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His Grace Buckingham, arrives early April 1st

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Written in a careful scholar's hand, with purple-black ink on pure white cotton rag card, folded in three and sealed with black-colored wax without any distinctive markings.

Your Magnificence the Chancellor,

I have recently come to London and would request a discreet meeting with you, preferably before the next meeting of the Greats. I am residing at the Red Lion Inn, so please advise at your convenience or via the bearer.

Your humble and obedient servant,

The Fellow in love with the Moon

The note was written in classical Greek, with discreet using the word that also meant silent, reticent, and secretive. Henry hoped it would be enough to convey his meaning.

Reginald, Henry Grey's valet, arrived at Buckingham's residence in Pall Mall before the Duke's usual waking hour. He would insist that he was instructed not to give the note to anyone but the Duke, and would wait the whole day, and the whole night, if needed.

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For a moment, His Grace thought that the note had been delivered to the wrong person's desk and he looked at the Grey servant in such a manner, for his nephew/cousin was the new Chancellor of Cambridge. Then he realized why he had been addressed as the Chancellor, it was because he had been the chancellor who had aided Master Moon getting his position.


He gave the servant his verbal reply which was to come by his house at Pall Mall on Sunday after chapel or on Monday at 11.

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     The baron smirked. The reply was positive, but he would have preferred to meet somewhere else. At least for their first meeting, a location where they would be seen together by none would have been best. Still, I'll have to make due with the hand I've been dealt.

     "Reginald, I will need to go shopping for me. Listen carefully, this is what I need..."

     After listening to his employer, the valet failed miserably to repress a smile. "I will have everything ready by Saturday noon, my lord, just in case there is need of adding finishing touches". This baron Grey, I like him. He is much more interesting than his father and his brother put together, God rest their souls.

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