon, as does the long eyelashes. Freckles dust across his nose, which does not help him appear older, and he has given up with trying to correct people who assume he is much younger than his age. His face is not one that is exactly beautiful, but striking nonetheless.

In uniform, the sharp and severe quality seems much more pronounced, and many think him a typical dour military man. Out of uniform he favors plainer but good quality clothing, and the severe quality is somewhat diminished to a more ‘distant and melancholy’ air that ladies seem to enjoy.


Thomas’ personality is best described as having many facets. Due to the nature of his work, he is very good at reading people and adapting to the situation at hand, and he is not afraid of taking risks. He has a more extroverted personality and loves to talk, doing everything he can to put people at ease.

Thomas is a planner, though, and thoroughly researches any and all options if he has the time to do so. He is comfortable taking risks and adapting to circumstances in the moment, but he likes to feel somewhat prepared before entering into a situation as well. A hobby academic, he loves to read and research various topics, though he is in no way a scientist or mathematician.

But this happy-go-lucky persona masks deeper insecurities of self loathing and fear of failure. Thomas is, in part, so ambitious and driven because he needs to prove to himself and everyone around him that he is worth something, and he is very conscious of his desire to impress those he idolizes. It never would occur to him that someone could care for him as a person, not for what they could gain from him -- his father wants him to be his best firstborn son, for example, and Thomas feels immense pressure to perform appropriately as a result.

Wealth Level : Average

Housing: St. Marks

Benefits, Challenges


  • Above average at hand-to-hand combat +1
  • Above average at knife skills (good aim, good dexterity, etc) +1
  • Espionage +2


  • Gentry/Gentleman/Daughter (landed but no title) -2
  • Dark Secret -2



  • Sir Tobias Easton [b. 1620] - father
  • Lady Marjorie Easton  [b 1630] - mother, deceased in 1661
  • Peter Easton [b. 1648] - brother
  • Patience Easton [b. 1660] - sister
  • Charity Easton [b. 1660] - sister

Thomas came into the world on a dreary November evening, the second child of Sir Tobias Easton and his young wife. They had hoped for a larger family, their marriage being something of a love match, but found their further attempts thwarted by a series of stillborn infants and infants who did not survive their first year or two.

The family manor house was situated on a large plot of moorland, hilly and fit for not much but sheep, and it was gradually improved and added to as Thomas’ father made his name in the wool trade.

As Peter and Thomas grew, it became clear that something was not quite right with Peter. He was lagging behind in development when compared to his younger brother, and struggled with lessons. Their mother was very kind and fond of her firstborn, no matter his intellectual challenges, and often spent much of her time caring for Peter and keeping him entertained.

Sir Tobias was the opposite--he did not show much affection for Peter, and focused his attention on Thomas, who he viewed as his opportunity to produce the firstborn he had always wanted. Thomas received the best education that his father could buy, and was encouraged to spend much of his free time on outdoorsy pursuits like riding and hunting.

When he was sixteen, Sir Tobias purchased a cornet commission in the Oxford Blues regiment for Thomas. Being an eager youth, Thomas was itching to prove himself, but the calvary was not dispatched outside of the country. Armed escorts, keeping the order in various cities, and other (mundane when compared to the Royal Navy’s exploits) tasks were the order of the day.

It was in this restless period of youth that Thomas began to find other outlets for his energy. Policing and capture of contraband goods in the countryside was another, more exciting, job that the Blues were tasked with, and with a quick mind and an eagerness to learn, Thomas was gradually trained in spycraft. He learned how to fight hand to hand and knife skills, both which were not entirely gentlemanly but practical for his jobs, and various codes -- interception of mail and encryption of information was key.

Out of uniform, it helped that Thomas was both boyish in looks and relatively non-descript. It made gathering intelligence in pubs and taverns easier, and it was not uncommon to allow others to perceive him as naive to bring their guard down. The information gained was vital to the Blues’ policing duties, allowing them to find dissenters and ferret out the locations of highwaymen and smugglers.

Thomas and the Blues were recalled to London to guard and protect the roads coming into the capital for the royal wedding. After the assassination attempt and given the anti-Catholic mob activities in the spring of 1677, they were stationed in Southwark and the surrounding areas and have periodically been assigned escort duties since then.

Currently, Thomas has been waiting to see if the unit is deployed abroad for the war or if they will remain at home to keep the peace.


Spy times would be good! I enjoy politics and a good puzzle.

Thomas has been very single-mindedly focused on military things. It would be fun to push him into court society things which would be a new venue to explore.

Edited by Thomas Easton
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Welcome to Age of Intrigue, your Character Sheet has been ACCEPTED!


Please make sure you check our timeline and note that your arrival will be on the newest day of IN THE THICK OF IT! Go ahead and hop in at chapel so you can chat with people afterward!



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