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To Marchioness Worchester | arrives 3rd April

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2nd April 1978


Dearest Lady Mary Somerset 

I am missing you my dear Lady.  Such companionship as we have shared is too rare, and here in spring with so much in bloom, I cannot look any direction without discovering some splendour of nature and wishing to marvel with you about it.  Some subtle, and some not so much. For instance upon my walk through the Royal gardens yesterday I discovered a remarkable blue flower in bloom, and begging the gardener for information I learnt it to be Passiflora caerulea, introduced to England by none other than yourself!  How I laughed with delight at that discovering, the poor gardener no doubt thought me mad!

Yet to another marvel, was finding a door of introduction having opened due in no small part to your influence. It was Lord Ranelagh who mentioned overhearing discussion, and I was quick to seize upon it and offer Lady Ranelagh, via her son, a tour of the apothecary. He is convinced that she would be agreeable to that, thus I find myself further appreciative for the broadening of my own circles thereby.  Would you like to attend also?  I do hope so very much.  Perhaps we three shall engage in some small activity within the kitchen there that might delight our minds and senses both?  I personally find great satisfaction making a balm from Epsom salts, oil and wax (with addition of fragrant essence for the pleasure of the scent). Yet we might not plan anything overmuch I think, and see how the outing transpires, if you are agreable to attend that is. 

Meanwhile, know my heart and thoughts remain with you.

with devotion


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(OOC - psssst, she's addressed as Lady Worcester ;) )


Instead of a reply letter, Nicci was sent one of their servants with a verbal message which was far quicker. The Marchioness asked if Nicci would like to join her for tea on Monday or Tuesday afternoon. Clearly the feelings were quite mutual!

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