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    Post Any Joining Questions Here!

    Nope. You will find our instructions on how to rejoin here:
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    HELP there's no location for _____________ ! We are a moderated game and as such there are only so many playable locations and NPCs each season. We generally only write location posts before seasons begin, and we generally will not write any during a current season unless it is for a mod-written, mod-directed plot. We cannot write NPCs for 100 locations so we focus on those that have individual interest to us and players need to play within established locations. The moderation team has limited resources and time to construct things OOC for the game, and we are all here to write and have fun. The mods would also like to have the time to write their NPCs and (more importantly) their own PCs. If you would like to request a location for next season, please do so when we announce that a season will be ending soon - that is when we are constructing things. Other than that, everyone needs to play within the established game locations, and if there isn't one that means that location is not a playable location. There are a few exceptions, like for the houses of NPCs, that we generally don't describe until we need them (so that we don't overclutter the boards with things that will never have a post).
  3. If you are a current player on our game, please ask all your questions here and someone will be along to answer them as soon as they are available OR if you don't know which mod a question pertains to, please post it here and whomever is responsible will get back to you. This way, we hopefully won't have to answer the same questions over and over!
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    Returning Players

    If you have played with us before, you may remember several different iterations of game systems which may have included "Compendiums," "Inventories," "Wardrobes," and "Ledgers." We have simplified out boards and game system significantly since then! We no longer have (nor can we give you access to your old one): Compendiums Inventories Wardrobes Ledgers Skills as a "system" - and please do not mention them to new players and confuse them. Any "skills' you have will translate to how we currently play, but do not call them skills anymore. They aren't on the character sheet. What do we do instead: There will be a place where players can post questions for the mods. If your question requires privacy, PM Defiance and she will post it up in the mod area to discuss before someone gets back to you. Instead of wardrobes, inventories, & ledgers we have simple guidelines for the different wealth levels and ask players to play realistically and responsibly for their wealth level without those guidelines. Please be a good example to new players and be respectful of this semi-freedom. In threads, if coin is involved in an event, PCs are dolled out "coin" to use for that event based on wealth level Character sheets (all the new ones) are now public once they are accepted You will need to post a character bio within the same area under "English Nationals" or whatever you are if you have not already Returning to the game: You cannot come back to the game exactly as you were with your PC, even if it's still within the same season or just into the next season. When characters have been gone, there are drawbacks to that for when you return. It is not fair to players who are here reliably to watch others come and go and have nothing ever happen IC or OOC. From an OOC standpoint, we have to give priority to people who are here playing all the time, especially in our modding. Your first threads back will need to be with other PCs and joining NPC/event threads. Once you have been back for a full month, you can request personal moderated threads again. If you are gone longer than 2 months, you CANNOT post to old threads. Even if they are not locked, they are considered done. Before messaging DEFIANCE with your request to return, please make sure you read all the new setting information within this forum, including the FAQs, and the rules 😄
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    Post Any Joining Questions Here!

    Post your questions about the board here for the moderators to answer!
  6. Thanks for your interest in joining AoI! One of the main differences between our game and many other RPGs is that AoI is a moderated game versus a freeform game. As such our application process and the types of characters we accept at your start of the game is much different as well. To make this easier on everyone, we've decided to give you examples of characters we accept and do not accept. If you want a character with a higher rank, you're going to have to sacrifice a lot of other potential benefits or take big challenges. We don't approve all that many earls, but the ones we do generally have average wealth, no famous family, and no particular court connections. Their big benefit or big boon is their rank. To have more than that, they generally have to have very playable deficits. (example: Charles Audley) If you want a character from the upper nobility but don't want to sacrifice as many other benefits, contemplate making an heir or a younger son. The mods will decide the actions of the father, guardian, or head of the family (and when/if they die), but you get the prestige of the father's rank if not all that power and independence. (example: Robert Saint-Leger) If you want a character related an established, historical family (a Howard, a Cavendish, a Hamilton, etc), you will not be able to also take a higher rank, like an earl or even viscount, or have massive wealth. Keep in mind cousin is the closest we now allow. Also, it's hard to pre-arrange how an NPC feels about a PC who we've never written for, so it's easier if you don't know the relative well if at all. If you have really good connections or family or both (since these often go together), you'll probably need a lower rank, certainly not a peer. (male example: Stephen Murray & Francis Kirke - neither of these were a peer or had a court position at their start. Female example: Davina Wellsley) If you want to be stupid wealthy, you will most likely not be able to have a high rank or fantastic connection. Think baron, baronet, or knight or daughter of one. If you want to have a business, especially if you do anything with the actual running of it, prepare to not be a peer or son of one, because the nobility stayed away from much of that sort of thing. Investing was one thing, but actually doing business was for commoners to the old elite. When characters start to have too much already going for them, they often do not have stories to tell or development to do, and other players tend to find them boring. In the key areas of rank, wealth, connections/positions , and beauty, we generally pass through characters really high on one with NOTHING ELSE or moderately high on one with beauty or a minor benefit added (although beauty is closed right now, we have too many ). Anything more than that just becomes a bit much. We never, ever allow anyone to take Wealth, Rank/Connections/Position, & Beauty together. Please keep in mind nobody can be the best at everything. We look for characters with faults, who have things they are bad at. That gives them things to work on. For the most part all characters are allowed to be average (for their station in life) at all typical activities and better than average (sometimes called skilled) at only a few and these things need to make sense with the narrative of your character sheet. Not every man can be great with swords and guns and horses and hunting and wenching and politics and academics and soldiering and dancing and hawking and tennis! Not every woman can be a beautiful, witty, well-read, singing, playing, horse riding, dancing dynamo with full lips, a large dowry, and awesome dresses. We don't do that kind of thing here, so please do not give us applications like that or attempting to hide permutations of that only to then try to play that way on the board. We also don't accept anachronistic characters, or characters who are too modern and buck established and ingrained traditions and expectations of the era. For example, we will no longer accept characters who do not respect that everyone had a religion - this was a core part of life in this era. We won't accept atheists or modern faiths. Remember! You can GAIN things in game with clever RP, dedication, and TIME Most of our current player base had gained significant benefits IC during the course of their play. That is fun, not coming into the game with a bunch of things already.
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    Wealth Levels

    Wealth Levels Here at AoI, we are a moderated game, and we do not allow characters to have free rein over everything in their world. As such, we have wealth levels that you choose at character creation. Each wealth level then corresponds with what sorts of things you can purchase, what sorts of dowries you can offer (if you have sisters and are male), what clothes you can wear, what jewelry you can wear and have, what gifts you could buy, etc. Since we no longer are going to have itemized lists of things which fall within wealth levels (which requires far too much accounting and OOC work than most players can do), we are letting players know generally what they can have and assume. If you are unsure, ask permission first; because, in a moderated game, the mods can retcon anything you post if it does not adhere to what would be fair/acceptable within the game rules and guidelines. Wealth level does NOT fluctuate based upon your rank. Wealth level is wealth level regardless of what rank you are. What does this mean? It means that an average wealth baronet has EXACTLY the same amount of usable wealth/income/abilities as an average wealth earl, which is the same as an average wealth viscount or average wealth commoner. The mods ask that you keep these guidelines in mind as you are posting. If you live outside of your means, the mods may determine that you are low on funds or have other monetary problems in your storytelling. We may also over-rule you in your compendium and ask you to edit. If you are impoverished, you cannot afford many things that you would like and will need to live frugally. This means you don't have money to be going out all the time, hiring carriages, buying gifts more than economically, wearing the best fashion or fabrics, and having jewelry beyond small, unremarkable stones. You don't have endless possessions or even an estate with all the rooms full (if you are a peer). You cannot own remarkable things or the newest things in all facets of life. You won't have that latest liquor or be able to afford a bunch of wine. You won't be able to own brocade clothing or have fancy trims or lace. You won't have many sets of clothes, only what you need. You will not be wearing a different set of clothes every day; you may only have three of everything (more if your PC has played the game long enough to have pieces from past seasons, but you have to describe them so). If you are of average/secure wealth, you can afford the things that you need and many things that you would like, but you cannot give endless gifts or make expensive purchases all the time. Rare things will be rare for you. New contraptions and inventions will be beyond your means. You can probably afford your own carriage (1) but not drawn by six fine horses. Your riding horse may be quite fine, but you only have the one. You can afford brocade and more fashionable clothes but not even close to the finery that some wealthy courtiers display. You may have one particularly nice set of clothes for a special occasion, but you do not have an endless supply of finery; in fact, you may only have five or six of everything (more if your PC has played the game long enough to have pieces from past seasons, but you have to describe them so). Your jewelry may contain a fine piece or two, but you have no huge or rare stones unless you have other $ to account for them (or risk going into debt) and you don't have a huge jewelry box. You can afford to travel, but endless trips are not in your cards. You can afford to throw a party or event, but only one per season. You can afford to go out and enjoy yourself, even pay for your friends, but you cannot toss around your wealth or largesse. If you are in the first level of above average wealth, you can afford most things that you want and even a few extravagant splurges. You can have fine brocade with all sorts of gold, lace, and pearls, even some of the rarer or foreign varieties. You don't have to wear the same clothing items over, as you have a nice variety. Your jewelry box likely contains a handful of noteworthy pieces with fine, large stones! There are still some things that you'd drool over or look at with envy on others, but you can cut a fine figure with the latest trends. By changing combinations of items, you likely do not wear the same exact thing twice in a season. Your carriage is fine (you may even have more than one), and you have a few horses to ride and 3-pair to pull your carriage. You can afford to buy your friends and allies generous gifts on a fairly regular basis (but anything particularly noteworthy will need mod permission), perhaps even make a decent bribe at court. Your wine and liquor are plentiful and contain several fine vintages from other places; you would have something more notable to pull out for fine occasions. You have enough coin to show some largesse and throw parties and events when you wish. If you want to travel, this is no problem.You can afford to go where you want to go, even to the further European places. If you have double-wealth, have fun! You don't have money problems, but you can't buy everything either. Since you can't take this at start and it can only be earned IC, you'll have a good idea of fair-play and your limits when you reach this level, so we hope we do not need to explain. Some things that mitigate wealth level (this is determined behind the scenes by the Privy Council, not something you ask for): If you prove yourself to a patron, your patron may take on your expenses IC which can (but is not guaranteed) to bump up your wealth level or give you access to more finery. If you prove yourself to a relation, your relation may take on your expenses IC which will generally mean that you will live at their wealth level (or whatever is arranged IC). If you gain a notable position, you may have access to a yearly sum or you may get bumped up a wealth level. If you marry well, you may have access to a yearly sum or you may get bumped up a wealth level. If you own a business, you may have access to a yearly sum, a one-time sum, or may get bumped up a wealth level. REMEMBER: If it was NOT in your character sheet on start, you CANNOT assume you have it in terms of big things! This means you can't come up with other properties or estates or subsidiary titles. Your estate also must go along with your wealth level - you cannot have palatial estates with average wealth (we generally only allow 1 estate for average wealth). You cannot give yourself benefits that were not on your character sheet without mod permission. The mods don't like having to chase people around the board or around their compendium so please be modest and responsible, really think about what you are posting and having!
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    For SPRING 1678, it is important to note that Danby has fallen and the attainder done in the HoL. He is currently "missing" although the whispers say he was supposed to be with the Dutch. The Court Party does not have one figurehead as the leader. Please be careful not to assume that political events that happened historical have happened the same way here, because we have now deviated quite a bit from the state of things in REAL history!
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    Character Sheet

    Here is our character sheet that you will submit to be reviewed by the moderators. We refer to our characters a PCs here (Player characters) and Historical characters & other characters played by mods as NPCs (Non-Player Character). Please note that if you are a player who has played with us before but it making a new character, our character sheet has changed a lot. Our game system has also simplified and been updated and there are no more compendiums, wardrobes, or ledgers. Please make sure you are only using the character sheet below and that you have read all the other topics in the Setting and Game Information Forum before filling out your application. Please note that right now, we are not accepting: Beauty is not available for females. Sword-fighting and horses is unavailable for males as things to be better than average at. We have more than one character falling into those categories and try to keep a good balance of different abilities within our member PCs. Underused things to be good at are things like cross-bow/bow/archery, hunting, knives, hand to hand/wrestling, dancing, sports like tennis/boules/pell mell, academic domains like science, art, music for males, etc.
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    English Nationals

    Richard Sterne Sex: Male Title: Archbishop of Canterbury Age: 80 Marital Status: Widower Hair color: White Residence: Canterbury Cathedral Richard Sterne was Archbishop of York from 1664 to 1683. He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated MA in 1618, BD in 1625 and DD in 1635. He was elected a fellow of Benet College (now Corpus Christi College), Cambridge in 1623 and then served as Master of Jesus College, Cambridge from 1634. In c.1633, Sterne became chaplain to Archbishop Laud. From 1642 he held the rectories of Yeovilton and Harleton. A Royalist, he was arrested and imprisoned by the Parliamentarians later the same year. In 1644 he was formally dismissed as Master of Jesus and in 1645 he lost his rectories, although he was released from prison. At the Restoration in 1660, Sterne was appointed Bishop of Carlisle, from where he was translated to York in 1664. He is said to have been one of those who assisted in revising the Book of Common Prayer in 1662. He also assisted Brian Walton with the English Polyglot Bible. He founded scholarships at both Corpus Christi and Jesus Colleges. He was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury after the sudden death of the last Archbishop. At his advanced age, he is considered a mere placeholder until the King wishes to appoint a younger man.
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    Guidebook: Whitehall

    The Royal Chapel Close by to the Banqueting House exists the Royal Chapel. Seven broad stone steps lead up to the old building; grand arched double doors are wide open. Within, great vaulted wooden ceilings capture a great volume of air above the congregation - high above heavenly depictions look lovingly upon the mahogany pews. Candles flicker in sconces, the building itself is not overly well lit - behind the altar stained glass windows filter the light in a brilliance of colours. A priest moves quietly about lighting tapers, available to tend to the needs of the flock.
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    Welsh Nationals

    *** This thread is for Welsh PCs/NPCs who do not fall into any other categories (such a related to a family) Welsh Nationals Currently Played
  14. Charles Rex

    Irish Nationals

    *** This thread is for Irish PCs/NPCs who do not fall into any other categories (such a related to a family) Irish Nationals Currently Played
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    Scottish Nationals

    Colin Lindsay Full Name: Colin Lindsay Nationality: Scottish Title: 3rd Earl of Balcarres Estate Name: Balcarres House (in Fife) Age: 24 (b. 1652) Gender: Male Height: 5'9'' Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Light Brown Marital Status: Widowed Appearance Slightly taller than average, the Earl of Balcarres cuts a dashing figure. He is always well-turned out in appearance, though his manner of dress is not quite so cutting-edge as to put him in the circles of fashion at court. He is lean and physically fit, as he is an avid sportsman. Personality Possessed of a likeable nature, Balcarres finds it easy to make friends with others. He greatly enjoys playing tennis and riding, which is to be expected for a cavalryman. He is well-read and classically educated, having had some of the best tutors his father could find, but has made his name via his military suits. Background Inherited the earldom at the age of 12 following the death of his elder brother. Was presented at court at sixteen in 1670, where the king took such a liking to his personality that he gave Balcarres command of a select cavalry troop manned by gentlemen in reduced circumstances. Not long after this was married to Mademoiselle Mauritiade Nassau, sister of Lady Arlington and the Countess of Nassau, and daughter of Louis de Nassau, count of Beverwaert and Auverquerque in the Dutch Republic; but at the ceremony he, by mistake, placed a mourning instead of a wedding ring on the finger of the bride, who took the evil omen so much to heart that she died within a year. After her death he went to sea with the Duke of York (the future James II of England), under whom he distinguished himself at the battle of Solebay, 28 May 1672.