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The Georgia Berths


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Men shouted instructions to and fro - down from on ship and up from dock below.  Carefully carefully the great bulk of ship, her groaning ropes and timbers eased with a lumbering stately grace into place.  But the activity did not end there, far from it, wooden gantries were rolled and swung into place… sailors and dockworkers worded in a marvellous unison.

Upon on the quarterdeck a pair of passengers stood with the captain.   “Reminds me of ants.” The first with Oxford English accent produced the cliche, upon his cheek a starshaped mole.

His silent companion paid more attention to the city beyond the docks.

Captain Will took initiative, “Well Gentleman, you are welcome to stay and watch for as long as you might want, but I see they have put the gang plank down. And just beyond those buildings there you shall find city carriages at your disposal.  Where might I have your trunks and such sent on to?”

It was as much of a prompt as was needed, and soon enough the Englishman and Savoyard were making their way onwards and into the city.  

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