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Hi ho hi ho, it's off to Bedlam we go | Tues 4th early morning- Xmas 1677


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The Duchess of Buccleuch's carriage had been waiting when Sophia arrived - though it had not been an immediate departure.  There had been the matter of finding a place to secret the young buxom blonde into servants attire: Anne had kept guard at the door, acting nonchant of her linger in hallway by whistling a tune as people do. 

Sophia meanwhile had to manage her pins, hooks and ties all by herself – which perhaps did not give her a great deal of time to look around the small room they had found, other than to discover a handy cupboard that she could jam all court finery into (if she wished). 

It was getting close to nine before the ladies finally got back to the carriage, and set out to Bedlam… the trip itself would not take long at all at this hour. They had approximately quarter of an hour to lay any final plans…

“Oh, and here is the hat.” Anne remembered, pulling a mob cap from pocket to pass to Sophia.   

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Perhaps the ladies were not quite as intent upon visiting Bedlam that day - oh it was fun to plan, and setting the Ambassadors wife into disguise was amusing too, but to dare into a house of insanity intent to rout out a blackguard... well, that was simply scary. 

The ominous nature of their task had Anne walking rather slowly with Sophia, and taking the long way back to the carriages..

The long way that happened to pass by a cheery puppet show (yes the same one that had been seen various places at court other years) - the play was in full swing - and in the puppet masters usual style the crowd was heavily involved.  This time there was no Louis Killington to act as the accused Puppets defense lawyer, in fact nobody seemed game for that job.  "I shall do it!" called Anne!

... and so the ladies discovered their afternoon absorbed, and though filled with fun and laughter, they made absolutely no progress towards solving the bedlam mystery. 

At length the play was over, and the Duchess turned to Sophia (still in disguise as her maid).  "Oh dear, we've lost all out spare time. Shall we visit Bedlam next season instead. Yes that is a good idea isn’t it."

And so they stalled their plans. Perhaps they (or Anne at least) would be braver come April. 



~ Fin till next spring. 

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