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Basildon Family


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Louis Edward Killington

Title: Earl of Basildon

Estate Name: Brightmoor

Nationality: English

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Height: 6 foot

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Deep blue


Physical Attributes: Tall and dark, Louis is strikingly handsome, and he knows it.

First Impressions: The first thing one notices when Louis enters the room is his confidence. He walks almost with a swagger. Most often he can be seen fashionably attired with a sword at his hip. He can either be found in the company of politicians, court wits, and attractive women.

Reputation: Originally a renown libertine and debaucher, but also a famed duelist. Married the sister of the late Duke of Somerset and became an ambitious proper gentleman.

Office: Treasurer of the Royal Household


Background: Something of a black sheep of a Puritanical family, Louis was often in trouble with women. Ostracized from his family, he lived at court of the charity of older women admirers. When his older brother and father died, he inherited the title and returned to court as a man of substance.

Is said to have founded the West Indies Company and risen to prominence under the tutelage of the Lord Treasurer, the Earl of Danby. Marrying the Seymour heiress made Basildon a wealthy man and gained him powerful connections at court. His younger sister Lucille married the current Duke of Somerset, giving his family even more political sway.

Known as a member of the Court Party and a strong advocate of the Royal Navy, he is said to be friendly with the French Party, in part because of his French mother, and has a beautiful French cousin staying with him. An advocate of peaceful trade, he is a frequent speaker in the House of Lords.

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Elisabeth Killington

Full Name: Elisabeth Arabella Killington (nee Seymour)
Nationality: English
Title: Countess of Basildon (by courtesy), Daughter of a Duke (by acclamation)
Estate Name: Basildon
Age: 23 (b. 1654)
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Marital Status: Married

Physical Attributes
Not a fashionable beauty, Elisabeth with her mid long, blond hair and blue eyes is nonetheless thought of as a classically cut, if somewhat lithe, figure.

Elegant, a good hostess, somewhat cool. Rumoured to be well read and politically interested.

The granddaughter of the 2nd Duke of Somerset, sister to deceased William Seymour, 3rd Duke of Somerset, daughter of an earl. She is the heiress to the Seymour fortune, descendant of the brother of Queen Jane Seymour from the Tudor period, Edward Seymour, Lord Protector of England, regent during Edward VI. Due to this infamous period the Seymours, the Cavendishes and the Howards are still considered to be among the most powerful families of England.  She is cousin once removed to Francis Seymour, 4th Duke of Somerset.

She was brought up in London Society, raised mostly by her grandfather and later lived with her now deceased brother. Her brother was part of the group known as "The Young Dukes" who roamed the streets of London in earlier years.

She married Louis Killington, Earl of Basildon, raising a few eyebrows. Yet she proved herself loyal to her husband even through scandal. Before her marriage, her preferment was raised to daughter of a Duke, by royal command, but upon her marriage she took on that of her husband.

Family Life
Married to Louis Killington. Has a younger sister-in-law Lucille Killington Seymour.


  • Elisabeth (b.1676, d. 1676)
  • William Heneage Killington (b. 1676)
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Nicolette Vauquelin


Nationality: French

Title: Mistress

Birthplace: St Aubin D'Arquenay, Normandie

Age: 24 b.53

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown

Marital Status: Unmarried



London: Somerset Mansion


First Impressions

Nicolette is a natural beauty, with warm brown eyes, a healthy glow upon her cheeks, and a ready smile.

She is quick to see the good qualities in others, and slow to see any ill. Nicolette tries portray a relaxed manner, though joi de vivre courses through her veins, as witnessed in a burst of laughter, or gushed compliment. She's a little too arcadian for some, enjoying the outdoors and nature, and an uncomplicated life. Nicolette seeks light and happiness, and avoids dreary and dark to the point of quite ignoring it at times.



Daughter of Chevalier Jaques Vauquelin and his wife Lisolette

Nicolette never met her father, yet shared the proud memories of him that her Mother described. She was raised in St Aubin D'Arquenay, at her fathers family home with her grandparents the Baron and Baroness. Theirs was the Huguenot faith - the french cousins did not approve.

Her's was a varied and fulfilling, pursuing the myriad of topics that appealed to a bright and curious mind. Of particular fascination to her was Herbal-lore, and a collection of pressings of plants to go in her prized copy of The Culpeper.

Following her grandparents death, she debuted at Versalles 1669, and delighted in it's bright and dazzle. Murmurs of stricken circumstance now nipped at the remaining Vauquelin's heels, and had a negative impact upon her chances of marriage. A small scandal involving a debt collector, her mother's emotional response, and the garden party she was then attending, had the Vauquelin's leave court early in the spring season of '77. While Lady Vauquelin (her mother) returned to St Aubin D'Arquenay for a spell, Nicolette was sent abroad to visit her English cousins.

Nicolette's Most Prized Possession

Conversation Piece: Culpeper's Complete Herbal


Pony: Eclair (pony)

A plump rather lazy pony, tan in colour with chocolate main and tail.


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