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    Away & Here Notices

    I've had the nastiest summer cold and I'm still recuperating. I'm feeling better and hoping to get some replies out soon! Sorry for the delay.
  2. They were a lovely couple, young and full of life, Thomas noted absently. Lovers, surely -- married couples were not that happy, in his experience. "Yes, last winter was dreadful." The weather was a safe topic, but one easily exhausted; Thomas decided to ride it for as long as he could. "Ah, yes. Rather humid, I'm afraid," he said, returning Beverley's grin with one of his own. It was easy, falling into a role, playing the deferential role. The bump on his head was nearly forgotten as he trying to suss out the implications of that knowing grin. "A good escape from the rain, though. I am new to court, and want to explore all the areas of the palace." Belatedly Thomas added, "Pardon my manners, I have been in the country too long. Cornet Thomas Easton of the Oxford Blues, at your service, my lord."
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    Traps and Tricks | Evening, April 3rd

    The title of Lord Winchelsea did not ring a bell for Thomas, but he filed it away for further consideration. The mention of Lord Langdon did, and he nodded to Bradley. "Yes, I have heard of Lightning Langdon, of course. Who hasn't?" A prolific horse racer, he was somewhat of a local god among young cavalrymen who aspired to be just like him. "I have been in the Blues since I was sixteen... So, roughly twelve years." Taking a sip of wine, Thomas elaborated. "The Blues have always been stationed at home, but we have traveled a lot domestically -- our line of work is more about keeping order as His Majesty dictates, rather than fighting abroad." It was a diplomatic answer that hedged around the actual term "police work" for politeness' sake. "One still sees much of the country, and it was nice to be stationed outside of London's smog, though eventually one does long for society." The name Robert Hooke also was recognizable--an architect as well as a scientist. "I am not personally known to the Earl of Oxford, sir. He is much to busy to bother with a lowly cornet like myself." Thomas had seen the Earl in passing of course, but had never had anything relating to quality social time with him. Thomas dug out a shilling and added it to the pot, waiting for the cards to be dealt.
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    Random Thread of Randomness

    He's adorable!!!
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    Sunday Service | Morning 3rd April

    Charles, Darlene, and Thomas The puzzle to Thomas's rank was a simple one, really: with two twin daughters that were recently turned eighteen, Thomas's father had to provide a dowry for them both. And, being twins, it was expected that each dowry to be of a matching price. And new dresses, too, of matching opulence... And there was the continued care of his elder brother, which was no cheap thing either. Thomas was indeed his father's favorite son, but his father was pragmatic too, and sought to marry the girls off to wealthy prospects in Yorkshire. Certain expectations on Thomas's end had to be adjusted over the years, and while he was certain that he would get a commission to lieutenant at some point, there was no definitive set date on his father's end. What mattered more, he supposed, was maintaining a good reputation in the Blues -- the rank would come in time. "A pleasure to make your acquaintances, my lady, my lord. Though I wish it were under better circumstances." Thomas's grip tightened on Lady Oakham as she wobbled, and he braced himself to take more of her weight as she moved. "Carelessness, or perhaps shrewdness on the part of her family." Thomas doubted the girl had much say in her marriage prospects, after all. "Who is this Williams fellow she is engaged to?"
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    Traps and Tricks | Evening, April 3rd

    Thomas's attention turned toward the group, eyes flickering over each one as he took a drink of wine to give himself time to formulate a response. The well-dressed one seemed to think he was running the show, he noted, and Thomas stood, making a leg to the table as a whole. "We certainly cannot allow that, my lord," he replied, a shade of a sly grin curving up the corner of his mouth. Thomas was confident in his skills at cards, and had spent many a night in taverns perfecting his strategy. While not possessing a notable talent for cards, he knew enough to not be taken advantage of at every turn. He set his wine glass down and took a seat at the empty chair. "Cornet Thomas Easton, of the Oxford Blues," he said to the group as a whole before addressing the dandy, "What game are we playing this evening, my lord?"
  7. A glimmer of silver caught Thomas's eye, and he spied the offending button tucked behind the farthest leg of a wrought-iron bench. Of course it's the furthest away, he mused grumpily, and he tried to surreptitiously reach for it with the toe of his black leather court shoes. No such luck, and Thomas scowled darkly -- of course this wasn't going to be easy! He glanced around, and thinking that he was alone, got to his knees so that he could better retrieve the button. Naturally, that was when he heard the voices. Thomas startled, fingers having closed tightly around the button, and hit his head on the edge of the bench as he scrambled to get to his feet while simultaneously dusting off his knees. He had just shoved the button into his pocket when he caught sight of the pair, and although Thomas was not fervently religious, he couldn't help but pray that they hadn't heard the resounding crack of his head hitting the bench. His head ached, a knot already beginning to swell under his periwig, and he was slightly flushed with exertion. Despite this, he rallied and made a leg to the couple. "Lovely day, is it not?"
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    Sunday Service | Morning 3rd April

    Charles, Darlene, and Thomas Thomas might have looked young, but his actual age was closer to thirty than twenty and his appearance belied his worldly experience. He also was not bad at getting a read on people, and so he took Darlene's dramatics for what they actually were -- and decided to play along. "Cornet Easton of the Oxford Blues," Thomas supplied, inclining his head in a bow to them both due to limited space to bow properly. "Please, do allow me to assist you, my lady." He stepped closer to take Darlene's other arm to support the her other side lest her ankle give way. "What did you think of the service?" Thomas offered to the pair as a conversation topic, trying to draw attention away from his blunder. "I hear that this is MIstress Dwight's third engagement, the poor girl."
  9. The room seemed slightly less full after the crowd that had been at chapel, which was mildly surprising to Thomas. Cards were always a fun time to be had (at least in his opinion), and it seemed odd that people would not take the opportunity to mingle and socialize on a Sunday evening. (He, of course, had no idea about certain other games going on at court this very evening!) He felt woefully under-dressed, overshadowed even by the wallpaper and adornment, cutting a severe-looking figure in his navy suit with a light blue waistcoat as he sat on one of the settees removed from the card tables. A glass of wine in hand, Thomas sipped and took his time observing those around him, trying to suss out who was here and who was not based on his habitual reading of the daily newspapers. It was made difficult by his newness to court and lack of introductions, but he tried all the same. Maybe if he tried hard enough, he could blend into the wallpaper? Similar shades of blue and all that. It was hard not to feel mildly frustrated -- he was used to a more informal approach to rank, or at least kept company with those of his own milieu. These people were his social betters by far, and although Thomas was a patient person, he could not help but feel slightly anxious about it all. Fidgeting, he took out his silver pocketwatch to check the time before snagging another glass of wine from a servant's tray.
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    Sunday Service | Morning 3rd April

    Charles, Darlene, and Thomas Thomas's face was quite the shade of pink, and he stared at Darlene in shock for a beat before remembering himself. "Oh, I am so very sorry, my lady," he said, drawing the offending foot back and moving slightly away in the pew to give her more room. "I hope you were not hurt -- I could not forgive myself." Apologies put forth, Thomas cast a curious look to Charles. Was this the lady's husband? This was court, so probably not, but he had a rakish look to him -- no doubt due to the eye patch. Thomas squared his shoulders and faced the pair resolutely, his composure recovered, as he awaited the lady's answer.
  11. The weather had turned, and so Thomas escaped indoors after church. He had yet to explore much, if anything, of the Palace proper, and so wished to find all the hidden nooks and crannies. The Orangery was grand, albeit a bit humid -- Thomas extracted a handkerchief from his sleeve to dab at his temples before tucking it away. He had never seen such a plethora of exotic trees, and wandered between the pots to examine the trees one by one. Thomas was not an overly proficient artist, but if he had been, he would have considered the scene before him as one worth putting to paper: the way the rain streaked down the glass windowpanes, casting the orange trees in faint gloom. Hopefully this was just a spring shower that was quick to come and go, and the sunshine would return again. Reaching up to rub an orange blossom petal between his fingers, Thomas brought his fingers to his nose to smell. Bright and citrusy, exotic -- feminine, the sort of flower that a lady might weave into her hair. It seemed like the sort of things his twin sisters might do: both were considered fashionable, but then again, Malham Hall was a very rural area: society was not, as a rule, all that diverse. Perhaps he might inquire about ladies fashion and send something home to them -- maybe perfume, if Father wouldn't think it too frivolous. He had just resolved to look into perfume for the twins when he heard footsteps approaching from the hall. Drawing himself up to his full height, Thomas tugged on his waistcoat to straighten it. A button popped right off and fell to the floor with a loud tink! Swearing quietly under his breath, Thomas bent to see where it had rolled to, looking this way and that, heedless of the person approaching who might see him in such a state.
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    Sunday Service | Morning 3rd April

    Thomas attempting to exit discreetly Chapel was, as usual, more of a test of endurance than something Thomas actively looked forward to during the week. He was out of uniform, dressed in a well cut justaucorps of navy with gleaming silver buttons -- well made, but not showy. He was not the showy type, and preferred to blend in when on the job; no surprise then that he took a seat towards the back, content to observe. That was the beauty of chapel: time to observe those at court, and quiet enough that his mind could wander free without feeling guilty that he should be working. Thomas loved careful observation, and he had to wonder at some of the dresses -- pearls seemed to be the favored accessory, with one petite lady fairly dripping with them. While of gentle birth, Thomas had not had much cause to mix in Society outside of the men in the Blues, and so this was a foreign territory. He had confidence in himself, but could not help but feel slightly out of his depth when faced with such visible displays of wealth and finery. And the royal family were right there, close enough to observe the queen's healthy glow and to see the king in all of his finery! Normally he had only heard of them, if not seen them at a distance, when the Blues were tasked with escort duties. Standing to exit the chapel, he went to move past someone as he exited a pew, and trod on someone's foot by accident!
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    Thomas Easton

    Character Sheet Player Profile Name: Archer Email: archer_of_fate@hotmail.com Age: 27 How you found us: RPG Directory What is your background and experience in roleplaying: At least 10 years rping experience, some experience modding What themes do you wish to explore in our game: The darker sides of London, espionage, mystery. Some romance is okay, but not my main interest. What makes you excited to do in our game: I’m excited to jump in! I love historical rpgs so much. What are you NOT looking for in our game: Not looking to marry Thomas off right off the bat. Everything else is okay. Character Profile Character Name: Thomas Easton Title: Untitled, ranked a Cornet in The Oxford Blues Estate Name: Malham Hall, in North Yorkshire Nationality: English Age: 27 [b. November 30, 1650] Gender: Male Eye Colour: Brown Hair Colour: Brown Avatar: The First Impression & Physical Appearance Thomas is not particularly tall, averaging at about 5 ft. 7 in, but he is notably fit from a life of outdoor and athletic pursuits. His brown hair is cropped short and has a wave to it, but he prefers to wear wigs as it is easier upkeep. Sharp cheekbones and deep-set eyes give him a severe look, but a full mouth has been known to make the ladies swoon, as does the long eyelashes. Freckles dust across his nose, which does not help him appear older, and he has given up with trying to correct people who assume he is much younger than his age. His face is not one that is exactly beautiful, but striking nonetheless. In uniform, the sharp and severe quality seems much more pronounced, and many think him a typical dour military man. Out of uniform he favors plainer but good quality clothing, and the severe quality is somewhat diminished to a more ‘distant and melancholy’ air that ladies seem to enjoy. Personality Thomas’ personality is best described as having many facets. Due to the nature of his work, he is very good at reading people and adapting to the situation at hand, and he is not afraid of taking risks. He has a more extroverted personality and loves to talk, doing everything he can to put people at ease. Thomas is a planner, though, and thoroughly researches any and all options if he has the time to do so. He is comfortable taking risks and adapting to circumstances in the moment, but he likes to feel somewhat prepared before entering into a situation as well. A hobby academic, he loves to read and research various topics, though he is in no way a scientist or mathematician. But this happy-go-lucky persona masks deeper insecurities of self loathing and fear of failure. Thomas is, in part, so ambitious and driven because he needs to prove to himself and everyone around him that he is worth something, and he is very conscious of his desire to impress those he idolizes. It never would occur to him that someone could care for him as a person, not for what they could gain from him -- his father wants him to be his best firstborn son, for example, and Thomas feels immense pressure to perform appropriately as a result. Wealth Level : Average Housing: St. Marks Benefits, Challenges Benefits: Above average at hand-to-hand combat +1 Above average at knife skills (good aim, good dexterity, etc) +1 Espionage +2 Challenges: Gentry/Gentleman/Daughter (landed but no title) -2 Dark Secret -2 Origin/Background Family Sir Tobias Easton [b. 1620] - father Lady Marjorie Easton [b 1630] - mother, deceased in 1661 Peter Easton [b. 1648] - brother Patience Easton [b. 1660] - sister Charity Easton [b. 1660] - sister Thomas came into the world on a dreary November evening, the second child of Sir Tobias Easton and his young wife. They had hoped for a larger family, their marriage being something of a love match, but found their further attempts thwarted by a series of stillborn infants and infants who did not survive their first year or two. The family manor house was situated on a large plot of moorland, hilly and fit for not much but sheep, and it was gradually improved and added to as Thomas’ father made his name in the wool trade. As Peter and Thomas grew, it became clear that something was not quite right with Peter. He was lagging behind in development when compared to his younger brother, and struggled with lessons. Their mother was very kind and fond of her firstborn, no matter his intellectual challenges, and often spent much of her time caring for Peter and keeping him entertained. Sir Tobias was the opposite--he did not show much affection for Peter, and focused his attention on Thomas, who he viewed as his opportunity to produce the firstborn he had always wanted. Thomas received the best education that his father could buy, and was encouraged to spend much of his free time on outdoorsy pursuits like riding and hunting. When he was sixteen, Sir Tobias purchased a cornet commission in the Oxford Blues regiment for Thomas. Being an eager youth, Thomas was itching to prove himself, but the calvary was not dispatched outside of the country. Armed escorts, keeping the order in various cities, and other (mundane when compared to the Royal Navy’s exploits) tasks were the order of the day. It was in this restless period of youth that Thomas began to find other outlets for his energy. Policing and capture of contraband goods in the countryside was another, more exciting, job that the Blues were tasked with, and with a quick mind and an eagerness to learn, Thomas was gradually trained in spycraft. He learned how to fight hand to hand and knife skills, both which were not entirely gentlemanly but practical for his jobs, and various codes -- interception of mail and encryption of information was key. Out of uniform, it helped that Thomas was both boyish in looks and relatively non-descript. It made gathering intelligence in pubs and taverns easier, and it was not uncommon to allow others to perceive him as naive to bring their guard down. The information gained was vital to the Blues’ policing duties, allowing them to find dissenters and ferret out the locations of highwaymen and smugglers. Thomas and the Blues were recalled to London to guard and protect the roads coming into the capital for the royal wedding. After the assassination attempt and given the anti-Catholic mob activities in the spring of 1677, they were stationed in Southwark and the surrounding areas and have periodically been assigned escort duties since then. Currently, Thomas has been waiting to see if the unit is deployed abroad for the war or if they will remain at home to keep the peace. Goals Spy times would be good! I enjoy politics and a good puzzle. Thomas has been very single-mindedly focused on military things. It would be fun to push him into court society things which would be a new venue to explore.