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Wealth Levels

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Wealth Levels

Here at AoI, we are a moderated game, and we do not allow characters to have free rein over everything in their world. As such, we have wealth levels that you choose at character creation. Each wealth level then corresponds with what sorts of things you can purchase, what sorts of dowries you can offer (if you have sisters and are male), what clothes you can wear, what jewelry you can wear and have, what gifts you could buy, etc. Since we no longer are going to have itemized lists of things which fall within wealth levels (which requires far too much accounting and OOC work than most players can do), we are letting players know generally what they can have and assume. If you are unsure, ask permission first; because, in a moderated game, the mods can retcon anything you post if it does not adhere to what would be fair/acceptable within the game rules and guidelines. 

Wealth level does NOT fluctuate based upon your rank. Wealth level is wealth level regardless of what rank you are. What does this mean? It means that an average wealth baronet has EXACTLY the same amount of usable wealth/income/abilities as an average wealth earl, which is the same as an average wealth viscount or average wealth commoner. The mods ask that you keep these guidelines in mind as you are posting. If you live outside of your means, the mods may determine that you are low on funds or have other monetary problems in your storytelling. We may also over-rule you in your compendium and ask you to edit. 

If you are impoverished, you cannot afford many things that you would like and will need to live frugally. This means you don't have money to be going out all the time, hiring carriages, buying gifts more than economically, wearing the best fashion or fabrics, and having jewelry beyond small, unremarkable stones. You don't have endless possessions or even an estate with all the rooms full (if you are a peer). You cannot own remarkable things or the newest things in all facets of life. You won't have that latest liquor or be able to afford a bunch of wine. You won't be able to own brocade clothing or have fancy trims or lace. You won't have many sets of clothes, only what you need. You will not be wearing a different set of clothes every day; you may only have three of everything (more if your PC has played the game long enough to have pieces from past seasons, but you have to describe them so).

If you are of average/secure wealth, you can afford the things that you need and many things that you would like, but you cannot give endless gifts or make expensive purchases all the time. Rare things will be rare for you. New contraptions and inventions will be beyond your means. You can probably afford your own carriage (1) but not drawn by six fine horses. Your riding horse may be quite fine, but you only have the one. You can afford brocade and more fashionable clothes but not even close to the finery that some wealthy courtiers display. You may have one particularly nice set of clothes for a special occasion, but you do not have an endless supply of finery; in fact, you may only have five or six of everything (more if your PC has played the game long enough to have pieces from past seasons, but you have to describe them so). Your jewelry may contain a fine piece or two, but you have no huge or rare stones unless you have other $ to account for them (or risk going into debt) and you don't have a huge jewelry box. You can afford to travel, but endless trips are not in your cards. You can afford to throw a party or event, but only one per season. You can afford to go out and enjoy yourself, even pay for your friends, but you cannot toss around your wealth or largesse. 

If you are in the first level of above average wealth, you can afford most things that you want and even a few extravagant splurges. You can have fine brocade with all sorts of gold, lace, and pearls, even some of the rarer or foreign varieties. You don't have to wear the same clothing items over, as you have a nice variety. Your jewelry box likely contains a handful of noteworthy pieces with fine, large stones! There are still some things that you'd drool over or look at with envy on others, but you can cut a fine figure with the latest trends. By changing combinations of items, you likely do not wear the same exact thing twice in a season. Your carriage is fine (you may even have more than one), and you have a few horses to ride and 3-pair to pull your carriage. You can afford to buy your friends and allies generous gifts on a fairly regular basis (but anything particularly noteworthy will need mod permission), perhaps even make a decent bribe at court. Your wine and liquor are plentiful and contain several fine vintages from other places; you would have something more notable to pull out for fine occasions. You have enough coin to show some largesse and throw parties and events when you wish. If you want to travel, this is no problem.You can afford to go where you want to go, even to the further European places. 

If you have double-wealth, have fun! You don't have money problems, but you can't buy everything either. Since you can't take this at start and it can only be earned IC, you'll have a good idea of fair-play and your limits when you reach this level, so we hope we do not need to explain.

Some things that mitigate wealth level (this is determined behind the scenes by the Privy Council, not something you ask for):

If you prove yourself to a patron, your patron may take on your expenses IC which can (but is not guaranteed) to bump up your wealth level or give you access to more finery. 

If you prove yourself to a relation, your relation may take on your expenses IC which will generally mean that you will live at their wealth level (or whatever is arranged IC). 

If you gain a notable position, you may have access to a yearly sum or you may get bumped up a wealth level.

If you marry well, you may have access to a yearly sum or you may get bumped up a wealth level. 

If you own a business, you may have access to a yearly sum, a one-time sum, or may get bumped up a wealth level.

REMEMBER: If it was NOT in your character sheet on start, you CANNOT assume you have it in terms of big things! This means you can't come up with other properties or estates or subsidiary titles. Your estate also must go along with your wealth level - you cannot have palatial estates with average wealth (we generally only allow 1 estate for average wealth). You cannot give yourself benefits that were not on your character sheet without mod permission. The mods don't like having to chase people around the board or around their compendium so please be modest and responsible, really think about what you are posting and having!

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