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A Gift & Tease for Nicolette | Sunday- Xmas 1677


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On Sunday, Nicci would find that some small parcels had arrived for her. 


There was a large fold of beautiful pale blue brocade with silver accents*. In addition there were several little samples of colors and patterns. 



Come and see me in the late morning on Monday to see what we might find to join this lovely piece for your ensemble next season. 



The note was pinned to the fabric, and it was purposeful and not hasty. Buckingham was the sort of man made fun of the most proper of people, the absurd sort, but he was ironically a man who also appreciated many of the traditional and proper fineries of court. He did not pin messages to things unless the pinning was part of the message. He was also one that appreciated those with minds to see deeper meanings. At any rate, it was a tease of what was to come and if the fabric and message were any indication, Nicci would likely enjoy it immensely.

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A gift from Buckingham!  

Nicolette ran her fingers over the fabric, it was blue, like the blue he dressed Francis in, the significance did not escape her. It was practically like being adopted into his family. The Duke might be the father she'd grown up without, though her feelings about him were more tumbled than that. It had never escaped her that he was a sensual and rather erotic man (from day one at Whitehall she'd been jealous of Gwendolyn!)  

But what did the note really mean? And pinned like that, when he was a man who enjoyed the lavishness of embossed envelopes with gilt edges.  Nicci smiled, he was too clever for her to yet work out, but then that was part of the Duke's particular marvelousness.  She had always been out of her depth in this great affair, but placed trust in the mastermind, and he'd never failed. 

"Well I shall just find out!" she announced to the walls in her room. 

There were all manner of hopes in her mind of course, but how to separate wishful fantasy and what was actually possible!  Next season, and Pins...  putting the note into her journal, she placed the pin on her dresser (intending to wear it to her appointment with him upon the morrow.)


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