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Plotting at Home [CD] Thursday 30/12- Xmas 1677

Louis Killington

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Somerset House, Evening


"This is the letter you deliver to the twins to deliver into Hen's hands inadvertently." Basildon instructed his trusted manservant Thomas Bromhill. The letter was short and aimed at raising suspicion. Minette would bring the letter when the Irish lass was out and Heneage was present. Thomas knew them well, the twins had lived with Louis for some time before his marriage.




Ye best shear the lamb quick as yur husband is do in Lundun day after next. He be luking for ye and best we go quick. Take him fore what ye can and let us begone with the money.


That was the piece aimed at destroying the wedding. Then came the piece about pushing forward the wedding. While in Chelsea, Thomas was to approach the local parson about doing a wedding without the bans. Louis had promised Hen that he would arrange the parson. Originally he had planned to hire an actor, but the Chancellor scoffed at the idea. Now, in order to evade suspicion, Louis needed to make it appear as if he had done nothing but try and assist the wedding. The rest would depend on the efforts of the note and the actions of Heneage Senior.

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Louis' manservant did not return for some many hours, and was reluctant in his approach to his Master when he did.


"Milord." he held the now dog-eared letter between frustrated digits, "Lord Aylesford is hard to find, none of us know where he is. Minette said she's not seen him for days, and that his err, lady friend has not been about either. Her, their, room is cold, though it's still paid for till the middle of next month. I did not know what you'd want done next sir, do you want me to go back there and keep waiting?"


(This was at about ten in the evening.)

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"A pity," Louis remarked in response to the disappointing news. "I shall pen a quick note to the Chancellor. See to it that he gets it and convey your intelligence to him in person."


The note indicated that Thomas bore important news and needed to convey it to Finch personally, so that the servants would admit him, even at the late hour. As Louis slid the quill along the parchment, his mind was left to wander where are you my Irish lass? Did you smell the mischief about me? Surely not. Louis had a high opinion of his clandestine abilities.



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