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Returning Players

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If you have played with us before, you may remember several different iterations of game systems which may have included "Compendiums," "Inventories," "Wardrobes," and "Ledgers." We have simplified out boards and game system significantly since then!


We no longer have (nor can we give you access to your old one):





Skills as a "system" - and please do not mention them to new players and confuse them. Any "skills' you have will translate to how we currently play, but do not call them skills anymore. They aren't on the character sheet.


What do we do instead:

There will be a place where players can post questions for the mods. If your question requires privacy, PM Defiance and she will post it up in the mod area to discuss before someone gets back to you.

Instead of wardrobes, inventories, & ledgers we have simple guidelines for the different wealth levels and ask players to play realistically and responsibly for their wealth level without those guidelines. Please be a good example to new players and be respectful of this semi-freedom. 

In threads, if coin is involved in an event, PCs are dolled out "coin" to use for that event based on wealth level

Character sheets (all the new ones) are now public once they are accepted

You will need to post a character bio within the same area under "English Nationals" or whatever you are if you have not already


Returning to the game:

You cannot come back to the game exactly as you were with your PC, even if it's still within the same season or just into the next season. When characters have been gone, there are drawbacks to that for when you return. It is not fair to players who are here reliably to watch others come and go and have nothing ever happen IC or OOC. From an OOC standpoint, we have to give priority to people who are here playing all the time, especially in our modding. 

Your first threads back will need to be with other PCs and joining NPC/event threads. Once you have been back for a full month, you can request personal moderated threads again. 

If you are gone longer than 2 months, you CANNOT post to old threads. Even if they are not locked, they are considered done. 

Before messaging DEFIANCE with your request to return, please make sure you read all the new setting information within this forum, including the FAQs, and the rules 😄

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