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Men of the Hour


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It was a pleased as punch Bradley Whitehurst who gave a nod to the other new officer as he waited at the quartermasters hatch.  Measured, he awaited his state supplied uniform.  (Soon enough he planned to buy a brand new one for himself.)   He wondered if the other guy waiting was new too…

“So, you new?” Bradley figured he was all friendly to ask.

“Yes, yes I just got my commission to the 2nd. Finally.” The other young man replied, the break of the silence between them being a relief, and he was finally able to make eye contact with the other. 

“Snap – me too!” Bradley was double pleased to find out the other fellow was with the Queens guards just like he.

“And not a moment too soon!” William seemed pretty happy about that too.

“Especially now when the country is about to go to war at any minute.  Those bloody French.” Bradley felt all bravado and informed to say – and puffed his chest some with his newfound patriotic hatred. Well, an academic dislike at least.  “I’m Bradley Whitehurst.”

“Aw really, related to the Major?”

“Yeah, I suppose you’ve heard of him then...”  Hiding his disapointment, it was hard being younger brother to a man with Charles notoriety and achievement, always overshadowed him.  But perhaps he could change that one day. 

“And I’m William Abdy.”

There came a pause, and Bradley realised he was meant to recognise the others family too. “Abdy…” he tried to prompt himself to remember.

“My father is Lawyer and Knight of the Garter.”

“Ohhh… him.” Nope.  Bradley had never heard of him - so moved on to the next important topic in his mind. “So you going to be staying at the barracks too?”


It was the beginning of a fine friendship…

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