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A Foolscap Document: 1st of April 1678


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The offices of Sir William in the Temple area


Rowland Alston exited the solicitors office with an expression upon his face that was rarely present there.  Shock.  Abdy, his younger friend stood up from the bench he'd been waiting upon and approached. "Is everything alright?" 

Rowland gave Abdy a good look to see if he was secretly wetting himself with laughter.  But he was not. 

"Well, either I have been pranked... or...." he halted himself.  While William Abdy, the most timid of the moustachioed men, was unlikely to be the mastermind behind such a pranking, his buddy deCourtney was a different story. Further investigation was required.  And possibly a retaliation prank! 

"Or I need a drink, come on, lets put it on Avons tab!"

For surely this was a prank, if it was not a prank, then...  Rowland patted the document that was in his pocket, it make a tangible papery sound…. If this was not a prank then his life had just taken a remarkable turn! 





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