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With Quiet Hopes for the New Season


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“Well I am glad you decided to come back. I’ve been feeling… responsible, somehow.”  The Young Aylesford explained as he took a cup of tea with sister in law.   Even now her possessions were being taken up to the room that would be hers.  No doubt she’d be soon needing a rest after her journey, but for the moment a bite to eat and the calm of pleasantly appointed room might be soothing enough.

“Oh don’t think that dear Hen. Truly, I knew it all along anyway. I was just, well, I did not want to believe it.  When faced with it so plainly, I could no longer live within a foolish, hopeful even, dream. I’ve needed to take some time, for myself. And lovely Mistress Wellesley was a great comfort too.”

“Oh yes, you mentioned her in your letter.”  Heneage had his own relationship with Davina, an unfortunate one.  The Brighton escapades had been better for some than others.

“Still, I’d hoped to have heard from him by now. Penitent letters, gifts perhaps. Rather it seems that he is doing just fine without me.”

“Well, I’d not say he is doing fine…” Aylesford deepened his intonation to make it sound worse than it really was, so as to comfort her.

“Well I hate to say it, but I hope you are right, and that this season shall see amends made.  But meanwhile, I am our Lord Father’s guest, you and I both. It shall be a merry time of many family dinners perhaps.  I am quite looking forward to that all, I shall admit. And Hen, you shall be my escort wont you? I do rely upon you, my dear brother, so much.”

To which Heneage jr. felt appeased, and was more than happy to give her his solemn promise.   

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