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Note to Basildon - from St Georges Inn, wee hours Monday- Xmas 1677


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  • 1 month later...

When the note arrived, Louis was thinking about heading to bed.  Like most nobility, he preferred the evening.

It was clear to Louis that this was about Henn.  How did the fool get himself wounded?  While a good night sleep was more enticing than heading out into the night for an hour ride to the George Inn, Louis felt he had little choice.

"Have the coach readied.  Wake the coachman," he instructed.  "Inform me as soon as it is ready.  Time is of the essence."  He might need to transport Henn back to London if necessary.  Finishing his brandy, Louis moved to collect his sword and pistol.  He would be needing his heavy fur-trimmed coat.  It was bloody cold out.  Fortunately there would be no traffic to Chelsea at this hour.

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