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To Lord Chichester, by hand, delivered 2nd April

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He was having a difficult time of it. His position as Keeper of the Royal Collection was a a tireless task. The last ten years spent in the trying to 'get back' as much as possible of the late King's Collection that had been auctioned off between 1649-52 was proving at times an impossibility. Yet he was not a man to give up and so he was taking things into his own hands. The King was generous and so Sir John thinks there will be nothing said to this new Plan of his own making. He has given it much thought. Narrowed down names until he was left with three. Of which he has now choosen. All that remained was the addressing of the idea and the receivers acceptance.

Taking up his quill he began to compose the letter that was intended to create an interest. A curisoity if you will.


My Lord Chichester, You have not heard much of me I am certain yet I have heard much of You. Your interest in Art in its many forms as well as Patronage prompts the writing of this. I find that You might well suit the idea that brews and so invite you to call on me at my Office in Whitehall, at your convience, so that I may explain in detail. I think that you are aptly suited for this Role. I hope that I have pricked your curisoity enough.

Until then, I remain, yr servant

Sir John Pottsworth, Keeper of the Royal Collection 

Satisfied he sanded then sealed it with wax. He would sent one of his palace runners to see it delivered to wherever the Earl might be. What will come of it he could not say but he Hopes that his instinct would prove right.

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Following his reply to the affirmative given to messenger, George carried the missive around in his pocket for the remainder of the day.

Upon occasions he drew it out again, and re-read to try understand the mystery behind it's sending.  Perhaps the Earl had become a suspicious man, for he was supposing that this prospective meeting with the Keeper of the Collection was something arranged by someone other than John Pottsworth.  He considered it was entirely possible that the adorable Lady Habersham was behind it. But read as he may, there was no certain clue which might prove it. 

That he would attend was certain.  But whom should he thank, that was the question!  



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