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A Messenger ran to Bourgoyne ~ Sunday- Xmas 1677

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The youth stood by after passing John the note, awaiting a possible reply from the gentleman (hand in is posket as he enjoyed the feeling of the ha'penny Miss Nicolette had given him)


The Note read:

My Captain! 

I have spoken with my dear friend Lady Cambray, and she is free to walk with us along the river tomorrow morning. I hope that you too shall be free at that hour, shall we meet at the Watergate, would nine be too early? (I have an appointment with Buckingham later on)  It shall be an invigorating beginning to the day!

Nicolette V  



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"... most trying to your patience..." Nicci spoke those words aloud to herself, "goodness you can be so charming."  Idly she wondered if Peg Hughes comment at the ball might have inspired him to buy her something quite extravagant? (Shopping would have helped him pass the time!)   

She was not about to admit it to anyone else of course, but she was rather looking forward to seeing the earnest gentleman. 

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